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Chapter 150: Yi Yun’s limit

Even as he was drained mentally and physically, Yi Yun was in an other-worldly state, where he made progress bit by bit.

The light within Yi Yun’s heart grew brighter the longer he endured. It constantly expanded and all the blurred trajectories that were like slashes in the void slowly became clearer.

He even felt that the s.p.a.ce in his body was slowly expanding outwards, with the pain his body was experiencing.

Yi Yun felt a surge of joy, but at the same time, he knew that he had been pushed to his limits physically.

The moment he couldn’t keep up physically, he would definitely fall out of that mysterious state&h.e.l.lip;

Fortunately, Lin Xintong had left many bone relics for him before leaving. Yi Yun ate another bone relic.

The warm energy flowed within his body.

Yi Yun’s body was wet from sweat!

Yi Yun had already lasted within the array for two hours!

The Jing state young masters watched till their eyes saw a blur.

Yi Yun’s movements did not change. They had sillily watched with their neck straightened for two hours to point of throwing up.

“Is there any meaning to this?” Someone protested!

But when they looked at the Divine Capital’s General, Yan Menglong, he was still stroking his chin and watching Yi Yun with interest.

They did not know how the same moves that had lasted so long could be interesting.

As the Jing state young masters were about to lose their patience, the young master in charge of controlling the array was falling asleep. But suddenly, they heard something that made them excited.

“Add&h.e.l.lip;one more level!” Yi Yun opened his mouth. His said it with difficulty and his voice was a little hoa.r.s.e. It gave people the impression that he was nearing his limit.

He said those words while dripping in sweat.

“Making it more difficult? He’s finally making it more difficult!”

The Jing state young masters who were fighting back their heavy eyelids were suddenly refreshed. Great, Yi Yun is finally preparing to challenge the fifteen levels of difficulty.

The young master in charge of controlling the array licked his lips excitedly as he pressed down on the fifteenth crystal.

You’re finished!

They polished their eyes, waiting to see Yi Yun get hit by the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s and suffering serious injuries.


The Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s roared. Due to the high-speed friction in the air for two hours, each blood pearl was glowing red from the heat. The damage done from such blood pearls was imaginable.

Song Zijun’s face had a tinge of puzzlement and antic.i.p.ation. He wanted to see what Yi Yun’s limit was.

Suddenly, Song Zijun’s pupils constricted. He noticed that in the middle of the array, there was a weird change in Yi Yun’s movements.

Yi Yun’s movements had been slow and were made with great difficulty. It seemed like he was about to be hit by the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s at anytime.

But suddenly, Yi Yun’s movements suddenly became fast again. It was like his body had dumped a pile of weight, causing his body to suddenly explode with frightening strength and agility.

Shadows appeared around his body and the array seemed to be filled with Yi Yun’s shadow.

He had reduced the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight to the lowest!

Suddenly, Yi Yun’s movements were faster by at least 30%

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Yi Yun avoided all fifteen blood pearls!

The blood pearls reversed and shot back. Yi Yun tapped his toes and avoided them again. His movements were fluid. Compared to the fourteen levels of difficulty, his movements were more harmonious and relaxed. Not a single blood pearl could touch Yi Yun’s sleeves.


The people were stunned. How did Yi Yun suddenly increase his speed?

The Jing state young masters were in disbelief. Even the sons of the vast wilderness were confused.

Was Yi Yun withholding his strength previously? But it didn’t seem so. Every action of his looked like he was at his limits. The sweat and the vein that appeared on his forehead was proof.

“Interesting!” Yan Menglong who had been watching Yi Yun with interest suddenly laughed.

Within the array, Yi Yun’s eyes flashed with a strange excitement. His body was still covered in sweat, but his body was much more relaxed.

The restraint on his body had been reduced significantly. By reducing the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight, it undoubtedly allowed Yi Yun’s suppressed body potential to burst out.

It was just nice to tackle fifteen levels of difficulty!

Hum Hum Hum

The Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s howled in the air as it formed tearing winds that could be seen with the naked eye.

The fierce wind raged everywhere.

And Yi Yun was like a sea swallow shuttling through easily across a rough storm!!

The people watching it turned dumbstruck. This wasn’t going according to script!

Wasn’t Yi Yun supposed to get seriously injured after being hit by the blood pearls at fifteen levels of difficulty?

The Jing state young masters could not comprehend. If they did not see the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s speed increase with their own eyes, they would have thought that the array had malfunctioned.

At this time, Yi Yun said another set of words that made all of them drop their jaws.

“Add another level, sixteen levels of difficulty!”

Yi Yun’s voice was not loud. It was not clear amidst the blood pearls screeching across the air. But it still entered their ears, stunning them greatly!

They were all speechless!

Is he mad!?

“I’ll cordon your craziness and let you swagger. I’ll make you know the power of sixteen levels of difficulty. Do you really think you are on par with Young master Zijun?” The young master controlling the array fiercely pressed the sixteenth crystal

Suddenly, the entire array was covered in flashes. The sixteen Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s shot wantonly. The surrounding crowd couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Sixteen levels of difficulty put tremendous pressure on Yi Yun!

Every Frost Metal Blood Ball was like a shooting star. It put immense pressure on Yi Yun’s body and mind.

These Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s would collide with one another now and then, making them fly helter–skelter, catching people off-guard.

The Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s constantly reduced Yi Yun’s maneuver s.p.a.ce.


Yi Yun’s ears were humming as his heartbeat rate increased. His blood was flowing at an extreme speed.


A blood pearl brushed past Yi Yun’s waist. His flying fish robe had been ripped open!

Sixteen levels of difficulty was clearly above Yi Yun’s limit.


The Jing state young masters exhaled. Finally, this kid could no longer hold on.

They did not expect Yi Yun had held back, and underestimated him. But, he was still inferior to Young master Zijun!


Another beam flashed by as Yi Yun’s flying fish robe’s sleeve was torn apart. A strand of blood flew out as Yi Yun’s arm had been injured!

Under sixteen levels of difficulty, the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s’ speed was too fast. The fierce force wind tore the flying fish robe as easy as tearing paper

Seeing a few Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s flying towards Yi Yun with no dead spots, it would be difficult for Yi Yun to escape it!

At that instant, Yi Yun dodged and jumped out of the array!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The blood pearls. .h.i.t the empty s.p.a.ce he left behind!


Seeing Yi Yun leave the array, the Jing state young masters were disappointed.

“This kid is too cunning!”

They had wished to see Yi Yun beaten to a pulp, but since he had given up, there was nothing left for them to see.

“Brother Yi. Good for you!”

The sons of the vast wilderness cheered. Although Yi Yun had only managed to last 10 seconds at sixteen levels of difficulty and had clearly lost to Song Zijun, to reach this stage was applaudable.

A youth that came from the vast wilderness had suppressed a group of young masters that came from large family clans, and he was not much weaker than their number one young master.

It was something to be proud of!

Today, the sons of the vast wilderness had proved themselves and proved the glory of the vast wilderness.

“Brother Zhang, you sure selected a good seedling.” Liu Big Ear patted Zhang Tan’s shoulders as he said from the bottom of his heart.

At this time, the corner of his eye was on Yi Yun. He noticed that the kid had taken off his flying fish robe.

The torn flying fish robe had been thrown messily on the ground by Yi Yun. It revealed Yi Yun’s undershirt. It was a shining shirt that looked like silk veil.

“Sorry, I want to take off my clothes.” Yi Yun wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.

“Take off your clothes? Is it too hot from the work out?”

A few Jing state young masters looked at each other and were speechless. This Yi Yun was weird. As a warrior, what was a bit of heat? One just needed to circulate Yuan Qi and the sweat would all evaporate immediately.

But country people probably manned the fields bareback, so they could understand.

But when Yi Yun took off his shirt, Song Zijun who had been calm all along, even when Yi Yun began the sixteenth level of difficulty, suddenly changed in expression!

Yan Menglong’s eyes also lit up; though he continued stroking his chin, he was stunned.

“Flowing Mercury Gown!” Yan Menglong was shocked!


Some people were confused and looked curiously towards Yan Menglong. For a person like Yan Menglong to lose his composure meant it was something special.

“Flowing Mercury Gown? Was that the clothes Yi Yun took off?” The Jing state young masters looked curiously towards the shirt in Yi Yun’s hands. Besides it being thin, there was nothing special about it.

“Could this be&h.e.l.lip;” Song Zijun looked incredulously at the Flowing Mercury Gown in Yi Yun’s hands. “This is the Mystic grade three Flowing Mercury Gown from the Lin family! It’s a treasure to train one’s movement and strength! It could be bought at auctions, but the price is so high to the point that there are no buyers most of the time.”

“Mystic grade three Flowing Mercury Gown can change its weight from 10 cauldrons to 1000 cauldrons according to the wearer’s preference. Not only that, it will restrict a person’s movement. Every movement while wearing it takes a lot of effort. Previously, while in the array&h.e.l.lip; you were always wearing this&h.e.l.lip;” Song Zijun’s voice trembled. He had worn something similar, but it wasn’t made by the Lin family, but he was very familiar with the Flowing Mercury Gown.

What the h.e.l.l?

The Jing State Young Masters Faction were dumbfounded upon seeing Song Zijun lose his composure.

All their ears echoed was “change its weight from 10 cauldrons to 1000 cauldrons!”

10 cauldrons? Even the lightest was 10 cauldrons!?

Is he talking about this shirt?

Yi Yun had been demonstrating Minute Subtlety while wearing a 10 cauldron heavy Flowing Mercury Gown in the midst of the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s array?

This&h.e.l.lip; must be a joke!


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