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As the demonic servants were torn open by the Azure Wood Divine Tree they struggled, but with it being their natural nemesis they had no means to resist. They had their vitalities ripped away by the Azure Wood Divine Tree as they rapidly withered.

Instantly, the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi began manifesting vegetation, and even tiny critters as a result of the Azure Wood Divine Tree. They shuttled around the Azure Wood Divine Tree happily as, in a blink of an eye, the scene became that of a vibrant paradise!

"What? This is…"

Upon seeing this scene, Bai Yueyin's beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

"What are you waiting for? Quick block off the pa.s.sageway. I can't keep this up that long. It drains too much Yuan Qi!" Yi Yun said in exasperation.

And in fact, he did kill demonic servants at a speed slower than Bai Yueyin. These were high-level demonic servants, on a completely different level from the low-level demonic servants in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. Yi Yun's Azure Wood Divine Tree was also grown from a seed and its strength was in no way comparable to the Azure Wood Great World's true body.

Now, against so many demonic servants with abundant amounts of World Decay Poison, the Azure Wood Divine Tree did not have it easy. Its leaves only managed to restrain the demonic servants. Time was needed to drain them completely.

And while this was happening, Yi Yun, who was the medium in all of this, was having his Yuan Qi rapidly drained.

Bai Yueyin scowled. What sort of figure was she? Even Royal Sealed Divine Lords would act submissively in front of her, much less a junior. It had been ages since anyone dared speak to her in this manner!

However, she did not fuss over the matter as there were more pressing dangers. With a flash, she appeared beside the spatial pa.s.sageway and began producing seals to repress it!

Even the all-powerful existence would have found it difficult to keep a spatial pa.s.sageway open in the ancient battlefield across distant s.p.a.ce.


Bai Yueyin gave a light cry as the spatial pa.s.sageway seemed to be squeezed by a pair of invisible hands that made it shrink constantly!

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The powerful sealing forces shattered all the nomological marks around the spatial pa.s.sageway, causing it to shrink to a third of its original size!

At that moment, there was a violent tremor in the spatial pa.s.sageway as a gigantic black hand reached out from within!

The moment the hand appeared, it seemed to grasp the entire world. Even Yi Yun, who was hundreds of feet away, felt his blood freeze as though the hand had grabbed hold of his heart.

The ma.s.sive hand crashed down at Bai Yueyin as it attempted to s.n.a.t.c.h her!


The five fingers closed and trapped Bai Yueyin within. Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun's heart tightened. He was now sharing the same fate with Bai Yueyin. There was no chance of him surviving once she died.

But at that moment, light beams burst out from the middle of the hand.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

The spatial fragments condensed into a gigantic sword as it charged out of the hand with a blood beam before slashing down at the wrist!


The ma.s.sive hand had been severed by Bai Yueyin!


Bai Yueyin flicked her finger as the spatial sword transformed into a stream of light and struck the spatial pa.s.sageway!


A light sound was drowned out by the spatial storms as the spatial sword returned with its blade stained with blood. Bai Yueyin took the opportunity to produce another twelve seals to seal the spatial pa.s.sageway's entrance in layers.


Bai Yueyin retracted her hands as the spatial pa.s.sageway closed completely.

The entrance had been sealed!

They had finally stopped the madness!

And at that moment, Yi Yun was using the Azure Wood Divine Tree to control nearly all the demonic servants.

Although many of them were still alive, it was not difficult for him to slowly wear them down.


Bai Yueyin suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. It had a blue l.u.s.ter to it, clearly deeper than the blueness from before.

Bai Yueyin's face was pale as she plummeted from mid-air.

She was already heavily injured and the activity of the battle only made the poison in her spread more. Her situation was more severe than before.

Bai Yueyin came to a stop above the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, because at that moment the pond's Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow was fully contaminated by the World Decay Poison. It had a noxious stench and corpse fragments floating in the pool, filling it completely. It could no longer be used for recuperation.

This scene left Bai Yueyin frowning. She looked up at the s.p.a.ce above her. The final twelve golden hexes she left continued coruscating, sealing off the s.p.a.ce they were in.

Although the spatial pa.s.sageway had been sealed shut, it was only a temporary seal. The enemy knew her location and it was only a matter of time before the seal was broken. If she did not finish recuperating before that, she was doomed.

She never expected that the ma.s.sive battle she had meticulously prepared for over so many years would end in such a manner. Ultimately, she was still too weak…

Bai Yueyin had a heavy heart. It was already impossible for her to vanquish the enemy. All she wanted now was to think of a way to escape.

"Oh? You…"

Bai Yueyin suddenly saw Yi Yun enter the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, casually submerging himself in the contaminated Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow.

Upon seeing this scene, Bai Yueyin was alarmed. Although the World Decay Poison could not cause any lethal damage to her, it was still a poison that was no trifling matter. Even ordinary Divine Lords would be injured from touching it and die from consuming it, much less a Supremacy!

But Yi Yun just dipped deep into the pool.

She noticed that Yi Yun's body was covered in a strange black flame. All the World Decay Poison was burnt away when it came close to the black flames, failing to seep into his body.

Could he be purging the poison?

The scene of Yi Yun battling the demonic servants had shocked Bai Yueyin. So it was not impossible to believe him capable of doing another impressive thing. However, she never imagined that he would flat-out purge the poison.

"Expert!" Yi Yun suddenly shouted. Bai Yueyin was rendered a little speechless when she heard him address her. What sort of address was this?

Yi Yun coughed dryly twice. He did not wish to expose the fact that he knew Bai Yueyin's ident.i.ty. If he did, there were many things that she would ask which were not easily explained. It would also bring him trouble. "We are now in the same boat. Although helping you is akin to helping myself, I'm weak and poor, so I'm incomparable to you in any way. On account of me braving the dangers and risking my life to help you block off those heretic demons, and with me now in the poison pool to try my best to refine away the corpse toxins at the risk of suffering the side effects of being poisoned… shouldn't you give me some sort of reward?"

Yi Yun said this with a smile. What kind of person was Bai Yueyin? She was a G.o.dly Monarch that had lived for hundreds of millions of years. Her wealth was completely unimaginable. Just a pinch of her reserves would be enough to refine a few cauldrons of Dragon Emperor Relics. This was not the time to put on appearances. Asking for some perks was just smart.

Bai Yueyin looked Yi Yun coldly in the eye. What did he mean by braving the dangers and risking his life? In the previous battle, the one that truly expended their vital powers was herself. As for the claim about 'suffering the side effects of being poisoned,' she could not tell. The punk was clearly at ease inside the poison pool.

Of course, Bai Yueyin could not be bothered to haggle with a junior. Furthermore, this junior had showcased strength that shocked her. He had also intrigued her.

"Okay. If you succeed, half of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool is yours!"

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