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Upon hearing Wan Qing's theory, everyone found it highly likely. If the alternate s.p.a.ce had not isolated the tree from the River of the Netherworld, how could Yi Yun pluck the fruit so easily?

As for Li Fire Divine Lord, the one who presided over the array formation, he did not believe that the alternate s.p.a.ce had succeeded. However, the River of the Netherworld's laws were extremely strange. He could not say for sure whether the array had caused some unknown changes to the river's laws.

Regardless, it was fact that Yi Yun had plucked the fruit unscathed. It was very likely that the River of the Netherworld's laws had changed in some way.

They watched Yi Yun put the fruit and a few leaves into his interspatial ring. At that moment, his body elevated slightly and runic patterns coruscated beneath his feet.

It was the Dao runes of spatial teleportation!

Li Fire Divine Lord's pupils constricted. The punk was planning on escaping using spatial teleportation!

"He's trying to escape!"

The group of people had gone to great lengths for the fruit, but now it was being taken by an itinerant Supremacy. How could they tolerate that!?

Xing Yu Divine Lord and Nun Annihilation were gripped with anxiety as well.

"Li Fire, lower your alternate s.p.a.ce on him. Don't let him escape!" Xing Yu Divine Lord shouted.

Li Fire Divine Lord gritted his teeth. He instantly directed his cracking alternate s.p.a.ce to descend upon Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was floating twenty feet above the Netherworld tree. It was impossible for the alternate s.p.a.ce to envelop the tree but it was still possible for it reach Yi Yun who was twenty feet above.

As it descended upon him, Yi Yun showed no concern towards the alternate s.p.a.ce. Instead, he suddenly raised his hand. In the middle of his palm, a gray flaming mark appeared. It looked like it had life and was constantly struggling. "Li Fire, is this the tracing mark you left on me…"


Li Fire's expression changed drastically. Yi Yun had managed to extract the tracing mark he had planted so quickly and easily?

Just that feat alone far exceeded ordinary Supremacies.

Then, Yi Yun casually squeezed and, with a light explosive crack, the tracing mark shattered!

Li Fire Divine Lord's face turned slightly white as he took a step back. The mark was connected to his psyche after all. Yi Yun had used the crudest method to wipe out the mark, giving him an instant and sharp pain. It was not as serious as damaging Li Fire Divine Lord's soul sea but the pain was inevitable.

As Li Fire Divine Lord felt the pain in his soul sea, Yi Yun suddenly waved his hand.

"Cha! Cha! Cha!"

999 bright beams of light tore through the void like bloodthirsty specters. It was Yi Yun's Thousand Snow flying sabers!

At Yi Yun's present cultivation level, setting up the Thousand Snow Saber Array took only an instant. And the target of the rain of sabers was Wan Qing!

Wan Qing had already been injured and, as he was directing the numerous itinerant cultivators in setting up the array, he was rather far from Li Fire Divine Lord. It was impossible for Yi Yun to kill Li Fire Divine Lord with one strike, but he could definitely finish Wan Qing in one.

Li Fire Divine Lord never expected that Yi Yun, who had activated a spatial transference for escape, would suddenly attack. He failed to react in time!

"Lord Li Fire, save me!"

Seeing the snow-like flying sabers hurtling towards him, Wan Qing yelled out in panic. It was completely impossible for him to be saved by Li Fire Divine Lord, who was almost all the way across the River of the Netherworld. He needed at least few seconds to react.

He leaped backwards and conjured a light screen out of thin air in front of him to ward off the flying sabers.

At the same time, he opened his mouth and spat out a green talisman. It was created by a Wan family senior and was a trump card meant to preserve his life!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

A series of explosive booms rang as the Thousand Snow flying sabers relentlessly struck the light screen that Wan Qing had conjured. The light screen only lasted for a thousandth of a blink of an eye before shattering. The saber beams did not lose their momentum as they stabbed straight at Wan Qing's vital spots.

It was all just too fast!

Wan Qing had only just spat out the talisman when the flying sabers riddled his body with countless b.l.o.o.d.y holes!


And only then did the green talisman finally trigger. It formed a green barrier that enveloped Wan Qing. But at that moment, the Thousand Snow flying sabers had already flown back towards Yi Yun like intelligent petrels!

Inside the green barrier, Wan Qing's body was covered in blood. He grunted heavily before slamming to the ground. The effectiveness of a talisman, even if it was made by a Divine Lord, depended on the user. Wan Qing's strength was just too inferior to Yi Yun's. He could not fend off Yi Yun's a.s.sault even with a Divine Lord talisman.

The Thousand Snow flying sabers retreated the moment they did their job. However, Yi Yun was not overly concerned with Wan Qing's outcome. He gave him a brief, nonchalant glance as though he was seeing a wretch that was almost dead.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

Wan Qing suddenly let out a tragic scream as he covered his b.l.o.o.d.y abdomen with both hands. The sabers had penetrated his dantian, grinding his Dao Palace to shreds. His cultivation had been crippled by Yi Yun.

In a large family clan like the Wan family, a person that lost his cultivation was no different from trash and was bound to be abandoned. Wan Qing's heart turned ashen as his body trembled.

Meanwhile, the cracked alternate s.p.a.ce had completely enveloped Yi Yun. Although the s.p.a.ce was already in shambles, it was still able to barely hold together at a height of twenty feet.

"Idiot! He could have escaped but he took the time to cripple Wan Qing. He gave up his opportunity to escape!" said a red-dressed youth beside Li Fire Divine Lord coldly. He was a favorite disciple of Li Fire Divine Lord and was already a Supremacy.

Seeing that the few benefits he could have received were taken by Yi Yun, how could he tolerate it?

"That's right. Furthermore, that idiot used flying sabers. Now we can use their trajectories to find the spots where the River of the Netherworld's laws are ineffective!" added someone else.

Seeing as the spatial runic patterns beneath Yi Yun's feet were still coruscating, they could no longer wait to attack.

"Stop him!"


The red-dressed man was first to move. He leapt forward, and a few people behind him also charged at Yi Yun.

They could turn a blind eye to Yi Yun's plucking of the fruit at first, but with his flying sabers flying so freely amid the River of the Netherworld's laws, they were certain that something must have gone wrong with the laws.

Most importantly, the alternate s.p.a.ce had already enveloped Yi Yun. Since he was twenty feet above the Netherworld tree, the alternate s.p.a.ce could isolate him from the River of the Netherworld's laws which implied that there was no danger for them.

But at that moment, they saw a mocking sneer suffuse the corner of Yi Yun's lips. The smile looked like he was smiling at the ridiculous thought of a group of wretches attacking an Ancient Fey.


Upon seeing the smile, the red-dressed man suddenly felt an intense sense of foreboding.

Ka! Ka! Ka!

And at that moment, the cracked alternate s.p.a.ce around Yi Yun shattered completely. When Li Fire Divine Lord made it approach the Netherworld tree again, it buckled under the corrosive powers of the River of the Netherworld's laws. It finally shattered!

However, the spatial explosion that Li Fire Divine Lord had expected did not happen. Instead, the alternate s.p.a.ce seemed to be worn down by the long rivers of time. The collapsed spatial fragments harmlessly turned to dust!

Simultaneously, the River of the Netherworld's laws were no longer obstructed. They emanated in all direction like a flood, and the red-dressed youth was the first to be struck by them!


The red-dressed youth's flight immediately came to a halt as he let out a tragic cry. It became drawn out as though it was undergoing the long vestiges of time.

His body quickly turned dessicated as though all moisture in it had been extracted. His hair grew crazily like wild gra.s.s and, as though all his vitality was being used up, it turned from black to yellow, and from yellow to white. Following that, his eye sockets recessed and his body corroded away, leaving behind nothing but a set of bones. But even those didn't last. In a few blinks of an eye, the bones corroded away and vanished, dissipating into nothingness.

When the rest that charged at Yi Yun saw the red-dressed youth's outcome, they were scared out of their wits. They turned away in a bid to escape but they were too late. The River of the Netherworld's laws that had escaped the confines of the alternate s.p.a.ce enveloped them at that moment.

They screamed tragically all the way to their deaths. Just like the red-dressed youth, they turned to dust amid the rivers of time. They truly left no remains.

Everyone who saw the strange turn of events gasped.

Dead! They were all dead!

Yi Yun floated above the Netherworld tree completely unscathed. He was even able to set up a spatial teleportation array while attacking Wan Qing with his Thousand Snow flying sabers. However, those that charged at Yi Yun had all died tragically.

The River of the Netherworld's laws had gone unchanged. The alternate s.p.a.ce that Li Fire Divine Lord had summoned proved completely useless. However, Yi Yun had just waltzed through the spatial dimension laws and managed to pluck the tree's fruit easily. What was the reason!?

Everyone found it unbelievable, and by then, the spatial teleportation array beneath Yi Yun's feet was ready. He had acted in an entirely composed manner, as though he had expected everything would unfold exactly like this. He was in complete control of the situation.

"Everyone, is anyone still hoping to attack me? If not, I'll be leaving," said Yi Yun with a smile.

He looked at Li Fire Divine Lord and Xing Yu Divine Lord. They were alarmed for they had lost complete control of the situation. Yi Yun's smile made them gnash their teeth in hate. Li Fire Divine Lord never expected that the ant he had never thought anything of would smack him in the face so ruthlessly.

"Junior, it looks like I underestimated you. You hid well while in my White Lunar Divine Empire," said Xing Yu Divine Lord with a heavy look.

Di Rong remained silent by the side, but the way he looked at Yi Yun was filled with alarm. Despite Yi Yun's strength, he had been ostracized by the Scarlet Yang continent. Even ten Lie Rikongs were inferior to Yi Yun.

"Punk, this ancient battlefield will continue for a few more decades. So mark my words!" Li Fire Divine Lord's voice sounded cold, like it had come from a deep chasm. His eyes were staring intently at Yi Yun, as if hoping to use his burning rage to roast Yi Yun alive.

"A few decades? That's probably all you have left to live."

As Yi Yun spoke, the spatial teleportation array fully activated. In a dazzling flash of a blue beam, Yi Yun vanished.

As everyone looked at the lonely tree situated in the middle of the River of the Netherworld, and the few leaves it had left on it, they all felt like that had just experienced a dream. There was complete silence. The three Divine Lords had enlisted the help of everyone but their efforts were all for naught. Yi Yun had easily stolen away with the fruit. Even after it was all over, they still had no idea how Yi Yun had succeeded in doing so.

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