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ithout having any extraneous worries left, Yi Yun could finally take the opportunity to consolidate his newly-created Primordial Destruction domain.

He slowly separated a wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos and injected it into his domain before closing his eyes. He began fusing the wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos with his Destruction domain.

After an unknown period of time, Yi Yun realized that the region blanketed by the nebulous Primordial Chaos had already established a connection with him so he opened his eyes. Through the nebulous Primordial Chaos, he could 'see' that warriors were cultivating in the distance. The number of warriors had increased quite significantly, and the warriors that had just arrived were discovering the benefits of the area. As such, they took the opportunity to cultivate.

Of course, there were some that failed to take even one step forward, giving them no other choice but to leave. Staying would only be a waste of time for them. It was better for them to seek out other opportunities in the Divine Perish Hall.

Yi Yun swept his perimeter and suddenly discovered that the region with the largest amount of nebulous Primordial Chaos gathered was where the black spear was.

The reason for the rich nebulous Primordial Chaos definitely had to do with the black spear. And after Yi Yun formed a connection, he seemed to discover the reason why the black spear attracted the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

Yi Yun had already fused a few wisps of nebulous Primordial Chaos into his Destruction domain. Being overly greedy would not help. It was hard to fuse more nebulous Primordial Chaos so Yi Yun simply stood up and walked towards the black spear.

The closer he was to the black spear, the more terrifying the pressure became. Despite being able to walk leisurely previously, Yi Yun felt a horrifying force inundate him after taking nearly a hundred steps towards the black spear. It felt as though a whole continent had smashed right into him.

Yi Yun immediately heard all his bones, especially his spine and knees, produce cracking sounds that left him shuddering. They sounded like they were about to buckle immediately.

Yi Yun's expression changed as he rushed to conjure his Primordial Destruction domain.

A hazy s.p.a.ce immediately enveloped Yi Yun's surroundings, creation and destruction forming chains before they constructed a protective s.p.a.ce. The simultaneous existence of both powers gave it a harmonious feeling, like the inception of a world.

In fact, Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain had already formed a nascent pocket world. If he were to engulf enemies in his Primordial Destruction domain, it would be no different from imprisoning them inside Yi Yun's pocket world. In this world, Yi Yun was the absolute hegemon.

The pressure Yi Yun felt instantly decreased with the Primordial Destruction domain's appearance.

But even so, it took a month for Yi Yun to get directly in front of the black spear.

And during this period, Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain turned denser, asymptotically approaching the status of a real pocket world.

The ancient and unsophisticated black spear was embedded in the land, dyeing the surrounding earth a bright red. The red remained extremely bright despite all the time that had pa.s.sed.

It was unknown how long the black spear had been there. No one had ever approached it so it continued to maintain its original state in every aspect. Before the black spear penetrated the ground, it clearly had experienced a horrifying battle. There were dried blood stains on the spear tip, each having different auras, clearly those of different experts. The auras had not dissipated despite the billions of years. They still contained potent strength that left Yi Yun astounded.

The owner of the black spear was clearly extremely powerful to be able to survive a battle against so many experts.

And the terrifying decimation aura effused by the black spear made Yi Yun feel like he was about to be killed simply by looking at it. Furthermore, he sensed that it was no illusion. The killing intent the black spear possessed really could kill. It made Yi Yun recall the sensation he had when he first entered the Divine Perish Hall.

Yi Yun carefully approached the black spear when he suddenly saw a figure. The figure had an extremely powerful aura that left his heart palpitating.

Yi Yun felt great palpitations through his heart when he saw the figure. He immediately drew Mirage Snow.

However, before he could launch an attack, he discovered that the figure was no living person. Instead, it was a broken set of armor.

The armor had blood stains on it and was covered in cracks. Yi Yun could not help but feel his blood boil over when he saw it, and was eager to put it on immediately and wield the black spear to rush onto the battlefield to shed blood and lay down his life.

But Yi Yun did not move. He stood there to take in the killing intent that remained extremely keen despite the eons.

Gradually, a gray wisp of air suffused the armor. It catalyzed Yi Yun's Primordial s.p.a.ce, as it was actually condensed out of the essence of nebulous Primordial Chaos.

And as though triggered by the gray wisp of air, a token flew out of Yi Yun's clothes.


Yi Yun felt his heart jolt. The token was the token he had received at the Divine Perish Hall's pa.s.sageway by the entrance. At that moment, it was slowly fusing with the wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos.

After the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence fused with the token, it produced mystic nomological patterns. Following that, the token stirred up a gray vortex, pulling in large amounts of nebulous Primordial Chaos from the spear's surroundings.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The swirling nebulous Primordial Chaos formed a gigantic cloud as its core sank down like a funnel, its target being Yi Yun and the token.

Yi Yun felt in that instant like his body was about to be pulverized by the nebulous Primordial Chaos. He gritted his teeth and circulated all his strength to conjure the Primordial s.p.a.ce that had formed a pocket world to withstand the power!

The cultivating warriors in the vicinity were also beginning to notice this strange scene. They did not know what was happening around the spear, nor could they see Yi Yun's figure. They only knew that something major was happening.

"Master, what's going on? Why is the nebulous Primordial Chaos experiencing such phenomena?" Bluejade muttered.

She looked at the nebulous Primordial Chaos that was forming a heavy cloud and a vortex-like funnel. She knew deep down how terrifying the vortex cloud was even if it was not more than a few kilometers across. It could ground a Great World to bits!

"I'm unsure myself. This anomaly is just too astonishing…" Nun Annihilation looked at the Primordial cloud with glimmering eyes. She felt that even the trivial bit of Primordial laws she had absorbed before was being pulled towards it.

The onlookers retreated in alarm. No one dared to continue cultivating in the region.

"Oh!? It seems there's someone in the middle of the vortex funnel!" a person that cultivated in a special vision technique exclaimed suddenly.

Everyone was alarmed as they looked over. Seconds later, they indeed saw a blurry figure in the middle of the Primordial cloud vortex. The figure's arms were extended out as it floated amid the void. Its long hair stood up straight due to the energies surging through them while they experienced the baptism of the Primordial energies.

Such a shocking scene made people feel like the person was a G.o.dlike existence. Some even had the urge to prostrate towards it.

"That is… Yi Yun!?" Bluejade said in disbelief.

The scene in front of her was just too astounding. Even if Yi Yun had killed two Divine Lords previously, she found it hard to imagine how Yi Yun could trigger such a terrifying phenomenon amid the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

"It can only be him. He's the one beneath the Primordial cloud."

Nun Annihilation drew a gasp as she said this with a conflicted look. Back in the outer sanctum, she only felt that Yi Yun was unfathomable when he plucked away the Netherworld tree's fruit. But now, Yi Yun had managed to stir all the nebulous Primordial Chaos and perturb the very laws of the world. This completely alarmed her. Could she be witnessing the birth of a future G.o.dly Monarch?

If that were the case, Xing Yu and Li Fire were only stepping stones on Yi Yun's path towards being a G.o.dly Monarch.

Hum Hum Hum…

The Primordial cloud constantly folded as the token in Yi Yun's hand had completely disappeared. It had transformed into a nomological mark, a shimmering gray blob of light like a tiny sun, before it flew towards towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun spread his arms and allowed the nomological mark to permeate his body. Immediately, Yi Yun felt a burning sensation at his chest. He looked down and saw the rune appear on the skin across his left chest. It emitted a black glow.

"This is…" Yi Yun circulated his Yuan Qi and, as it pa.s.sed through the rune, fighting spirit immediately filled Yi Yun's head. His body suffused an intense killing intent while he stretched out a finger.

With that, all his Yuan Qi gathered towards the rune. After devouring a large amount of energy, a gray beam of light shot out from Yi Yun's fingertip, striking the ground not far from him.


The ground was penetrated by the gray light, leaving a hole as black as ink. Yi Yun probed deep into the hole but could not detect its bottom.

This was still quite a feat, as the ground around the Primordial spear had been solidified by the Primordial laws, making it as tough as divine metal!

"What power!" Yi Yun was astonished. But he quickly sensed that he had drained nearly half his Yuan Qi.

"That strike was delivered with my full strength. I can't do that in actual combat," thought Yi Yun.

He looked at the rune on his left chest in delighted surprise. This was a worldly nomological mark that manifested as a result of the token's fusion with the nomological mark. Ignoring a fully formed Primordial s.p.a.ce, just the rune alone had become a terrifyingly potent divine power.

"The token I obtained in the Divine Perish Hall pa.s.sageway acted as the foundation before it formed a rune. That means there are more than one of these tokens. Does that also mean that there is more than one such nomological mark?"

This thought streaked across Yi Yun's mind. He had long sensed that the token was extraordinary. However, for tens of millions of years, no one had been able to make use of it. Converting it to a nomological mark was easier said than done.

If the runic strength from before numbered in the hundreds or even a thousand, the overall strength left Yi Yun reeling.

Yi Yun had a vague guess that this was probably the most important benefit of the ancient battlefield.

Of course, it was already a challenge for him to obtain the one. Therefore, his wish to gather more would not be so easily fulfilled.

And after Yi Yun absorbed the nebulous Primordial Chaos, the armor immediately dissipated. The fragments rapidly reduced to dust on the ground.

Yi Yun had a wistful look. The armor had existed for hundreds of millions of years but it eventually vanished into thin air.

The nebulous Primordial Chaos in the area would gradually dissipate but that would happen far in the future.

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