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Chapter 146: Unwillingness and Persistence

This middle-aged man wore a red robe. Beside him was a fourteen-year-old youth. This youth was wearing a flying fish robe, and had a Yanchi saber by his waist. His outfit was the same as Yi Yun.

This meant that this youth was also a Kingdom Knight!

“Oh? General Yan!?” Zhang Tan noticed the middle-aged man and stumbled. He was about to call the personnel to attention when the stout man raise his hand, motioning Zhang Tan not to announce it.

Zhang Tan could only nod as the middle-aged man carried on watching the match between Heisha and Jichang.

At this moment..


With a swish, a Frost Metal Blood Ball had brushed past Heisha’s arm.

With a ear-piercing sound of torn cloth, a piece of animal skin flew up. The wind from the ball’s rotation had ripped off Heisha’s sleeve.

The piece of animal skin was completely shredded in the air while Heisha’s dark arm began to ooze blood!

A simple brush gave this result. The power of the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s were understandably strong!

The middle-aged man frowned slightly. He gently shook his head, feeling sorry for Heisha.

Yi Yun saw that and frowned slightly, “Heisha will not beat Jichang. If he persists on, he will definitely get injured. The earlier he admits defeat, the better.”

In fact, it was clear who was better. Heisha may have a better base, but his techniques were greatly inferior to Jichang. There was no meaning to compete any further.

Yi Yun even suspected that Jichang could handle the thirteenth level of difficulty.

It was apparent Heisha could not hold out much longer, and after a while, he was. .h.i.t by the Frost Metal Blood Ball.

Usually when a warrior in the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s array realizes he cannot handle it anymore, he would shout for it to stop. To persist any further would result in paying a very heavy price.

To simulate real-life combat and the life-and-death battles, the Jin Long Wei made the attack power of the blood pearls very high. Being hit once would result in serious injury!

There were even cases of training in the Jin Long Wei where a soldier had died in the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s array due to bad luck.

By persisting even with his injury, Heisha was equivalent to dancing on the tip of a blade.

Any mishap could result in him being hit by the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s in weak spots like the head or eyes. The consequences would be disastrous!


With another swish, a second Frost Metal Blood Ball brushed past Heisha’s shoulder, tearing the animal skin. This. .h.i.t was more serious as the Frost Metal Blood Ball changed direction due to the contact. Heisha’s shoulder immediately split open!

The sons of the vast wilderness familiar with Heisha looked with tearful eyes!

“Brother Heisha!” These youths and men were not young. Seeing Heisha in such a predicament, they clenched their fists so excessively till they shook!

WIth two injures, Heisha persisted by gritting his teeth and enduring the pain. He still summoned all his spirit to dodge the attacks of the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s.

He did not want to admit defeat. Men that left the vast wilderness could be defeated in battle or die in battle, but they could not admit defeat!

To reach this stage, he had consumed too much resources of the Black rock tribal clan. His tribe had saved bits and pieces of food, allowing them to exchange for resources to let him grow.

He had left the vast wilderness and entered the Jin Long Wei. He was burdened with the hope of numerous people of the Black rock tribal clan!

He wanted to make great contributions, allowing the Black rock tribal clan folks to lead a better life. How could he just give up here?

To say “I admit defeat” and jump out of the array was simple, but he had his own principles. Ever since he left the vast wilderness, he had been despised, looked down upon and suppressed!

And now, this was a battle where he could prove himself. He may have lost in terms of strength, but he could not lose in terms of courage!

If not, how would he have the qualifications to compete with those children of the large family clans?

The warriors of the vast wilderness were extremely agitated. Their first foray into the central plains was like a child coming into the city from a rural village.

They brought with them ignorance, hesitation, their tribe’s hope, the dreams of making a triumphant return. They stood alone with little power against the rich young masters who had family backgrounds and abilities far greater than them.

Heisha’s persistence stirred the hearts of empathy among the sons of the vast wilderness!

However, the array was cruel. It would not change due to the wishes of people.


Heisha’s other arm was scratched too!

At this point, Heisha had three wounds. Jichang smiled coldly as he knew Heisha was at his limit.


The fourth wound!

At this moment, the whistling sounds of the Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s, the laughters of the young master faction, the antic.i.p.ation of the sons of the vast wilderness&h.e.l.lip; disappeared. Heisha vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and his body flew out.

The fifth Frost Metal Blood Ball had ripped the muscles in his chest, breaking his ribs and was embedded within his chest!

The Frost Metal Blood b.a.l.l.s would reduce its speed upon hitting a person’s body. But this did not prevent the serious injury of rib fractures! This was the cruelty of the Jin Long Wei training.

At the moment he flew out, Heisha had instinctively covered his head with his arms. A Frost Metal Blood Ball had shot Heisha’s thigh, nearly piercing it!

In the Jin Long Wei’s camp, there were numerous injuries in the recruits, including a 2-3% mortality rate!

“Stop!” Liu Big Ear shouted and the array immediately stopped.

A few doctors immediately rushed over to treat Heisha.

Heisha’s injuries were serious. Even with high grade medicines, he would still need to lay in bed for four to five days.

Jichang glanced at Heisha as his mouth formed an arc. He circulated the Qi within his body, evaporating the sweat on his forehead immediately.

He rubbed his wrists saying, “There’s still some speed to spare. Too bad you lack the technique. But this isn’t your fault. There is little heritage in the vast wilderness, and you can’t learn many techniques. So most of the time, you are competing with strength and brute force.”

“If you were to fight with similar savages, you would naturally be at an advantage, but when you meet someone with martial art skills, then you won’t be able to hold out!” Jichang gave a few pointers.

Upon hearing this, the Jing State Young Masters Faction began applauding, “Young master Jichang’s pointers. .h.i.t the nail on the head!”

“Indeed, Heisha lost to technique. But in the vast wilderness, there aren’t many techniques.” The Jing State Young Masters Faction echoed.

“Any sons of the vast wilderness willing to come up?” As Jichang asked, his eyes swept with mixed intentions towards Yi Yun.

Indeed, Yi Yun was his final target.

So what if he had stepped over Heisha?

Yi Yun was a Kingdom Knight. By stepping over a Kingdom Knight, it would be a relief. What made you a Kingdom Knight and not me? My strength is greater than yours, and I’ll purposely hit you in the face!

Not only Jichang was looking at Yi Yun, many of the sons of the vast wilderness were looking at Yi Yun.

However, unlike Jichang’s provocation, these sons of the vast wilderness looked at Yi Yun with a form of antic.i.p.ation.

They had all lost. Even the fastest, Heisha, had lost to Jichang, so they wouldn’t do.

Their only hope was Yi Yun who had came out of the vast wilderness like them.

Him being a Kingdom Knight meant that he was no ordinary person.

Heisha had multiple injuries in his chest, leading to severe blood loss. However, even as he was gasping for breath on the stretcher, Heisha still looked up at Yi Yun with great difficulty.

Yi Yun looked calmly at Heisha in the eye. Although he did not know Heisha and had never spoken a word with him, Yi Yun felt he had to do something for him.

This was the respect a warrior deserved.

After all, Yi Yun had come out from the vast wilderness. He may not have a strong sense of belonging with the vast wilderness, but he did share the same h.o.m.ology as these sons of the vast wilderness. He could see the resilience and suffering of the people of the vast wilderness. Just like Jiang Xiaorou who persisted on.

Maybe one day, they would not suffer from low self-esteem due to their vast wilderness background, but use it as a form of honor!

With this in mind, Yi Yun walked towards the array.

“I shall compete with you.” Yi Yun said lightly.

Jichang was overjoyed. He laughed loudly, “To compete with a Kingdom Knight is a great honor!”

The Jing State Young Masters Faction were excited. They could finally see how great a so-called vast wilderness Kingdom Knight could be. Stepping over a Kingdom Knight would definitely feel good.

“Don’t you need to rest?” Young master Yi asked Young master Jichang.

“Thank you, Kingdom Knight, for worrying about me. But it was just a warm up, so I don’t need to rest. As for you, do you need to warm up?” Jichang exuded extreme confidence in his words.

It was t.i.t-for-tat between the two!

“Interesting!” At this time, Yan Menglong suddenly laughed. None of the Jin Long Wei recruits had recognized him ever since he came. If so, Jichang would not have dared to continue clamoring.

Hearing this voice, Jichang stumbled. Noticing Yan Menglong’s dressing, he immediately realized the ident.i.ty of Yan Menglong!

He quickly responded by cupping his fists, “Little me is Jichang, greeting General Yan! May the General forgive me for Little me’s public rashness!”

In front of Yan Menglong, Jichang maintained propriety without being servile or b.u.mptious.

Yan Menglong laughed, “Being young and rash, and being contentious might not be a bad thing. I do wish that my army has absolute obedience in the battlefield, but to not show obedience to anyone during training! Battling is a good thing!”

“Since you are competing today, I’ll add some flair to it. Anyone can compete in this match. Whoever finishes with first place by suppressing everyone will be allowed to the enter the Divine Capital’s top grade armory and choose two weapons. Whatever you like can be taken away. In addition, I’ll give two desolate bone relics!”

After Yan Menglong said those words, the young warriors present immediately lit up!

To enter the Divine Capital’s top grade armory and choose two weapons? And two desolate bone relics?

The Divine Capital’s top grade armory was an extremely high level armory that was filled with weapons made with excellent workmanship. They were made with valuable materials and inscribed with arrays on them, making them priceless!

Even the teenager beside General Yan seemed interested. Many people noticed the teenager. He had came in together with General Yan and wore a flying fish robe. It meant he was a Kingdom Knight, making his stature extraordinary.

Weapons&h.e.l.lip; Desolate bone relic&h.e.l.lip;

In the array, Yi Yun gently clasped his fists. This was a great surprise. He was lacking a weapon. The Yanchi saber was a standard weapon of the Jin Long Wei. Hence, in terms of quality and other aspects, it was not excellent.


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