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When Yi Yun came to this realization, the gigantic lifeform in the sky suddenly turned its head and looked right at him. This glance seemed to come from the opposite bank of the river of time, penetrating hundreds of millions of years to find him.

It was as if its amber pupils reflected the entire world.

Yi Yun held his breath as he locked eyes with the ma.s.sive lifeform.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Tumultuous heartbeats seemed to resonate in Yi Yun's ears.

This exchange of looks lasted for an oddly vague period of time. It felt like a few seconds but also hundreds of years. Yi Yun felt as though he had traveled through endless s.p.a.ce-time when, suddenly, he felt all the Yuan Qi in the s.p.a.ce surge at him.

"You have his aura…"

An ancient voice sounded directly in Yi Yun's mind.

Yi Yun could sense longing in the voice as he immediately realized that it came from the remnant consciousness of the Fey bone. And this "him" that he shared an aura with was the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

The Yuan Qi enveloped Yi Yun as he felt a sliver of psyche consciousness hidden within it. It was carefully observing him.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment but did not resist. He allowed the consciousness to take him in.

After a long while, the voice sounded again, its tone filled with wistfulness.

"I never imagined that he would have a successor in this world. Child, perhaps you coming to where my bones are buried is somehow predestined."

Yi Yun had obtained the heritage of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner in the Tian Yuan world, and now upon arriving in the Sinkhole's ancient battlefield he encountered the skeletal remains of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's mount.

If Yi Yun had not experienced countless dangers that threatened his life and survived these various obstacles, he could not have come so far.

"I have seen the battle between you and the demonic servants. I would never have imagined that you could possess such strength at such a young bone age. Furthermore, you have the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed planted in you. It's as though you are the chosen one. If he were to know that a person like you had inherited his Sword Dao, he would likely be rather pleased…" said the Blood Fey Bone's consciousness.

Yi Yun fell silent when he heard that. Then he asked, "Senior, I would like to know who the White Lunar G.o.dly Monarch was fighting."

"That person? He is the one that the eight G.o.dly Monarchs fought years ago. In ancient times, countless people perished because of Him. Elites of that era were able to heavily injure Him. But now, He appears to have returned."

"I do not have much time left. I have been lying slumber all this time, doing what I could to maintain a sliver of my consciousness. If you had not arrived, I would have had to await my end in another few hundred thousand years. By inheriting his will, you will eventually be pushed to the forefront of a generation. When the time comes, certain matters that you might not wish to know will present themselves to you automatically."

Once this was said, the Yuan Qi that surrounded Yi Yun suddenly surged around him. Following that, there was a rapturous roar of a divine beast as the Yuan Qi inundated him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The forceful impact made Yi Yun feel like he was stuck in a ma.s.sive ocean. And amid the Yuan Qi, there was a single drop of red blood.

The drop of blood was extremely dense. From it came the dull, thunderous sounds of heartbeats. Badump! Badump!

"This is a drop of blood essence that contains all my powers. You are his successor, and back then I aided him in conquering his dominion. Now, I shall aid you. My mission shall be ended from this moment forth."


Before Yi Yun finished his sentence, the drop of blood landed on his forehead. He immediately felt like a volcano had erupted as horrifying powers instantly bore into his body, heating it up greatly.

Instantly, all the clothes on his body was reduced to ash. His skin rapidly turned red from the heat. The blood vessels beneath his skin had blood surging in them that was as hot as lava.

"Ahhh!" Yi Yun could not help but let out a tortured cry. He had experienced extreme temperatures before, but nothing could compare with the scorching heat coursing through his body!

At that moment, Yi Yun really felt like he was going to be instantly burnt to ashes!

"No, how can I perish from being given an opportunity?" Yi Yun widened his eyes, they burned with flames and intense indignation.

He absolutely would not allow himself to die under such circ.u.mstances.

While under unimaginable pain, Yi Yun forcefully circulated the Yuan Qi in his dantian as he began powering the Dragon Emperor Technique.

The moment his Yuan Qi began flowing, the excruciating pain Yi Yun suffered increased.

His body was so hot that he was actually unable to sweat. However, drops of blood seeped out of his pores.

Soon, Yi Yun looked like a person encased in blood.

Yi Yun shut his eyes tightly as he focused his body and mind on the Dragon Emperor Technique's circulation instead of minding the pain his body was experiencing.

As his body burned vehemently, the flames gradually turned calm. Layers of black, b.l.o.o.d.y substances encased Yi Yun's body, eventually forming a black sh.e.l.l.

After an unknown period of time, the black sh.e.l.l crumbled, revealing Yi Yun's flawless skin that resembled beautiful white jade. The red lava in his blood vessels flowed while illuminating Yi Yun's extremely tenacious skeleton that had been tempered to the level of a divine beast.

Hu! Phew! Hu! Phew!

Yi Yun's breathing was deep and forceful. He sat there cross-legged as his body emitted the terrifying aura of an ancient divine beast. It was as though he had transformed into a True Dragon, one that could soar into the sky at any moment.

Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes after an unknown period of time.

At the instant his eyes opened, a terrifying glint flashed in them.

His gaze seemed to contain both the secrets of the Universe and infinite time.

Yi Yun gently breathed out as the red lava that surged in his body lost its glow and his aura gradually converged.

He stood up, his body tall and proportionate. And within this body were the powers of an ancient divine beast.

The Blood Fey Bone's blood essence had perfectly fused with Yi Yun's body thanks to the Dragon Emperor Technique's circulation. And amid the fiery heat, Yi Yun's body had undergone complete reconstruction, as though he was exquisite metal tempered in roaring flames.

Yi Yun extended his hand and waved it as Yuan Qi automatically condensed into a white robe that sat perfectly on him.

"Senior?" Yi Yun called out but did not receive any response. Even the sound of heartbeats that echoed in his surroundings had vanished the instant he awoken.

Although Yi Yun had guessed at this outcome, he still felt a little disappointed when his voice echoed emptily.

He sighed lightly as he gave a deep bow.

Inside the divine mountain's cave, Bai Yueyin instantly opened her eyes when the sound of heartbeats vanished. Her eyes were filled with alarm.

She suddenly turned her head. Not far away, there was a crack that looked like spider webs on the cave's walls.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Countless bits of dark red rubble peeled off from the wall. While they gently fluttered to the ground, a white-dressed Yi Yun gently touched his foot on the ground like a new being that had appeared out of a coc.o.o.n…

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