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"So you are Senior Nameless Sword!" The Magnificent Heaven genius named Huang Xuanyan exclaimed. "You were the most ill.u.s.trious genius a thousand years ago during that ancient battlefield's opening. I never expected you to remain in the ancient battlefield to cultivate after leaving your name on the World Monolith."

Clearly, Huang Xuanyan idolized Nameless Sword. The others also revealed looks of shock. Not only had Nameless Sword left his name on the World Monolith, his name had been carved deep in it. There was no question of it being there for tens of thousands of years. The appearance of a legendary figure before them stirred their hearts. Speaking of which, Nameless Sword was not much older than them; yet, he had accomplished so much. It left them envious.

"Thank you everyone for coming here. I believe Yourou has already explained the situation to all of you. I found a relatively safe pa.s.sageway that leads into the abyss of the Fey G.o.d Tomb. However, it's only relative. In fact, the secret pa.s.sageway will change according to the situation in the Fey G.o.d Tomb. Even if you were to just walk through, leave, and then go back in, the things you encounter will be different. However, without using this secret path, the only way to enter the abyss is through the riverbed but I believe all of you are aware of the danger it poses without me elaborating," said Nameless Sword.

"However, you do not need to worry. This secret pa.s.sageway was discovered by me and I have already traversed it numerous times. I will try my best to avoid danger as I lead you in."

Nameless Sword spoke clearly and came from the same faction as Fairy Yourou. Since these warriors had already resolved their intention to enter the abyss, they naturally did not say anything else. All of them nodded.

"Let's set off. All of you must take care to follow closely behind me," said Nameless Sword.

Soon, everyone was following behind him and stepped past the demarcating border, entering the core region of the Fey G.o.d Tomb.

After Nameless Sword led the group a certain distance ahead, everyone felt their vision change. There were two tall stone walls that appeared around them. Furthermore, there were all sorts of rocks and sand of different shapes and sizes by their feet.

Everyone turned nervous upon encountering such a change just moments after entering the core region.

"There's no need for worry. This is the starting point of the secret pa.s.sageway. It is a channel beside the riverbed and might have been a branch of the river at one point, but that is all speculation. It's a lot safer here than in the actual riverbed. However, we will have to make many turns since it does not run parallel to the riverbed all the time. But eventually, it will lead us into the abyss and merge into the riverbed. All we need to do is exit when we reach that point," explained Nameless Sword.

Yi Yun turned his head and took a glance at the area behind him. He had sensed minute spatial changes when the scene before them transformed. There was likely a spatial array formation at the entrance, one created by Nameless Sword. The goal was to connect straight to the secret pa.s.sageway. For him to be able to construct such a stable spatial array formation in such a dangerous land showed how impressive his strength was.

"It's best you follow closely behind me. There are many invisible dangers here. Also, the teleportation jade tokens you have cannot be used here due to the spatial seals. All of you are not to use overly potent energies or recklessly probe unknown places with your psyche perception or it might only attract trouble." Nameless Sword led the way forward.

"We understand." The group did not know the dangers of the pa.s.sageway as well as he did and so could only listen to his instructions.

"Senior Nameless, have you always been here in the ancient battlefield? My name is Lie Jiaojiao, a friend of Fairy Yourou," Lie Jiaojiao walked to Nameless Sword's side and said with a smile.

Another handsome, young, and powerful man in the form of Nameless Sword had suddenly appeared in front of her. He was better than Yue w.a.n.gjian in every aspect, especially with their destination being discovered by Nameless Sword and him leading the way. Lie Jiaojiao naturally had immediate thoughts of becoming more intimate with Nameless Sword.

Even if she could not get him to have fond feelings for her, just being someone he found familiar would make her journey safer. She might even get more of the benefits at the end of this escapade.

"Can I follow you? It's so quiet here. I feel a little afraid," said Lie Jiaojiao, her face looking a little embarra.s.sed.

Yi Yun nearly thought the s.p.a.ce was still changing. The woman had transformed completely from her sarcastic self of before.

"Then follow me," said Nameless Sword.

"Thank you, Senior Nameless!" Lie Jiaojiao's eyes flashed with a look of pleasant surprise as she followed him closely.

As for Fairy Yourou and Yue w.a.n.gjian, as well as Lie Rikong and the other warriors, they silently followed behind.

Gradually, Yi Yun noticed drawings on the stone walls on each side. They looked like marks, and he originally thought that it was possibly left behind by people that had walked through the area. But soon, he rejected that thought.

The reason was that he saw alarming claw marks and blood stains. It was as though a terrifying behemoth once existed here. And the 'drawings' were starting to look more like they were scratched out by the behemoth.

It was unknown if the terrifying being still lurked in the region, for it was likely they could not handle the consequences of encountering it.

"You are Yi Yun, right? We are from the Great Cosmic State, the Dao Twins." Two warriors came to Yi Yun's side and introduced themselves.

Yi Yun glanced at the twins who had Supremacy cultivation levels. Their t.i.tles made them sound like people of importance.

"Daoist Yi, the both of us heard that you killed five people with one strike the moment you arrive in the Fey G.o.d Tomb. Those five people were also from the Great Cosmic State. In a way, our relationship goes way back!" one of the warriors of the Dao Twins said.

Yi Yun knitted his brows when he heard that. Here they were, new enemies appearing at an inconvenient time. However, it was understandable. Many factions in the Great Cosmic State had interconnected relationships.

"What, are you planning on avenging them and attacking me?" Yi Yun said indifferently.

When the two warriors saw Yi Yun's cold response, they immediately looked displeased. Their auras also underwent minute changes as killing intent emanated out. There were even Dao patterns appearing on their faces.

They did not have much of a relationship with the five sc.u.m, truly. They only wanted to say that as an excuse to threaten Yi Yun and scam him if possible. They never expected Yi Yun to be so arrogant that he thought absolutely nothing of them.

"Oh? What are you doing? Do not fight in here." Nameless Sword's voice sounded.

The Dao Twins gave Yi Yun a cold glance and dissipated their killing intent and Dao patterns. Then, they walked ahead with cold snorts.

At that moment, Yi Yun noticed a shadow streak past them through the corner of his eyes.

He immediately turned vigilant. At that moment, one of the Dao Twins screamed out loud. His body suddenly melted like a lit candle under the gazes of everyone.

He let out a sharp, tragic cry as he flailed his arms in pain as though he was trying to grab a person beside him as a straw to clutch at.

However, the person closest to him was his most intimate twin. He revealed a look of horror and involuntarily took a step back.

Seeing his melting twin stumble towards him, the other twin drew his sword and said, with voice trembling, "Don't come any nearer…"

"Don't kill him!" Nameless Sword shouted.

But the twin could not heed Nameless Sword in his shocked state. His sword had already cleaved down at his twin.

However, the moment the sword sank into his brother's chest, the wax-like flesh and blood splattered out onto the scared twin.

"Ah! Ahh!"

Another warrior that failed to dodge in time was splattered by the flesh and blood. Both of them let out tragic cries as their bodies rapidly melted.

Soon, they were reduced to a pool of liquid wax on the ground. If everyone had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not dare believe that the three pools of liquid wax were living people just moments ago.

"What… what just happened?" asked a warrior as cold sweat ran down his back.

"The killing intent they effused attracted something. I already said that there are invisible dangers in here. And this particular danger, one that can melt a living person, should be a bug named Melting Spirit. It's impossible to discover them with one's eyes or perception. They are born from corpses and use flesh and blood as sustenance. Once they finish consuming a person, they fall into a slumber. Therefore, if he had not killed that person, the Melting Spirit bug would have gone to sleep."

"So that's the reason. Senior Nameless is truly well-read. But that can't prevent people from causing trouble. To engage in conflict in such a place, such people really do not know the meaning of death."

Lie Jiaojiao looked askance at Yi Yun. If Yi Yun had not provoked contention with the two Supremacies from the Great Cosmic State, none of this would have happened.

"Enough, this has nothing to do with him!" Nameless Sword snapped coldly. He had seen the entire confrontation. "Everyone, listen up. No more conflict!"

Nameless Sword turned and continued leading the way. He even did not allow people to set fire to the three pools of wax, afraid that it would cause more trouble.

After what had just happened, everyone turned tense. They had only heard that the area was very dangerous, but now they had truly experienced it. Just a mere bug could instantly take the lives of three Supremacies. This was even considered a relatively safe pa.s.sageway. The Fey G.o.d Tomb was far from dangerous, it was a true land of death. It was no wonder Divine Lords did not come out alive either.

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