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As he advanced through the Divine Perish Hall, Yi Yun suddenly felt extreme danger. Without a thought, he drew Mirage Snow.


A ear-piercing sound boomed as Yi Yun felt that his sword flash had fended off something in mid-air.

Whatever it was, it was invisible and formless but exuded an extremely powerful killing intent. Yi Yun even felt the killing intent infiltrate his meridians. It felt like a needle had stabbed into him.

An aura of decimation?

Yi Yun's brows p.r.i.c.ked up. For a warrior without his keen perception and considerable strength, such a powerful decimation aura would have destroyed their weapons and sliced through their bodies, grinding them to pieces.

The killing aura's might was just too powerful. How did it appear so suddenly?

Yi Yun was puzzled. Even if an unimaginable battle between experts happened in the ancient battlefield, that had to be something that occurred billions of years ago. No matter how powerful the killing aura was back then, it should have long dissipated by now.

The strength of the killing aura was still capable of threatening his life, as though it had never weakened despite the long pa.s.sage of time.

A baffled Yi Yun pondered for a moment before he took out a bronze token that suffused red light.

The bronze token was the item he had obtained in the Divine Perish Hall.

Before Yi Yun entered the ancient battlefield, he had bought a Decimation Token from a warrior from another faction.

The Decimation Token had exchanged hands among warriors of several major factions over the years but no one ever managed to figure out its secrets.

And in the Divine Perish Hall's pa.s.sageway, Yi Yun obtained a second token. It was similar to the one he bought but there were slight differences as well.

Decimation Tokens…

Yi Yun had guessed that the killing aura that permeated the ancient battlefield was just like the one contained in the Decimation Token. It was a law of the world he was in. It existed in the way the Heavenly Dao did. If it was a law of the world, the rules would not change as long as the world remained in existence.

If this world had to do with the mysterious person that created the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, it meant that the world must be related to the Dao of Major Destruction.

And decimation is an aspect of destruction. Decimation, by definition, is the destruction of life.

As Yi Yun considered the possibilities, he sensed an intense blast of Essence Qi surging towards him. He looked up, and he vaguely made out billowing Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes in the horizon that soared into the sky.

Oh? What is this?

Yi Yun's heart stirred as he flew towards it with a flash!

Yi Yun was not the only one. Many warriors in the Divine Perish Hall had sensed the existence of the Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes as well.

However, the fumes were located deep within the Divine Perish Hall. The dangers that lurked everywhere in the hall made many people hesitate. Seeking the Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes would no doubt mean getting entangled in a life-or-death struggle.

Some did not even dare head for it. Others encountered dangerous situations and perished on the way there.

Of course, there were some experts in the Divine Perish Hall that ignored the distance. Di Rong was no doubt one of them.

He was only slightly slower than Li Fire Divine Lord as he rushed to the valley where the River of the Netherworld was.

He instantly saw the tiny tree that grew amid the fountain waters, as well as Li Fire Divine Lord, his other disciples, and Wan Qing.

"Di Rong?"

Li Fire Divine Lord knitted his brows. Di Rong had arrived just minutes after he discovered the tiny tree.

More than ten White Lunar Divine Empire warriors accompanied Di Rong. They were mostly core disciples of the White Lunar Divine Empire. One of them was a middle-aged scholar dressed in an azure-colored gown. His arrival in particular p.r.i.c.ked up Li Fire Divine Lord's brows.

Xing Yu Divine Lord!

He knew Xing Yu Divine Lord. Di Rong alone was naturally considered weak compared to Li Fire Divine Lord due to his age. Li Fire Divine Lord showed no apprehension towards him but the arrival of Xing Yu Divine Lord made things different.

"This is!" Xing Yu Divine Lord looked at the tiny tree as a glint flashed in his eyes.

The tree was only about the height of a person. Its trunk was contorted in shape and it looked shriveled, as though it was lacking water. Its bark looked like it had been sun-dried for years. It had few branches and only a handful of leaves hanging from them.

One noteworthy aspect of the tree was that every leaf was of a different shape. And among the leaves, a fist-sized fruit grew.

The fruit looked like a heart and even throbbed gently. It seemed to have a life of its own. A powerful lifeblood force came from the fruit.

For a tiny tree to grow in such a land of death but appear to be unaffected by the pa.s.sage of time meant that it either had infinite life or that it had become immune to the effects of the Netherworld water. But most astounding of all was that such a land of death could produce such a tree that contained the pure, br.i.m.m.i.n.g exuberance of life. It was truly unbelievable.

"This fruit must be a rare treasure of nature. It's the cherished treasure of that tiny tree." Di Rong could not hide his excitement.

"Hehe, Daoist Xing Yu, Di Rong, what a coincidence. I just came here to pluck this treasure and here you are. You sure were fast!" Li Fire Divine Lord said nonchalantly.

"Daoist Li Fire, weren't you faster? Since you arrived first, what are you waiting for? This tree suffuses such billowing Essence Qi. I believe it will attract many people here. If too many people come, no one will obtain the treasure without a b.l.o.o.d.y battle." said Xing Yu Divine Lord with a smile.

Li Fire Di Rong chuckled loudly. "I share the same sentiments. Since you are aware that many people are rushing here to take this fruit, why aren't you doing a thing? If you vie for the treasure through the combined efforts of you and Martial-nephew Di Rong, I would not be your match either. All I could do is watch you leave with the treasure."

"Hahahaha!" Xing Yu Divine Lord laughed boisterously. He obviously could tell that there was something wrong with the tree. Plucking the fruit recklessly would definitely spell doom.

The tree had been baptized by the River of the Netherworld but that did not mean that they could withstand the ma.s.sive pool of Netherworld water. It was definitely possible that anyone who attempted an approach would be reduced to bone!

The Great Cosmic State and the White Lunar Divine Empire could only exchange biting remarks. They both knew that the other party was not foolish. Neither side would willingly volunteer to test it out for the other.

Therefore, the situation was at an impa.s.se. Both Xing Yu Divine Lord's and Li Fire Divine Lord's factions chose inaction.

And with the pa.s.sage of time, more and more people arrived.

"Oh? Another Divine Lord is here."

Just as Li Fire Divine Lord turned to look at the horizon, his attention skipped over the Divine Lord and instead focused on a figure appearing on the horizon.

Unlike everyone else, the figure had come alone. When he flew over, Wan Qing's eyes widened.

Yi Yun!

That punk had managed to come all this way!

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