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Bai Yueyin sensed Yi Yun looking at her, so she opened her eyes to shoot a cold glance at him. As her body emanated an ice-cold air, her aura gradually calmed down.

Just as Yi Yun began to believe that Bai Yueyin had successfully repressed her injuries, her charming figure quivered as a stream of blood seeped out the corner of her mouth. The blood had a strange hint of blue in it, while the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool she sat in turned a deep blue color. Along with the color came a faint, sweet fragrance that spread outwards.

This sweet fragrance was mentally refreshing, and could leave one light-headed. but when Yi Yun caught a whiff of it, his expression immediately changed. He quickly stopped breathing and sealed off all his pores as he rapidly circulated his cultivation technique.

After a while like this, Yi Yun suddenly extended his finger, shooting out a drop of blue blood from his fingertip. It landed on one of the giant skeletons not far away, and instantly the white bone seemed to be dyed a faint layer of blue.

It was poison! An extremely potent poison!

Yi Yun gained a deeper understanding of a G.o.dly Monarch's strength. Just the poison she emitted was so deathly potent, and from the way Bai Yueyin looked, she was clearly deeply poisoned. Yet she was able to live on despite being so afflicted.

The poison in Bai Yueyin had suddenly relapsed as she knitted her brows tightly. The Frost Qi around her grew denser and, like a ten-thousand-year-old ice sculpture, it continuously released a chilling air. It even covered her black, cascading hair with a layer of frost.

Yi Yun hurriedly acted to endure the Frost Qi, his expression extremely depressed. Although Bai Yueyin ignored him and did not seem to mind his presence while she recuperated, he was only able to dissipate a tiny portion of the Frost Qi that Bai Yueyin released while recuperating. It was still enough to make him feel like he was stuck in an extremely cold ice cavern.

Thankfully, while Yi Yun did his best to withstand the Frost Qi, he was able to more quickly absorb the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow's essence. He felt that the impurities in him were constantly being purged as his meridians flowed more freely. Even the speed at which he circulated his cultivation technique had sped up greatly. It became easier for him to withstand the Frost Qi. He even recovered fully from the bit of damage the poison did to him.

The Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow was indeed a great boon. It would probably deliver many benefits if he continuously soaked in it but he knew it was an impossible wish.

Once Bai Yueyin was done recuperating, she would definitely not tolerate his continued presence.

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun decided to make full use of this opportunity. He stopped repelling the Frost Qi that Bai Yueyin released and instead used it to cultivate.

With the Frost Qi of a G.o.dly Monarch aiding him, Yi Yun absorbed the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow at an accelerated pace. Soon, the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow in his pool had decreased by ten percent.

A few days later, Bai Yueyin suddenly opened her eyes.

Although Yi Yun was cultivating, he was always paying attention to Bai Yueyin. He immediately discovered any of her changes.

Had she finished recuperating so quickly? Yi Yun was somewhat despondent. She had recovered too quickly. If only she had spent half a month, he could've used the opportunity to continue cultivating there.

However, the awakened Bai Yueyin seemed to have no intention of driving Yi Yun away. Instead, she looked up as a sliver of ice-cold killing intent effused from her body.

This killing intent made Yi Yun tense up but he was aware that the killing intent was not targeted at him.

At that moment, there was a sudden fluctuation in the s.p.a.ce above the pool. Yi Yun immediately felt a strong, ominous foreboding.


s.p.a.ce was suddenly torn apart as a pitch-black rift opened. It was unknown where it led to but there was complete darkness on the other side, with no light sources at all.

Suddenly, a face appeared on the boundary of the rift. It had an indifferent expression, its eyes like two black holes. Beneath the face was a body but the body did not seem to match the face. It felt like this unfathomable warrior was wearing a strange mask made of human skin.

However, Yi Yun knew that it was not a human mask the moment he saw it. Furthermore, the face was looking at them.

This is…

Yi Yun felt his heart palpitate as his face suddenly dropped into a look of astonishment.

He had seen such a face before!

Back in the Myriad Divine Territory of the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven, he met a girl who had suddenly been inflicted with a strange illness. She fell unconscious for several years and her father visited all sorts of renowned doctors to save her, but none of them managed to heal his daughter.

Later, it was Yi Yun that came to the rescue. He discovered that the Azure Wood Divine Tree within him was a natural nemesis of these heretic demons.

Later on, Yi Yun headed to the sp.a.w.ning ground of these human-faced demons. It was an endless cemetery and they were sealed in countless blood-colored ice coffins. These human-faced creatures laid in slumber in these coffins and he had killed a countless number of them after they awakened.

In that cemetery, he encountered a mysterious and n.o.ble white-dressed female's projection. Her name was Divine Dream and she told him that the human faces were demonic servants, servants of the bronze giants.

However, the demonic servants that Yi Yun had encountered were low-level servants. They were only responsible for building cities and mausoleums for the Ancestor G.o.ds. In addition, they had abandoned their physical bodies, leaving only their spiritual bodies behind.

But the 'person' that had appeared in the spatial rift's boundary was absolutely no low-level demonic servant. It released an extremely dangerous aura that left Yi Yun's body involuntarily taut. He felt like he had a crisis on his hand.

This was likely a high-level demonic servant!

But if it was only one high-level demonic servant, Bai Yueyin would have likely been able to resolve it easily. Although Yi Yun was unsure of Bai Yueyin's true strength, she was truly unfathomable compared to this high-level demonic servant.

However, when Yi Yun looked at Bai Yueyin again, he felt that something was wrong. Bai Yueyin had a grave look on her face.

Yi Yun looked at the rift as his heart began thumping in his chest.

In the second he shifted his eyes away, the spatial rift had silently filled with demonic servants. Every face had an extremely indifferent expression. They looked extremely odd.

There were more than a hundred high-level demonic servants…

These high-level demonic servants were clearly here for Bai Yueyin but they were unlikely the cause of her heavy injuries, much less could they have pursued her.

How did they enter?

Yi Yun was baffled. The cave they were in were protected by an array that was naturally formed by the Major Destruction laws. The average person had no hopes of entering. Yi Yun refused to believe that these demonic servants had such ability.

Then, who was the one that opened the spatial pa.s.sageway?

At that moment, one of the high-level demonic servants let out a sharp howl. Immediately, more than a hundred demonic servants pa.s.sed through the spatial rift with sharp, howling screams and entered the cave.

These demonic servants emanated dense demonic auras and swarmed Bai Yueyin like gigantic bats that had human faces on them.

Bai Yueyin instantly stood up from the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool. While she did, her body became covered in a black dress with coruscating silver points of light. She stood there like a G.o.ddess sculpture, cold and n.o.ble with an awe-inspiring killing aura.

Bai Yueyin snorted coldly. Her voice sounded like a natural law as ice instantly sealed off a s.p.a.ce a thousand feet above her. The demonic servants did not dodge and slammed straight into the frozen s.p.a.ce, their sharp howls crying out incessantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud rings were heard as the sharp howls formed sound waves that constantly collided with the frozen s.p.a.ce. Yi Yun had already used his Yuan Qi to protect his meridians but even so, he felt the lifeblood in him flow in the opposite direction. It was somewhat unbearable.

The might of a G.o.dly Monarch was not to be doubted. Even if Bai Yueyin was heavily injured and poisoned, these demonic servants would only perish if they met her head-on. They were unable to cause her any harm.

The following scene chilled Yi Yun's heart. He saw that the demonic servants were no longer charging at Bai Yueyin and instead, swarmed towards the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool.

Their bodies exploded in mid-air, transforming into green blood that mixed into the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow. Soon, the pool of Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow gradually turned green as it emanated a gag-inducing stench.

This corpse liquid clearly contained poison! They had contaminated a pool full of Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow!

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