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With the array formation about to succeed and the Blood Fey Bone almost in hand, everything came to a crashing halt when Yi Yun suddenly acted.

Not a single person there wanted to ignore the Blood Fey Bone. Therefore, they wouldn't buy it if Yi Yun claimed he did not have any thoughts on taking it.

"Fellow Daoist Yi, that's not a very good act of faith you're pulling," said Yue w.a.n.gjian in a deep voice.

"Let's ask him why first. I believe Daoist Yi has an explanation," said Fairy Yourou. She felt that Yi Yun was not such a person but it was true that his action didn't seem particularly n.o.ble.

"Brother Yi, if you return right now to your original spot, we can still recover the array formation. Furthermore, everyone hasn't had their Yuan Qi greatly drained. It wouldn't be too much of a problem to activate the array formation again. I have already promised you two portions of the Blood Fey Bone. I believe it will be the greatest reward you can reap on this trip to the Fey G.o.d Tomb, or maybe even the entire ancient battlefield. It will be difficult for you to find a treasure better than the Blood Fey Bone," said Nameless Sword with a frown. With his reputation of being a gentleman, he was composed and refined. Even now, he did not show his displeasure or go into a rage.

"Senior Nameless, you might be trying to persuade him with tactful words but they can't reach someone like him," said Lie Jiaojiao with a sarcastic tone.

Unfortunately, the rest, including Yue w.a.n.gjian, felt that Lie Jiaojiao was right. Although Yi Yun was powerful, his character and moral standing were far inferior to Nameless Sword who acted openly and aboveboard.

Yi Yun swept the crowd before revealing a faint smile.

"What are you smiling..." Yue w.a.n.gjian felt a little peeved seeing Yi Yun's response. Just as he spoke, Yi Yun suddenly conjured his Primordial Destruction domain.

The moment the blurry s.p.a.ce appeared, everyone felt a terrifying gravitational force. It was a nomological force that left their hearts quivering.

"He's really trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the Blood Fey Bone! Quick, stop him!" Lie Jiaojiao let out a shrill scream.

But at that moment, everyone felt the array formation begin to tremble.

The laws that formed the array formation began shattering under the Primordial Destruction s.p.a.ce's pressure.

"Crack!" A crack immediately appeared in the disk array Nameless Sword's was holding as the array formation began to collapse.

"Yi Yun, you must be mad!" Lie Jiaojiao was even more enraged than Nameless Sword should have been. In order to s.n.a.t.c.h the Blood Fey Bone, Yi Yun was fully willing to toss aside all decorum.

Nameless Sword's expression suddenly changed. As the cracking sound ensued, the cracks in the array formation increased. Nameless Sword looked down at the disk array before looking at Yi Yun in disbelief.

"How did you do it... This is an ancient array formation. The disk array is rare and I set it up myself. How did you find the array core in such a short span of time?" Nameless Sword finally revealed an inkling of killing intent on his face.

The spot that Yi Yun had stepped on was precisely the array core. It looked like a coincidence prior to this, but now it was apparent that he had done so deliberately.

"The spatial array formation from before did not show how much of an array formation master you are," said Yi Yun with a smile.

"Senior Nameless, why bother wasting your breath on him? Quickly finish him!" shouted Lie Jiaojiao.

And at that moment, a gray light suddenly arose from a warrior with the strength of a Supremacy.


The gray light struck the Primordial Destruction s.p.a.ce but it seemed to sink into a quagmire. It immediately began dissipating.

Finally, the gray light was fully gone before it could even penetrate the Primordial Destruction s.p.a.ce.

The warrior's expression changed. His sneak attack had been so easily nullified. How was the blurry gray s.p.a.ce so powerful?

Yi Yun swept his gaze at the warrior and said coldly, "What utter foolishness."

"You are the utter fool! Now that the array formation is destroyed, no one can get the Blood Fey Bone, and you are the one to blame! You will only be killed by our combined force," said the Supremacy coldly. But at that moment, his body suddenly convulsed as large amounts of Yuan Qi was extracted from his body.

The others also immediately had the same thing happen to them.

Nameless Sword held the disk array as he constantly put seals into it.

The array formation immediately stopped crumbling and began clashing with the s.p.a.ce created by Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain.

As Nameless Sword injected the seals, the disk array constantly emanated an intense light. Everyone felt the suction force grow stronger.

"Daoist Nameless, do not be infuriated by Yi Yun."

"Senior Nameless, we can't withstand it if this continues."

"Martial Uncle?"

However, Nameless Sword appeared deaf to everyone's voices, including Fairy Yourou's. His eyes were burning with anger as they stared intently at Yi Yun.


Nameless Sword recited incantations as a more potent suction force suddenly surged.

Bam! Bam bam!

The scene before everyone's eyes instantly turned blood-red. And amid that redness, they could hear their hearts thump loudly. All their lifeblood was being stirred to their boiling points by their very heartbeats.

In the blood-red fog, a black shadow slowly emerged.

It looked human as it silently floated over. It found the warrior that had sneaked an attack on Yi Yun.

The warrior widened his eyes but he could not move due to the array formation's effects.

Seeing the shadow approach him, the warrior began to reveal a look of horror. The black shadow did not have any facial features but he could clearly see that it was sizing him up.

"Daoist Nameless... quickly stop-" The warrior desperately wished to shout out for help. But not only was he unable to move, he could not even produce a sound.

He could only watch helplessly as the shadow floated in front of him, to a spot not more than a palm's distance away from his face.

"Daoist Nameless... what is this..."

At that moment, the shadow suddenly surged forward.

The warrior's eyes suddenly opened widely like they were about to pop out. He could clearly sense that the shadow was moving as if boring through his body. At the same time, all his Yuan Qi and blood essence was being rapidly sucked away.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

He widened his mouth, and a noiseless cry came out. His face was filled with utmost horror.

Gradually, his flesh and blood began vanishing. His skin shriveled and his body turned into a bag of bones. His face was that of an agape skeleton draped in a layer of skin and hair.

This scene left everyone appalled.

What was happening!?

"Is this Yi Yun's doing?" Lie Jiaojiao directly pinned the blame on Yi Yun.

As for Fairy Yourou, she looked at Nameless Sword.

When she saw his expression, she could not help but produce a look of incredulity.

The martial uncle in front of her felt extremely unfamiliar to her. His cold eyes appeared as though he had not seen the warrior's tragic end.

"You are truly incorrigibly foolish. At this point in time, you are still lost in the dark. With your low intelligence, you might even be helping the person who sold off you count his earnings. Do you even deserve to practice martial arts?" Yi Yun looked at Lie Jiaojiao and said disdainfully.

His words left Lie Jiaojiao taken aback. Even if she had the preconceived notion that Yi Yun was evil, even she had begun noticing that something was amiss.

She slowly turned her head to look at Nameless Sword. He exuded an extremely intense bloodl.u.s.t.

Even his voice had changed. He was no longer gentle and refined but appeared to come from the deepest abyss.

"Yi Yun, you nearly spoiled my plans. Since you have seen through everything, I'll just have to use you as the blood sacrifice first."

As his words faded, the array formation's laws formed chains in the array core, trapping Yi Yun as well as his Primordial Destruction s.p.a.ce.

"I never expected you to have a trick up your sleeve using this array formation," said Yi Yun. As he spoke, he drew Mirage Snow and cleaved at the nomological chains.


With a loud boom, the nomological chains trembled but did not shatter.

The array formation had absorbed copious amounts of Yuan Qi, which was now constantly replenishing the nomological chain's expenditure.

Realizing how Yi Yun could still talk and move, Nameless Sword revealed a look of shock. "You did not refine the array flag?"

"Why would I refine someone else's array flag into my body? For what? To allow you to slaughter me?" countered Yi Yun sarcastically.

"You actually managed to find your spot without the array flag. That actually fooled me."

Nameless Sword shook his head. "Yi Yun, your nomological insights are powerful and you are far stronger than everyone else. You have very keen senses and are adept at array formations. You are truly a genius. With a person like you here, I feel more confident."

Upon hearing Yi Yun and Nameless Sword's conversation, the others could not help but realize—no matter how unbelievable it was—that Nameless Sword had brought them here not to give them any treasure or remuneration but to take their lives!

Yi Yun had not taken action because he wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure. Instead, he had sensed something was amiss and had taken the preemptive measures to stop Nameless Sword.

Although Yi Yun had mocked them openly, no one found his words problematic. They had completely believed Nameless Sword and refined his array flags into their bodies. Now they were like wooden puppets, unable to resist. Weren't they simply placing themselves onto a chopping board?

The way Fairy Yourou looked at Nameless Sword turned from disbelief to sadness.

And at that moment, Nameless Sword looked back at her. His eyes had a hint of softness. "Yourou, I watched you grow up. I'm very aware of your talent. I almost could not bring myself to lead you here, but only your bloodline can allow me to complete the final step."

At that moment, the black shadow slowly burrowed out of the desiccated corpse.

Compared to before, it was clearly a lot more corporeal.

And clearly, Nameless Sword was referring to the shadow.

"For Luoyue and that man and woman to end up here for no apparent reason must have been your doing, am I right?" asked Yi Yun.

Nameless Sword revealed a look of surprise. "How do you know that?"

His response was equivalent to an admission.

"I began suspecting the moment I saw Luoyue."

"With Luoyue's strength, there is no way for her to come here on her own. And for some reason, she can't remember what had happened prior to that. I guessed that someone must have brought her in."

"You mentioned that only you know of the secret pa.s.sageway. Yet, a person had brought Nanxuan Luoyue and company into the same secret pa.s.sageway prior to our arrival. Such coincidences don't just happen. Even if you didn't do it, someone related to you did!"

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