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From the way the youth spoke, Yi Yun knew he came from the Magnificent Heaven. He got the general idea that the Magnificent Heaven was a Great World in the Sinkhole. And all the factions in that Great World formed an alliance known as Magnificent Heaven.

As a mighty faction that was in no way inferior to the White Lunar Divine Empire, Yi Yun knew that the genius he just chased out was backed by a Divine Lord expert. There was bound to be some trouble as a result. It was only logical. There was no way he could kill everyone he encountered in the pa.s.sageway.

As such, he ignored the youth, turned around, and walked into the inner sanctum of the Divine Perish Hall.

The moment he entered, the scene changed abruptly. Yi Yun saw a luxuriant gra.s.s plain under thick clouds in the sky. They looked like dark clouds that had been coalescing for tens of thousands of years. It was so dark and heavy that the clouds were probably about to release their load.

"The smell of blood?"

Yi Yun closed his eyes to better focus on the area. Someone had died recently in the vicinity but there was no corpse to be seen. He could not determine the cause of death since there were no remains.

"The teleportation token is no longer effective."

Yi Yun took out his teleportation token and saw that it had already dimmed, having lost its power. Yi Yun knew that the spatial laws of the world he was in was sealed off from the usage of the teleportion array.

He casually crushed the teleportation token to powder. He had no need for it anyway. Since he had come to the ancient battlefield, Yi Yun planned on leaving his name on the World Monolith. Then, he could create one himself. Destroying it would only spur him on.

Yi Yun emanated his psyche perception and realized it was being greatly suppressed. It was now less than ten percent of what it originally was.

Yi Yun did not lower his guard. Instead, he turned even more alert as he walked towards the inner sanctums of the Divine Perish Hall.

About tens of thousands of kilometers away, Wan Qing was following Li Fire Divine Lord as they proceeded carefully. By then, they had already encountered bouts of fatal clashes and unending peril.

Aside from Wan Qing, there were about a dozen youths from the Wan family that followed Li Fire Divine Lord. But now, they only had about half that number.

Wan Qing was deeply regretting his choice. If he knew such an outcome would befall them, he would not have followed Li Fire Divine Lord as he stormed into the Divine Perish Hall because of his indignation. He was beginning to think he should not have even come to the ancient battlefield.

The ancient battlefield was highly recommended by many because of the existence of teleportation tokens. It allowed one to go all-out for opportunities in a low-risk environment. But now, they had experienced so many encounters that pushed them to the borders of life and death, with not a single benefit to be seen in the Divine Perish Hall. They might have even been all wiped out if not for Li Fire Divine Lord. He had managed to fend off most of the danger.

"Wait! Don't walk there!"

As Wan Qing wallowed in his regret, he suddenly heard Li Fire Divine Lord shout. Wan Qing froze in fear as he instinctively took a huge step back.

He widened his eyes and saw that just ahead of him was a mudflat. It looked like mud that resulted from a rainy day but the color was even more greenish-yellow.

Apart from Wan Qing, there was another youth walking ahead of him. He was a few steps ahead and in fact, Li Fire Divine Lord was not shouting to warn Wan Qing but the youth.

However, the youth seemed to be spellbound. He stood in front of the mudflat in a daze, motionless.

"Senior Brother w.a.n.g, are… are you alright?"

A young girl behind him asked, her voice trembling. The combination of Li Fire Divine Lord's warning and Senior Brother w.a.n.g's strange posture made her feel a sense of foreboding.

As though he had heard her voice, Senior Brother w.a.n.g finally moved. He tottered his body around, but his appearance drained the color from the girl's face.

Senior Brother w.a.n.g seemed to experience millions of years the instant he turned around. His face was now covered in wrinkles and his turbid eyes were mostly covered by his shriveled eyelids. His hair had turned white and clumps were falling out. Following that, his teeth decayed and fell out. Finally, as though his spine had vanished, he slumped straight to the ground.

He had not died and was, in fact, still conscious. He looked at the girl in front of him in pain. He had feelings for her, but now…

"Senior Brother w.a.n.g, Senior Brother w.a.n.g…" The girl was appalled.

"Netherworld water…" Li Fire Divine Lord drew a gasp. The River of Forgetfulness, one of the twelve legendary Fey G.o.ds, was the combination of two tributaries. One was the River of Forgetfulness and the other was the River of the Netherworld.

The River of Forgetfulness's water could slow down the pa.s.sage of time, allowing a person to hold on to youthfulness and life. But the River of the Netherworld was the exact opposite. It would quickly pare away a person's life and, since destruction was all too easy, the Netherworld water's effects far exceeded those of the River of Forgetfulness. Just a drop was enough to age a person considerably, snuffing out their vital flames."

"He can't be saved. The few years he has left in him will only bring pain." Li Fire Divine Lord sighed as he shot out Sword Qi. It struck Senior Brother w.a.n.g's glabella. His body jolted gently before his eyes lost the last bit of l.u.s.ter that was left in them.

Upon seeing this scene, Wan Qing's back broke out into cold sweat. If he had taken a few more steps forward, he would have shared the same outcome!

"Let's go." Li Fire Divine Lord casually tossed a fireball to cremate Senior Brother w.a.n.g's corpse. He continued forward before suddenly coming to a halt.

He saw what seemed like billowing Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes surging into the sky far away.

The Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes contained horrifying lifeblood powers. Despite the great distance, it was still able to stir all of Li Fire Divine Lord's lifeblood.

This is…

Li Fire Divine Lord's eyes lit up.

There was something seemingly impressive over there!

"Master, that is…"

A white-robed man beside Li Fire Divine Lord felt his heart palpitate as well. He felt that it was a possible opportunity!

"Let's go take a look. Perhaps there's something good!"

A glint flashed in Li Fire Divine Lord's eyes. He was no longer young; therefore, it was difficult for him to leave his name on the World Monolith due to its rules. However, he was not barred from receiving any opportunities. And since his strength far exceeded that of the young disciples, he held a distinct advantage when vying for them.

This was also the reason why many Divine Lords went to the ancient battlefield.

Due to the dangers they had already encountered, the group proceeded carefully towards the Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes. The distance of fifty kilometers took them two full hours to cross.

When they circled around a mountain, they finally saw the spot where the Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes originated. It left them astounded.

"How could this be…"

Li Fire Divine Lord narrowed his eyes. He saw a fountain source with water spewing out of it. And the water was turbid and greenish-yellow. It effused an indescribable aura of death.

Netherworld water!

Li Fire Divine Lord could determine that the fountain's source was a pool of Netherworld water.

And in the middle of the fountain's source was a plot of land with black sand. Above it grew a tiny tree.

The Essence Qi Apocalyptic Fumes that resonated with his bloodline came from this tiny tree!

The Netherworld water which could quickly erode life or even rot a world was actually capable of nurturing a tiny tree that suffused such terrifying lifeblood powers?

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