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Could he try to make an escape while she was injured? But the entrance to the cave had an array formation naturally formed by the Great Dao of Destruction and Primordial Chaos. Even though Yi Yun had just pa.s.sed through it, he would still need to spend time to pa.s.s through it again. There was no time at all with someone attacking him.

Even if he did escape, she was a G.o.dly Monarch. Once she recovered, she could scan an entire Great World with a mere thought. Any attempt to escape from her would be difficult!

Furthermore, he still needed to find Lin Xintong. There was no way he could avoid encountering Bai Yueyin.

So if he couldn't escape… was he going to fight a G.o.dly Monarch in a life-and-death battle?

Bai Yueyin looked at the silent Yi Yun, her fingernails shimmering with a frosty glow. "Since you do not wish to speak…"

Yi Yun felt a strong sense of danger. He tightly clasped Mirage Snow, stirring his Yuan Qi fully for, regardless of what he decided, he needed to first fend off the incoming blow.

But at that moment, a dull roar suddenly sounded. Following that, a huge wave appeared in the blood river nearby. A pair of cold eyes appeared amid the blood waves.

Yi Yun froze instantly when he was swept by its gaze.

The river G.o.d!

The Divine Lord spirit was indeed full of lies. He claimed that the river G.o.d would appear after at least twenty hours, but it did not take that long to return.

Yi Yun lamented his bad luck. On one side was Bai Yueyin, and on the other a similarly unfathomable river G.o.d had appeared.

In this cave, he was the weakest.

After Bai Yueyin saw the river G.o.d, her gaze changed slightly.

At that moment, the river G.o.d's gaze finally moved away from Yi Yun and onto Bai Yueyin.

Yi Yun held his breath. The river G.o.d was apparently not targeting him?

He looked silently from the river G.o.d to Bai Yueyin, hoping to find an opportunity to escape. The best outcome for him was if the river G.o.d fought Bai Yueyin. He could then escape in the chaos.

But for some reason, Yi Yun had a vague feeling that the river G.o.d did not have any nefarious intentions against him.

"What are you doing here?" asked Bai Yueyin coldly.

Even though Bai Yueyin remained motionless in the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, the s.p.a.ce surrounding her was being covered in ice crystals. Countless fractures formed in the "walls" as a result of the freezing, and the way she looked at the river G.o.d was extremely cold and distant.

Yi Yun stood on the side, sensing the chill. Despite her serious injuries, her strength remained unfathomable.

The river G.o.d let out a deep roar and, after staring at Bai Yueyin for a while, slowly slunk into the blood river. After a momentary stir, the blood river returned to a state of calm.

The river G.o.d had left. Yi Yun clearly sensed that the river G.o.d held some fear towards Bai Yueyin. It had appeared to communicate with her but he was unsure of the content of their conversation.

Yi Yun looked at Bai Yueyin, who was submerged in the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, and his back tightened. Since the river G.o.d left so quickly, didn't that mean that Bai Yueyin would quickly turn back to kill him?

But with the situation having developed to this point, other than bracing himself for a battle and seeking the first opportunity to escape, he had no other choice.

At that moment, Bai Yueyin turned around and gave Yi Yun a deep, meaningful glance.

As Yi Yun felt an unbearable, staggering pressure, almost to the point that he wanted to go all-out and attack, all of Bai Yueyin's killing intent vanished. She slowly closed her eyes.

Yi Yun was taken aback. Bai Yueyin was clearly about to attack but was interrupted by the river G.o.d. Now that it had left, why did she suddenly lose her killing intent? Was she not planning on killing him?

Yi Yun did not believe that a figure like Bai Yueyin would resort to scheming tricks.

Yet now, Bai Yueyin's killing intent was gone. Furthermore, she no longer bothered with Yi Yun. She submersed herself in the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, eyes shut. Her body emanated an ice-cold aura as clear ice crystals formed around her.

She began focusing on her recuperation.

Yi Yun gave her an odd look. He was surprised that Bai Yueyin was ignoring him.

In the beginning, Yi Yun was contemplating if he should take the opportunity to leave, but when he saw the motionless Bai Yueyin with her eyes closed and the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow that filled an entire pool, he fell into a dilemma.

"Screw it. If she wanted to kill me, she would have long done so. There's no way to escape, anyway." Yi Yun made up his mind. As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold, while those who starve are the meek. He went up to the side of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool and sat down to begin cultivating.

In the beginning, Yi Yun was entirely focused on Bai Yueyin. But once he realized how she completely ignored him, Yi Yun only diverted a little bit of attention to her, leaving him more to focus on his cultivation.

As he absorbed the extremely pure Yuan Qi by the side of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, Yi Yun felt his mind and body lighten simply from cultivating for a moment.

After an unknown period of time, Yi Yun opened his eyes, giving him a wistful look.

Although the Yuan Qi beside the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool was pure, its effects diminished after cultivating for some time beside it.

If he could actually enter the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool and soak in it, the effects would definitely be outstanding. However, that was only a hopeful thought.

Yi Yun sat by the pool, hesitating for a moment. He considered that, although he was cultivating, Bai Yueyin's reaction implied that as long as he did not disturb her, she would not care what he did. In that case, there was no need to be afraid.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun rummaged through his interspatial ring and took out a tiny cauldron. It was unknown which of the unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.ds he had killed over the years he obtained the cauldron from. The quality was nothing special but it made for a perfect bucket.

Yi Yun carried the cauldron to the spot furthest from Bai Yueyin. He began scooping out the liquid from the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool.

He glanced at Bai Yueyin and indeed, she paid him no mind.

This made Yi Yun relieved. After scooping a few times, he felt that the cauldron was not big enough. It contained too little Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow, not enough for him to soak in it as he wished.

Reflecting on the way Bai Yueyin soaked herself in such a huge pool of Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow while he could only get a tiny cauldron, the huge difference left him depressed.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron was large enough, but he could forget about taking it out in front of Bai Yueyin.

Yi Yun gave up the thought of soaking in a cauldron. He took out a knife and began digging into a spot next to the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool.

Soon, Yi Yun had dug out a tiny hole. He filled the bottom of the hole with the Blood Spirit Jade he had previously picked up. Then, he connected the hole to the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool.

Immediately, milky-white Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow flowed into the hole Yi Yun dug.

When the hole was filled with a portion of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow, Yi Yun was content with what he had. He blocked off the pa.s.sage. Although Bai Yueyin ignored him, he was not going to reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

He entered the tiny pond and comfortably soaked in it. To be safe, he took another look at Bai Yueyin. Despite all the commotion he had caused, Bai Yueyin showed no reaction at all. She was focused on her recuperation.

However, Yi Yun did not think it safe enough to fully drop his guard. He could tell that it was only temporary that Bai Yueyin did not want him dead.

The woman was not only incredibly powerful, she was also hard to get a read on. Soaking openly beside her still left him on tenterhooks.

At that moment, Bai Yueyin suddenly let out a light grunt. The Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow around her suddenly turned a light crimson color. On careful look, he saw frozen blood beads.

Yi Yun was secretly puzzled. As a G.o.dly Monarch, Bai Yueyin was nearly without equal in the Sinkhole. Who could have injured her so gravely?

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