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Nanxuan Luoyue looked at the Blood Fey Bone in disbelief as she uttered, "This Fey bone contains terrifying amounts of lifeblood power…"

She had an Ancient Fey bloodline, so she had an intense reaction to the Fey bone just like Yi Yun did.

And at that moment, Yi Yun sensed a nomological force around the Blood Fey Bone, clearly an array formation that had been manually set up around it.

This array was the reason why they did not discover the Fey Blood Bone prior to this.

"I found this Blood Fey Bone the last time I came but it's too powerful. I was unable to take it with me; therefore, I set up an array formation that could aid in retrieving it. The array formation is meant to chip away at its strength, constantly draining it," said Nameless Sword.

"But in fact, the array formation can only drain a portion of it. The abyss is filled with sanguine aura and killing intent and this Blood Fey Bone has been here receiving its nourishment for a very long time. The array formation's effects are highly limited."

"Then what can we do?" asked a warrior.

"Help me push the array formation as far as it can go. Even if we can only sever the connection between the Blood Fey Bone and this environment for a short period of time, I will have a chance of retrieving the Blood Fey Bone. Everyone, don't worry. Once I succeed, I'll definitely provide all of you with sufficient remuneration. Not only that, I'll also split a portion of this Blood Fey Bone. The dangers we encountered on this trip into the abyss has far exceeded my expectations…" Nameless Sword said with a sigh.

"Senior Nameless, there's no need to continue. We siblings will definitely help. I believe the rest will provide their strongest support, right?" Lie Jiaojiao stood forward to offer her help.

The warriors' eyes lit up after Nameless Sword mentioned that he would share the Blood Fey Bone.

"I am willing to help. If not for Daoist Nameless, we would never have been able to get near the Blood Fey Bone," said the warrior.

The remaining warriors contemplated for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Not only would they obtain some of the Blood Fey Bone if they helped Nameless Sword, they would also get rewarded. And all they needed to do was help Nameless Sword draw out the array formation's full powers. When the time came to retrieve the Blood Fey Bone, it was still Nameless Sword who needed to do the deed. Therefore, they would not encounter any danger.

It was obvious Fairy Yourou would be part of it. Yue w.a.n.gjian also immediately said, "I have no problems either."

As he said that, he looked at Yi Yun. "Fellow Daoist Yi Yun, what about you?"

Nameless Sword looked over as well.

Yi Yun's eyes were fixed on the Blood Fey Bone while he observed the array formation.

He noticed that the energy flowing out of the array formation indicated that there was indeed energy being pulled out of the Blood Fey Bone and expelled by the array formation.

But the expelled energy was inconsequential compared to the Blood Fey Bone's powerful aura. This was because the array formation was operating rather sluggishly. The laws in it were being corrupted by the surrounding sanguine aura.

From the looks of it, what Nameless Sword said was right. However, Yi Yun was in no hurry to agree immediately. Everything appeared fine on the surface but Yi Yun felt something was wrong. Back when he cracked the divine alchemist's array formation in the Nine Li Magus Empire, Yi Yun already had his own comprehension of array formations, giving him his own school of thought.

He was currently using this self-made understanding of array formations to size up the array formation in front of him.

"Brother Yi, we are truly lacking in manpower at the moment. You have to help," said Nameless Sword earnestly. "For your strength, I am willing to give you an additional portion of the Blood Fey Bone."

The rest who heard that had no qualms. After all, Yi Yun's strength was already apparent to all.

Lie Jiaojiao looked at Yi Yun, not concealing the viciousness in her eyes in any way. The person that had resulted in her being harmed actually stood to gain double the benefits…

"Daoist Yi, if you are unwilling, my Martial Uncle will not force you," said Fairy Yourou.

Everyone looked at Yi Yun for about thirty seconds, until he finally spoke.

"In that case, I naturally have no reason to reject," said Yi Yun.

"Thank you for helping, Brother Yi," said Nameless Sword with a smile.

With that, he took out a few array flags and distributed them to the group. "Refine the array flags into your bodies. That way, you will form a connection with the array formation like I have. However, the array formation is ultimately mine. There are many intricacies within and a slight move may affect the whole. Therefore, listen to my instructions carefully and do not touch the array formation unless instructed."

"What if we do?" Huang Xuanyan asked with the array flag in hand.

Nameless Sword felt a little exasperated. "Naturally it would result in us falling short of success at the final stage. We might even suffer a backlash. I advise you not to attempt doing so."

When Huang Xuanyan noticed the rest glaring at him, he immediately said, "I was only asking. I naturally know how serious this is."

"Please begin refining it then. We should not stay here for long. The faster we resolve the matter, the earlier we can leave," said Nameless Sword.

Yi Yun held the array flag but that feeling of incongruity would not leave him. He had agreed to Nameless Sword's request obviously because he wanted the Blood Fey Bone. And it was also clearly impossible for him to s.n.a.t.c.h it for himself under the current circ.u.mstances.

At that moment, the rest were done refining the array flags.

Nameless Sword swept his gaze across everyone before looking at Yi Yun. He saw Yi Yun's hand empty, having just opened his eyes from sitting cross-legged. He immediately smiled at Yi Yun and nodded.

"Everyone, we shall begin now. Please head to your respective spots as indicated by the array flags," said Nameless Sword as a disk array appeared in his hand.

These people had the array flags in their bodies and could sense their required positions. They headed to their spots without Nameless Sword needing to give detailed instructions.

Yi Yun was the last to move. He took seven steps left before taking two steps forward. He stopped in front of an inconspicuous rock.

Just as Yi Yun stopped, energy swirls appeared between the people. A complicated array formation immediately showed itself beneath their feet.

Upon seeing this scene, Nameless Sword nodded as he activated the disk array.

The array formation's light bloomed as it was fully activated.

Everyone immediately felt the complete connection they had with the array formation as though they had become one with it.

The array formation immediately started extracting their Yuan Qi. Fairy Yourou appeared indifferent but the other warriors looked a little tense.

"Fellow Daoists, don't worry. This is a stimulation array formation that gathers everyone's strength. Please do not resist or it will affect the array formation," said Nameless Sword as he moved his hands over the disk array.

"We have reached a critical stage. Everyone, you must cooperate with me or the Blood Fey Bone will be difficult to retrieve," said Nameless Sword solemnly.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly took three steps forward.

That act caused the array formation to instantly go into chaos. The nomological energy fluctuated, causing everyone to feel their lifeblood descend in turmoil.

"Brother Yi, what are you doing?" Nameless Sword looked at Yi Yun in surprise.

Fairy Yourou also looked at Yi Yun filled with curiosity.

"Yi Yun, what are you doing!? Is harming me not enough? You must be thinking of harming all of us, right? You don't want any of us to get the Blood Fey Bone, am I right? You wish to h.o.a.rd it for yourself?" Lie Jiaojiao screamed sharply.

Lie Jiaojiao's words made the originally perplexed warriors look at Yi Yun suspiciously.

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