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Yi Yun wasn't surprised to see Nameless Sword remain unmoved by what was said. "With the situation having developed this far, there's no need to say such useless things. It's best you make use of your remaining time to say your last words."

"Senior Nameless! If you are the only one to leave alive, you will definitely be wanted by many factions. I believe that even you could not get away from that unbothered, right? And even if that doesn't bother you, wouldn't it just be easier to avoid it altogether?" Yue w.a.n.gjian said anxiously.

Nameless Sword did not even give him the courtesy of a reply. All he did was look at him with an eerily silent smile.

Yue w.a.n.gjian's gaze turned heavy. Then he suddenly said, "I have a Blood Hex scroll! I can swear on it. If I violate my oath, my soul will be tormented in an extremely pain way for a thousand years. After that, my soul will shatter, leaving me to be doomed for all eternity!"

As Yue w.a.n.gjian spoke, he took out an ancient red scroll from his interspatial ring. He had planned on using it on someone else but never expected he would need to use it on himself. He was threatening to cast the most vicious hex on himself so as to remain alive.

"Senior Nameless, as long as you spare me, I will swear on this Blood Hex scroll. I will not mention anything that happened today. I will say that whatever happened today was an accident. I, Yue w.a.n.gjian, am someone of repute. Many people will believe whatever I say. If I testify on your behalf, you will not end up in trouble. I believe the Blood Fey Bone would not suffer from absorbing one less person, right?"

He could tell that the ones that had truly caught Nameless Sword's eyes and were needed the most were Fairy Yourou and Yi Yun. As for the rest of them, they were only there to serve as basic ingredients.

Since he was not a necessity, it meant that it was possible to persuade Nameless Sword into letting him go.

Yue w.a.n.gjian suddenly pointed at Yi Yun and said angrily, "Yi Yun! This is all a result of your actions! Once I'm out, I will announce to the Sinkhole that you sneaked up on us to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure! I'll even say I was almost killed by you. You are truly, outrageously wicked."

Everyone watched with widened eyes. Yue w.a.n.gjian appeared to be open and aboveboard but now, in order to stay alive, he was spouting nonsense in such a presumptuous manner.

Fairy Yourou's eyes revealed a look of disappointment. She said coldly, "Yue w.a.n.gjian, you are truly shameless."

"Junior Sister Yourou, I am doing this simply because I have no choice. I'm a core disciple of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate. I have a bright future ahead of me. I truly do not wish to die here in such a manner. I believe all of you can understand me. As for Brother Yi… Once you're dead, I don't think you will care about your reputation," said Yue w.a.n.gjian earnestly.

Fairy Yourou's eyes were cold as she ignored him. She did not even wish to speak a single word to him.

Yi Yun could not help but laugh. "I obviously do not care. But it's more because it's impossible for you walk out of here alive. While you can still use that mouth of yours, take this opportunity to use it."

Yue w.a.n.gjian's expression sank. Yi Yun was too stubborn.

Did he still think he had a chance in such a situation?

However, Nameless Sword's eyes flashed. He said, "Yue w.a.n.gjian, what you say does make some sense. Swear upon it then."

If he had a chance to avoid trouble, he naturally was not going to reject it.

Yue w.a.n.gjian drew a deep breath as he shattered the Blood Hex in his hand while clenching his teeth. It transformed into sanguine light that flew into his body.

Upon seeing the Blood Hex take effect, Nameless Sword nodded. "In that case, go to the array formation and inject your Yuan Qi to be of some use."

Yue w.a.n.gjian was instantly delighted upon hearing Nameless Sword's words. "Thank you, Senior Nameless!"

Nameless Sword casually produced a rune, and Yue w.a.n.gjian immediately realized that he had regained control over his body.

Yue w.a.n.gjian kept his excitement at bay as he looked at the motionless people around him.

These people were either looking at him hatefully or wore a look of despair.

And at that moment, Lie Jiaojiao yelled, "Senior Brother Yue, save me! Save me! I beg you! I don't want to die yet!"

"Junior Sister Jiaojiao, I'm sorry. I only have one Blood Hex scroll. I really can't do any more here," Yue w.a.n.gjian shrugged as he said with a smile.

Even if he did have another Blood Hex scroll, it was impossible for him to use it on her. The woman was just too naive.

However, Nameless Sword suddenly said, "Don't worry, you won't be dying too soon."

Lie Jiaojiao had a vicious look when she heard Yue w.a.n.gjian's words but she soon turned excited when she heard Nameless Sword. "Senior Nameless, please let me go. I adore you greatly. I…"

"It's best you do not get prematurely happy. I only said that you would not die too soon. It first needs to prepare for the final stage of fusing with me. Every step needs to be savored, and I need to imbue all the absorbed energy into myself. Only then will it be the next person's turn," said Nameless Sword slowly.

Lie Jiaojiao's body froze up as her lips constantly trembled. Wasn't Nameless Sword referring to digestion? After the Blood Fey Bone digested the first person, it would immediately devour her next!

And the time it took to digest might last thirty minutes or it could be over in the blink of an eye. And during this process, the strange shadow was still floating towards her and was in fact already in front of her!

With the black shadow's face so close to her, Lie Jiaojiao was forced to take in its true looks. It was nearly translucent, as though it was formed from many black foggy wisps. Although it did not have any facial features, Lie Jiaojiao could sense its gaze. It was a gaze that chilled a person right down to the bone.

And at that moment, Lie Jiaojiao suddenly saw a face amid the featureless shadow. It was the warrior that had been sucked dry. He had a look of pain and his mouth was agape. He looked like he was caught in an eternal scream.


Lie Jiaojiao let out a terrified scream but, with her being fixed in place, she could not even dodge. She was forced to watch the shadow inch towards her.

The warrior's face slowly streaked across the shadow's body before sinking into the black fog.

But soon, many faces appeared inside the shadow's body. Those who had previously died were among them.

The shadow was not formed of black fog but by faces!

It was unknown how much essential flesh and blood was absorbed by the Blood Fey Bone for it to form this body of many faces it currently had.

And she was soon going to be one of them.

Yue w.a.n.gjian's scalp tingled when he saw this. Following that, he began injecting his Yuan Qi into the array formation.

"Use all your strength," said Nameless Sword nonchalantly.

The moment Nameless Sword spoke, Yue w.a.n.gjian obviously compiled. He pumped his Yuan Qi into the array formation constantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yi Yun's sword flashes intercrossed inside the array formation. When Yue w.a.n.gjian saw the sword flashes slash at him, he immediately felt a little worried as though the sword flashes were about to arrive above his head.

The warriors felt apprehensive when they saw Yi Yun attack.

If Yi Yun could crack the array, perhaps they had a chance of living.

Even Lie Jiaojiao began to pin her hopes on Yi Yun.

The sword flash cleaved into the first thin membrane in an instant.

The thin screen coruscated with faint red light. It appeared weak but was able to fully withstand the sharpness of the sword flash. There was not a single scratch on it.

Yue w.a.n.gjian felt his fear instantly vanish. Now, Yi Yun was only a tiger without any teeth.

As for the other warriors, including Lie Jiaojiao, they revealed looks of extreme disappointment.

"Yi Yun, are you going to await your death obediently or are you going to waste my strength?" Yue w.a.n.gjian mocked.

As Nameless Sword spoke, the entire array formation began to spin. Sanguine light beams tore out from the ground and the blood of light appeared to be infused with the souls that had been inflicted with the greatest pain.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone felt a shudder down their backs. These tortured spirits were likely geniuses from various factions that had come to the ancient battlefield!

Nameless Sword had spent more than a thousand years in the ancient battlefield. He had brought many geniuses into the Fey G.o.d Tomb over time.

Suddenly, the wraith forces gathered by the array formation, and looked to be swarming at none other than Yi Yun!

Nameless Sword naturally wanted to finish Yi Yun before he dealt with the rest. Yi Yun was the only hope everyone had. Once he was dead, they would be finished.

Yi Yun sighed softly when he saw the devilish powers gather together before putting away Mirage Snow.


Upon seeing this scene, everyone's heart sank. Why did Yi Yun put away his sword? Even if he was inferior in strength, he shouldn't just be giving up entirely.

"Good, you have finally submitted yourself to your fate. Then, become an offering to the Blood Fey Bone!"

Nameless Sword laughed maniacally but at that moment, a mysterious rune lit up in Yi Yun's chest. It let out a nether gray light like it was a gray nether moon.

The ethereal runes on Yi Yun's chest emanated wisps of grayish aura. The moment they appeared, the floating sanguine air and wraiths shrinked back. They even shattered upon coming into contact with the gray air, so much so that the s.p.a.ce they were in began trembling violently as though it would shatter at any time.

Nebulous Primordial Chaos!

"Oh!? This is…"

Nameless Sword suddenly felt a sense of unease, but at that moment Yi Yun extended his finger. All the Yuan Qi he had gathered shot towards the Dao talisman. A terrifying blood l.u.s.t burst out as a gray light shout out from Yi Yun's finger tip.

This was the power that Yi Yun had obtained from the Divine Perish Hall. With the ancient token, he could gather ma.s.sive amounts of nebulous Primordial Chaos. After forming a mark, he could engrave it by his chest, using the Nebulous Primordial Chaos as an attack!


The gray right penetrated all the painful souls and smashed mightily into the thin barrier.

Upon seeing the gray light, Yue w.a.n.gjian's heart was even more taken by fear.

As for Nameless Sword, his heart leaped when he saw the grayish light. His gaze sank as he immediately produced more seals and sent them into his disk array.

However, the gray light was too concentrated. It was about as thick as a finger but it was as though it gathered all the powers in the Universe and was completely unbending.


A loud boom was heard as the gray light stirred up a terrifying nebulous storm.

Yue w.a.n.gjian stood in the array formation, feeling his head buzz. Following that, pain that reached to his very soul began to manifest. A large number of the souls were destroyed by the gray storms, completely disintegrated to nothingness.

As the controller of the array formation, Nameless Sword grunted and spat out mouthful of blood.

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