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It was time. All the geniuses of the major factions in the Sinkhole were gathered together. And right in front of them was a large, desolate piece of land.

It was the true city entrance of Ancient Ruins City. When Yi Yun looked forward, he saw the horizon reach out endlessly but nothing else. The ancient battlefield was in such a place?

Suddenly, people from the other factions began moving. They constantly split up into groups comprising of hundreds or slightly more than a thousand people. The smallest group had about a hundred or two hundred people. And on the White Lunar Divine Empire's side, the towering man who had previously instructed them to enter the city came forward once again. "The ancient battlefield is about to open soon. Form your own teams."

People from the White Lunar Divine Empire immediately began to move around. Yi Yun soon discovered that the formation of teams was in fact the formation of teams among the seven continents. The seven continents were also competing in a way, so it was very common to form such teams.

"There are opportunities everywhere in the ancient battlefield but there are also dangers that can prove fatal everywhere. Even without that, everyone is free to engage in mindless slaughter inside the ancient battlefield. But that is not the point of it. By forming teams, you have a greater chance to traverse the distance from the ancient battlefield's entrance to its interior…" Before the towering man could finish his sentence, he heard a dispute breaking out.

Luoyue stood beside Yi Yun with a contorted expression. She was looking coldly at the beautiful, arrogant woman. "Lie Jiaojiao, what's the meaning of this? Yi Yun is an honorary Elder of our Nanxuan family clan. How can you forbid him from joining the team?"

And standing behind Luoyue were a few Nanxuan family clan disciples.

Lie Jiaojiao giggled. Although there was quite an indescribable young innocence about her, what she said was extremely harsh on the ear. "He's only an itinerant cultivator. Wouldn't his joining only hold our Scarlet Yang continent team back? I am refusing his partic.i.p.ation in the team on behalf of everyone. Besides, the Scarlet Yang continent team is led by my Lie family. If I do not wish him in our team, is he going to be shameless enough to cling to us anyway?"

"Lie Jiaojiao, you are going too far! Do you really think my Nanxuan family clan is that easily bullied?" A formidable aura blasted out from Luoyue's body as she glared angrily at Lie Jiaojiao.

"Hmph!" Another aura blasted out from Lie Jiaojiao. She was in no way inferior to Luoyue.

"I'm going too far? Do you not know that there's a bounty on his head from the Martial Numinous clan? By bringing him around, we risk their pursuit. Are we going to help him ward them off? If that isn't him holding us back, what is?"

The two beauties were at odds with each other, seemingly due to a young man beside them. This scene attracted the attention of many people. Even people from the other major factions looked over curiously.

"Lie Jiaojiao, you actually made a breakthrough." Luoyue's expression turned ugly. She remembered that Lie Jiaojiao's cultivation level was originally inferior to hers but as her Dao Palace had always been unstable, she was naturally overtaken by Lie Jiaojiao. After all, it took enough effort just to ensure that her cultivation level did not regress.

"Miss…" A Nanxuan family clan disciple said, clearly in a difficult position. They could tell that Lie Jiaojiao was not planning on yielding. Furthermore, Lie Jiaojiao had Lie Rikong backing her. Although Lie Rikong did not speak a word, no one could ignore his existence.

Luoyue immediately glared at him. "What do you want to say? How can our Nanxuan family clan be people who fear the strong and bully the weak? Besides, I'm indebted to Senior Brother Yi, while Lie Jiaojiao is doing this only to spite me…"

Before Luoyue finished her sentence, Yi Yun waved his hand and said, "Luoyue, join the team without me. I'll just continue watching."

At that moment, many people understood that the Scarlet Yang continent team was not allowing the man named Yi Yun to join them.

And at that moment, Luoyue bit her lips and looked at the other teams of the White Lunar Divine Empire. "Which team is willing to accept my Nanxuan family clan?"

Just as her voice faded, the Nanxuan family clan disciple beside her said anxiously, "Miss, that won't do. Our Nanxuan family clan is deeply intertwined with the Scarlet Yang continent. How can we join another team right at the start? It would make things difficult for Patriarch. After we finish, how would the Nanxuan family clan be able to continue establishing itself in the Scarlet Yang continent?"

Upon hearing this, Luoyue felt overwhelmed by helplessness. She could handle the consequences of her actions but indeed, she also implicated the Nanxuan family clan…

Yi Yun smiled and said, "Luoyue, there's no need to worry about me."

"Senior Brother Yi, since she forbids you from joining, we can form a team ourselves…" Luoyue gritted her teeth, apparently making up her mind. She might not be able to join the teams of the other continents but she could leave the Scarlet Yang continent's team and fend for herself.

"That won't do. Let's put this matter to rest. I absolutely do not agree to you leaving your clan." Yi Yun rejected her proposal immediately.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's declaration, Lie Jiaojiao snorted coldly as she revealed a look of disappointment. She had targeted Yi Yun naturally to teach him a lesson. At the same time, she could force Nanxuan Luoyue away. She knew Nanxuan Luoyue's character very well after all. However, she never expected an itinerant cultivator like Yi Yun to have a spine. He was unwilling to let Nanxuan Luoyue take risks because of him.

Yi Yun looked at his surroundings. He had a vendetta with the Martial Numinous clan so it was obviously impossible for them to invite him. Instead, they were looking at him with gloating looks. The Hongyu Continent, which Wan Qing was from, would also not invite him.

Although there were people from the remaining continents that wished to speak out, they were stopped by the people beside them. Clearly, many people knew of the bounty the Martial Numinous clan had put on Yi Yun's head. Now that he was at odds with the Scarlet Yang continent, it was natural that no one was willing to offend two continents on his account.

As for the top geniuses that had absolute authority on such matters, they were completely ignoring the debate.

Instantly, Yi Yun appeared somewhat lonely amid the crowd. However, he did not wallow in pity at all. Instead, the way he looked at the crowd felt as though they did not even share the same s.p.a.ce-time dimension.

Yi Yun asked, "Luoyue, do you have more detailed information on the Ancient Ruins world? I wish to take a look."

Luoyue took out a jade slip and handed it to Yi Yun. "This is the information our Nanxuan family clan has gathered over the years. It's yours."

Following that, she hesitated before adding, "Senior Brother Yi, I can offer some help and I believe someone will…"

"There's no need." Yi Yun rejected her offer once again. Following that, she smiled at her. "Thank you."

Upon seeing Yi Yun's smile, the depressed Luoyue also turned more cheerful.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud booms sounded. Sand suddenly stirred in what was formerly an empty desolate wilderness. And amid the sandstorm, an extremely majestic stone door that was so tall it seemed to prop up the sky appeared. And from within the stone door came a solemn and primordial aura. There were even series of sounds that sounded like the clash of iron and mud in a battlefield.

The ancient battlefield had opened!

"So this is how the real ancient battlefield appears." Upon seeing the ma.s.sive ancient battlefield entrance, emotions surged through Yi Yun immediately. It was time to challenge himself and see how far he could go.

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