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Xing Yu Divine Lord was taken aback when he heard Li Fire Divine Lord's words. He never expected Yi Yun's black flame to be so attractive to Li Fire Divine Lord that he was willing to give up the Netherworld fruit with such decisiveness.

Although his reputation would be sullied if he joined forces with Li Fire Divine Lord to attack Yi Yun, Xin Yu could bear having his reputation tarnished if it meant having the Netherworld fruit.

"Yi Yun, you entered the ancient battlefield by taking a spot reserved by my White Lunar Divine Empire. I had planned on ensuring your safety, but now you claim that I'm after your treasures. Therefore, I must deny you being a part of the White Lunar Divine Empire. And in that case, there is no reason for me to show you any further mercy. I will now be banishing you from the White Lunar Divine Empire!" Xing Yu Divine Lord took a step forward to join Li Fire Divine Lord in blocking Yi Yun from escaping.

"If you want to rob me of my treasures, just say so. To think that you are afraid others will gossip that you are joining forces with outsiders to kill a junior from your own empire. Saying that stinking pile of nonsense truly disgusts me," said Yi Yun sarcastically.

"Haha! Very good! You are still trying to win a battle of tongues at this moment in time. In a while, we will skin you alive and extract your soul. When that happens, I want to see if you can still make such bold remarks," said Li Fire Divine Lord with a sneer.

Realizing that the two Divine Lords were really joining forces to fight Yi Yun, everyone's eyes were glued to the scene. Divine Lords had their strength repressed to the beginning stages of the Supremacy realm in the ancient battlefield, a realm higher than Yi Yun's. Furthermore, they had great nomological insight and many years of combat experience. There was no way that Yi Yun would be capable of escaping when two Divine Lords were joining forces to fight a Supremacy.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, meet your maker!"

Xing Yu Divine Lord growled deeply as he hurled his arms forward. Immediately, black distorted rifts opened in the void. They issued sharp whistling sounds as they rapidly circled all around Yi Yun.

The black rifts alarmed the onlookers. It was a manifestation of spatial dimension laws on a superior level!

If Yi Yun touched the rifts, any part of his body that got enveloped would immediately vanish regardless of what it was.

If they were in the outside world, it would've been possible to use the rifts to turn a region into a perilous land of murder. People did not expect Xing Yu Divine Lord to be so much more ruthless than Li Fire Divine Lord. He immediately started with a mighty killer blow.

And after he conjured his spatial dimension laws, Xing Yu Divine Lord immediately waved his hand, producing a tiny black bell. He shook it, sending sound waves emanating outwards. The surrounding s.p.a.ce warped as a result.

A number of warriors with weaker cultivation levels turned dizzy just from seeing the bell. And the bell's ring created an otherworldly tune that kept them spellbound. They felt like their souls were being pulled out from the bodies. These warriors became quickly appalled as they hurriedly circulated their cultivation techniques to withstand the pulling force.

If the remnant waves left them feeling like that, what was happening to Yi Yun who was the focus of the attack?

Li Fire Divine Lord glanced at Xing Yu Divine Lord and said, "Daoist Xing Yu, I never expected you to be this skilled. The origins of that bell must be quite extraordinary, correct? You did not possess such a treasure the last time I met you."

Xing Yu Divine Lord knew that Li Fire Divine Lord had said those words because he was taking precaution. He roared in laughter and said, "I use this Skyfiend Bell very rarely but have decided to use it on this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. For him to die by my spatial blades and Skyfiend Bell, the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d has been granted quite a worthy death!"

In fact, Xing Yu Divine Lord had taken out the Skyfiend Bell to shock and awe Li Fire Divine Lord, as well as the onlookers such as Nun Annihilation. He was bent on obtaining the Netherworld fruit and did not wish for more complications to arise.

And when one died under the Skyfiend Bell, their soul would be imprisoned inside the bell, suffering soul annihilation from its demonic music. Eventually, the soul would be completely vanquished. Such an outcome allowed Xing Yu Divine Lord to relieve the hatred he had for Yi Yun. Never had a junior dared to s.n.a.t.c.h an item he had set his sights on. Furthermore, the junior came from his own White Lunar Divine Empire. It was not something Xing Yu Divine Lord could put up with at all.

Li Fire Divine Lord did not say another word as he triggered the gray fire surrounding him. Immediately, the Li Fire domain and Xing Yu Divine Lord's Skyfiend Bell's tunes and spatial blades swept towards Yi Yun.

At that moment in time, everyone viewed Yi Yun as a lone boat in a tempestuous storm. He would soon capsize in the mighty waves and be doomed for all eternity.

The girl in a pale-yellow dress could not bear to watch further. Although she had put him down previously, she felt great pity for him when she saw him being attacked by two powerful Divine Lords. She secretly cursed the two Divine Lords for their shamelessness. Not only were they bullying the weak, they even had a numbers advantage.

However, amid the terrifying Yuan Qi fluctuations, Yi Yun suddenly tore out from the storms. A black vortex appeared around him and expanded. Finally, it manifested a gigantic wheel with countless demons stirring within.

The wheel warped Xing Yu Divine Lord's spatial blade as well as his Skyfiend Bell's music. Any energy that entered was ground up and destroyed. Immediately following that, the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed lit up outside the wheel, blocking Li Fire Divine Lord's Li Fire domain.

"What's that?" Xing Yu Divine Lord's sneer froze. Just a mere wheel had blocked two of his greatest killer blows. How was this possible? What was this wheel?

Amid his shock, Xing Yu Divine Lord's eyes turned covetous. Yi Yun definitely had come upon some huge secret. He was definitely a genius that had countless fortuitous encounters, and was blessed by the light from providence. But today, Yi Yun would land in his hands. And whatever light that providence shined on Yi Yun would be redirected onto him. He might even end up becoming a G.o.dly Monarch.

"Yi Yun, so what if you are a peerless genius? I will show you the difference between you and a Royal Sealed Divine Lord," said Xing Yu Divine Lord coldly.

Xing Yu Divine Lord's dantian emitted a bright light as an ancient but unadorned seal flew out. It instantly expanded to the size of a mountain. There were countless nomological runes shimmering on the seal as though it was the Heavenly Dao, and it suffused a dense suppressive force.

The moment the seal appeared, the surrounding warriors with weaker cultivation levels felt their hearts palpitate. They had the all-consuming urge to prostrate themselves in front of it.

"A Divine Lord Royal Seal! That's a Divine Lord Royal Seal!" Upon seeing the ancient seal, everyone present had a yearning look of envy. Forming a Divine Lord Royal Seal was the dreams of every warrior.

This not only represented a Royal Sealed Divine Lord's ident.i.ty, it also became their strongest killer blow. After fusing with a Royal Seal, the Royal Sealed Divine Lord would basically have a permanent Intrinsic Dharma treasure. It was impossible for ordinary Divine Lords to be the match of a Royal Sealed Divine Lord.

At the same time, a fiery ancient seal appeared in front of Li Fire Divine Lord.

Both Divine Lord Royal Seals had conjured their Royal Seals simultaneously just to kill a junior that was only at the Supremacy realm!

Everyone held their breaths. No matter how peerless a genius Yi Yun was, it was impossible for him to withstand the imposing might of two Royal Seals!

Yi Yun also felt the extreme pressure of the two Royal Seals in front of him.

The Destruction domain that his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence manifested even began to emit cracking sounds. Fine cracks began to slowly appear along its surface. Although Yi Yun's Destruction domain was nomologically superior, it was still limited by his cultivation level. It could hardly withstand the two terrifying forces that were pressing towards him.

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