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"Everyone, retreat quickly!" shouted Nameless Sword the moment he ended the battle.

In fact, everyone wished to get as far as possible from the area even without his command. People immediately retreated out of the region and looked at the Planet Destruction Plant from afar.

"Brother Yi, how were you able to tell it was dangerous?" Nameless Sword asked as he walked to Yi Yun's side.

The others looked at Yi Yun as well. He had previously discovered the disguised Fey plant, and now he had noticed the abnormality of this situation. His perceptivity was truly potent.

"Those herbs and Bloodsoul bugs, the blob of blood, and even the earth itself… they all serve to provide nutrients to the Planet Destruction Plant," said Yi Yun.

Everyone felt a chill run through them. They were already made acutely aware of what "nutrients" meant.

Then, Yi Yun frowned again. "However, although a Planet Destruction Plant can suck a world's vitality dry, I have never heard of it producing such monsters to consume flesh and blood."

"I never expected you to have such a comprehensive understanding of Planet Destruction Plants," said Fairy Yourou in astonishment.

As he had studied the divine alchemist's notes, no one present had knowledge of the Planet Destruction Plant that surpa.s.sed Yi Yun's. Only he could readily describe the detailed characteristics of Planet Destruction Plants. The others only knew a little about it.

Even geniuses from large factions like Fairy Yourou and Yue w.a.n.gjian had knowledge that was far inferior to Yi Yun who had inherited the divine alchemist's heritage.

"If that isn't a Planet Destruction Plant, what the heck is it?" asked the Dao Palace realm genius, Huang Xuanyan, from Magnificent Heaven. He came in filled with confidence, but now he was a nervous wreck.

As Huang Xuanyan's voice faded, everyone cast their gazes back at the Fey plant.

After absorbing the flesh and blood of four warriors, the 'Planet Destruction Plant' appeared more spirited. And when they looked over the herbs, they immediately bobbed, as though they were beckoning for them to come over.

Everyone immediately felt a chill run down their backs. The herbs had lost all allure to them, taking on an ominous air instead.

Yi Yun stared intently at the 'Planet Destruction Plant.' He had a nagging feeling that something was incongruous but he was unable to pinpoint it.

However, he was certain of one thing. The 'Planet Destruction Plant' was similar to the Fey plant from before. They both had a common characteristic. They devoured the flesh and blood of living people.

"The situation has changed since the last time I entered. It's a lot more dangerous. Shall we invite Brother Yi to lead the way with me?" asked Nameless Sword.

"I don't trust him!" A hoa.r.s.e, vicious voice protested. It was none other than Lie Jiaojiao, who was standing beside Lie Rikong. She was using a veil to cover her face but the skin and eyes that could still be seen looked gruesome.

Lie Jiaojiao looked hatefully at Yi Yun. "He stood idly on the side, unwilling to help me. He might betray us at any time."

If not for Yi Yun's inaction, she would not have suffered such an outcome. Yi Yun had made it apparent that he wished to see her get eaten. From her point of view, it was all Yi Yun's fault that she was in her present state.

"You were the only person that he didn't save," said Nanxuan Luoyue coldly.

"Anyway, I only trust Senior Nameless! In this land of peril, one that ignores his companions when there is danger is a useless teammate! Seeing how he treats a weak woman like me, it's best you do not pin your hopes on him." Lie Jiaojiao looked at everyone but her corroded eyes only served to make them feel uneasy.

Yi Yun smiled faintly, completely uninterested in dealing with Lie Jiaojiao.

However, he also sensed that Lie Jiaojiao's words had affected the rest. They still viewed him with awed reverence but they also slightly distanced themselves from him. Compared to Yi Yun, the powerful and righteous Nameless Sword was clearly more trustworthy.

Yi Yun did not mind this at all. He was not here to make friends with these people.

The abyss was strange and his interest in the Blood Fey Bone was piqued. He had no idea what the situation was with the Blood Fey Bone to make it produce the rich sanguine aura and intense killing intent.

At that moment, Fairy Yourou walked over and said softly, "Thank you for saving me."

"I was only doing it in pa.s.sing. Besides, even if I did not do anything, you could have resolved the matter by yourself. There's no need to thank me," said Yi Yun.

Fairy Yourou glanced at Yi Yun, her eyes flashing with a strange glint.

She was completely unrelated to Yi Yun but he had saved her. The others might have seen him as an aloof person but she did not think it so.

Yue w.a.n.gjian's eyes took on a depressing look when he saw Fairy Yourou take the initiative to express her friendship towards Yi Yun.

He never expected that Yi Yun, who he had invited, would steal the limelight in the Fey G.o.d Tomb, completely overshadowing him. He had even rescued Fairy Yourou, winning her favorable impression.

"Let's leave this area. It's best we take care not to touch anything without thought going forward. The dangers in the abyss are things even I do not understand," said Nameless Sword.

The crowd continued proceeding forward. This time, nearly everyone crowded close to Yi Yun and Nameless Sword.

But even so, a warrior still got silently devoured by a pile of sand which had nothing above it.

Several hours later, Yi Yun and company entered a region with even richer sanguine aura. It was so dense that it condensed into liquid that looked like rain. The smell of blood inundated their olfactory senses and there were skeletons beneath their feet.

These skeletons belonged to humans as well as Fey beasts. The smaller Fey bones were the size of houses and the bigger ones were the size of hills. White bone structures were strewn across the blood-colored land, producing a heavy air of death.

People stayed in here for too long would have their vitality slowly sapped away.

"We are here," Nameless Sword gently sighed as he said.

He then pointed to a boulder which seemed to be immersed in blood. Its sanguine aura was extremely dense. A second look revealed that on the boulder was a Blood Fey Bone the size of a palm.

No one noticed the boulder and Blood Fey Bone prior to this. Only when Nameless Sword pointed it out to them did they strangely feel their hearts and vision suddenly become captivated by the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun felt that the Blood Fey Bone seemed to have blood flowing in it. It also produced a heavy, dull sound.

Bam! Bam bam!

He also heard the sound of blood flowing from the Blood Fey Bone. "Bloop, bloop."

At that moment, a chill suddenly surged across his body. He jolted to his senses and realized that the sounds did not come from the Blood Fey Bone but were the result of his lifeblood being stirred. Even his very heartbeat was being tugged at by the Blood Fey Bone.

If he listened to it too long, it might have been possible for him to explode to death.

The rest jolted to their senses, faces filled with shock. Among them, the heavily injured Lie Jiaojiao and Lie Rikong had the color in their faces drain.

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