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The Martial Numinous clan's bounty was publicized in the Heaven Secrets Tower. Apart from the Martial Numinous clan disciples, many disciples of the other factions had seen it as well. For a large faction to offer such a high price to capture a Supremacy was truly a relatively rare sight. Instantly, even more gazes landed on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had expected such intense scrutinization so he made it a point to show no reaction. When Nanxuan Luoyue saw Yi Yun looking so composed, she could not help but warn him, "Mr. Yi, in the ancient battlefield, even fellow members of the White Lunar Divine Empire can attack one another. When it comes to the ancient battlefield, people only care about who eventually wins. The outcome of others, be it life or death, means nothing to people."

"I know." Yi Yun nodded. Since he had chosen to come to the ancient battlefield, he naturally understand its rules.

"Okay." Upon seeing Yi Yun's calm expression, Nanxuan Luoyue was unsure how much Yi Yun had really taken in. She did not believe Yi Yun to be a rash person, but there were just too many top geniuses present. Although she was not one to compare herself to others, she now felt some pressure and discomfort.

And at that moment, s.p.a.ce suddenly tore apart in other spots. Immediately following that, large numbers of figures appeared as beams of light. They landed in another region of the city. They were partic.i.p.ants in the ancient battlefield from other major factions. They did not choose to make contact with the people from the White Lunar Divine Empire.

The moment these figures appeared, the White Lunar Divine Empire crowd revealed looks of either fear or immense fighting spirit. The White Lunar Divine Empire was competing with these other warriors. There were geniuses as well as famous Divine Lords!

"Everyone, we are now entering the Ancient Ruins City. In a few days time, the ancient battlefield will officially open," said a towering man with a look of righteousness.

Yi Yun glanced at him and knew he was an important figure of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Although his talent was inferior to Qing Lin, he was also a Divine Lord!

As a senior, he was naturally well respected by others. The White Lunar Divine Empire warriors followed his instructions and began finding a spot they could rest in.

Yi Yun looked at the circular city, but only when he landed in front of it did he sense the majesty and primitive simplicity coming from the city. Although the buildings were constructed in the Ancient Ruins world by later generations, they were still people with powerful cultivation levels. Yi Yun just needed to sense the thick Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to know that there was a powerful spirit gathering array somewhere there.

The region that housed the White Lunar Divine Empire was inside the Ancient Ruins City. Once there, many geniuses left their temporary quarters in eagerness.

"Senior Brother Yi, we plan on going to the bazaar. Do you want to head there?" Luoyue came to Yi Yun's room and knocked on his door.

After Yi Yun was recognized, he restored his true looks. Luoyue was surprised by Yi Yun's youthful appearance but also wondered if he had consumed any divine medicine like Youth Retention Pills. She was unable to tell Yi Yun's actual age but it changed the way she addressed him to senior brother.

"Bazaar?" Yi Yun was somewhat puzzled.

"Yea. This is a very rare occasion where all the major factions in the Sinkhole gather together. Therefore, some people will take advantage of it to offer their items for sale. There are also those that stay here who might peddle the items they obtained from the area to outsiders like us. The ancient battlefield has many good items after all," explained Luoyue.

"Then, let's pay this bazaar a visit," said Yi Yun immediately with a nod.

On the way, Yi Yun asked out of curiosity, "Wouldn't those people that have stayed in the Ancient Ruins world for more than ten thousand years have found many of the good items?" There was another point he didn't say. If these people were constantly scouring the area for more than ten thousand years, it was possible that the good items had already been taken away.

Luoyue smiled. "That's not the case. As you heard, the ancient battlefield will open only in three days…"

Yi Yun instantly understood. Although these people did stay in the Ancient Ruins world, the ancient battlefield itself remained in a closed state most of the time. And the good items were basically all inside the ancient battlefield.

Soon, Luoyue and Yi Yun came to the bazaar. But instead of a bazaar, it was more like a yard sale. Many geniuses that had entered the Ancient Ruins world were browsing casually.

The stalls had many rare and strange objects but Yi Yun did not see anything of true value. He did not see anyone who had remained in the Ancient Ruins world. He guessed that they were cultivation fanatics and would not join in the buzz of outsiders. From the looks of it, the rumors could not be believed.

Thankfully, being the beloved daughter of the Nanxuan family clan, Luoyue knew a lot about the White Lunar Divine Empire, Ancient Ruins world, and even the Sinkhole. They had a happy conversation along the way.

At one point, there was a din coming from up ahead. Yi Yun heard exclamations, "It appears to be Young G.o.ddess of the Nethersky Divine World."

"It's really her. Rumors say that she's only about three hundred years old and she already has a cultivation level of Supremacy…"

"The other person looks like Young Master Yue w.a.n.gjian…"

Nethersky Divine World? Yi Yun had not heard of that world before. But for Young G.o.ddess to become a Supremacy around three hundred years of age surprised Yi Yun. Such talent was truly astounding.

"Senior Brother Yi, the Nethersky Divine World is a mysterious Great World. Perhaps it might be a G.o.dly Monarch faction. Rumors have it that Young G.o.ddess made her public appearance about a century ago. She immediately astounded the ma.s.ses. I never expected her to come to the ancient battlefield this time. As for Young Master Yue w.a.n.gjian, he is a famous genius of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate," explained Luoyue.

A top genius of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate… Yi Yun looked over and saw a stunning beauty with a divine aura lingering around her. She was slowly walking over but her feet did not touch the ground. Instead, it was like she danced across thin air, each step seemingly following the intricacies of a law.

Luoyue was already extremely beautiful but when she saw this new beauty, she immediately felt inferior to Young G.o.ddess.

The beauty ignored the gazes of the onlookers. Beside her was a similarly handsome man. He too had an outstanding bearing. A thin sword was slung across his back and, from time to time, he would speak to Young G.o.ddess with a smile. She would then occasionally nod in response.

The couple's charm left people astounded. Yi Yun could understand why so many people in the bazaar were looking at Young G.o.ddess and Yue w.a.n.gjian. It would be nearly impossible for such an absolute beauty with her mysterious background, as well as Yue w.a.n.gjian's poised bearing like a sword immortal, to not attract the attention of others. Furthermore, they were famous geniuses.

However, Yi Yun stopped looking after his initial glance. This was because he was more attracted to an item on a stall not far from him.

"This is…" Yi Yun arrived in front of the stall in a few steps. He picked up what looked like a plain old piece of sc.r.a.p metal.

It even had rust stains on it. It looked even worse than sc.r.a.p iron but Yi Yun felt his heart jolt when his eyes swept across it.

When it was in his hand, Yi Yun felt an extremely keen killing intent surge at him. It left him stifled, as though what he held was not metal but a peerless item of death. However, the feeling instantly vanished and the metal piece looked insignificant once again.

Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised as he immediately asked, "Sir, how much is this metal piece?"

The warrior that had set up the store was still gazing at Young G.o.ddess with an astounded expression. He did not even realize Yi Yun was asking him a question. "Ah? Oh…" However, his eyes were still fixated on Young G.o.ddess. He did not even bother with Yi Yun.

"Sir, I'm asking you how much this is." Yi Yun felt a little speechless. If the piece of metal had not caught his interest, he would have thrown it and left. What sort of businessman was the stall owner?

The warrior's attention finally came back onto his business. When he saw that Yi Yun had asked for the price of the metal piece, his eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. However, he calmed down and said, "That is no metal piece but a token. If you want it, hand over fifty million mid-grade Spirit Jade."

"Fifty million mid-grade Spirit Jade?" Luoyue's eyes widened. She almost blurted out her surprise at how ridiculous the price of a piece of sc.r.a.p metal was.

Upon hearing Luoyue's words, the warrior said impatiently, "If you want to buy it, pay for it. If not, put it down. This token is very rare. There are probably only three or four of them in the entire ancient battlefield. Not a single one can be found now and I have the only one. That which is rare is dear, much less a great treasure like this."

Upon hearing the warrior's words, many surrounding stall owners, and even warriors that pa.s.sed by, gave a look of contempt.

The shocked expression of the warrior, as well as the looks the surrounding people had were seen by Yi Yun. He knew that the warrior was likely gorging him on the price. He immediately went to haggle, "I'll take if for thirty million."

"Deal." The warrior immediately threw the metal piece to Yi Yun, as though he was afraid Yi Yun would regret on his offer.

Upon seeing the warrior's action, it was apparent to Yi Yun that the price of thirty million was still much higher than its actual worth. However, he did not go back on the price he offered. Besides, the metal token did intrigue him.

The warrior was clearly in a good mood after making the deal with Yi Yun. He closed his shop and immediately left after storing away his items.

In fact, he knew that the people here were all geniuses of large sects from divine empires. Just a random throw of a stone into the crowd would strike a few people with powerful backgrounds. Although he had also managed to make his way to the ancient battlefield, his talent was only considered average compared to all the geniuses. He could not afford to offend the top geniuses, so he decided to leave immediately.

However, he came to a realization only after walking a distance away. If Yi Yun was a genius with a powerful background, he would likely know the origins of the token. However, the young warrior apparently knew nothing. He felt at ease and worried about it no more.

A stall owner could not help but comment, "My friend, you got swindled by that Gongyang Guang…"

When Yi Yun saw the surrounding crowd regard him with looks of pity, he immediately smiled and cupped his hands. He asked, "My friend, might I know the origins of this token?"

He had planned on asking Gongyang Guang but he never expected him to escape faster than a hare.

"From the looks of it, you do not know what the token is. However, he did not lie to you. The item is indeed rare. Furthermore, it was in great demand in the past. But now, no one wants it," said the stall owner with a shake of his head.

Only then did Luoyue realize what had happened. She said to Yi Yun with a sullen expression, "Senior Brother Yi, I know what it is. It's a Decimation Token from the ancient battlefield. Rumors say that it absorbs the decimation auras of the ancient battlefield. When they were first discovered, it caused quite a bloodbath as people vied for them. Later on, many geniuses spent huge amounts of money buying them to use them in the ancient battlefield. But no matter how powerful the person, no one has been able to trigger it, much less absorb the decimation aura in it…"

"What she said is right. Over time, people began to lose interest in the few Decimation Tokens. What were once treasures are now all lost. It's unknown how Gongyang Guang managed to obtain one. I guess he just put it up for sale to try his luck," added the stall owner.

He never expected that someone who had come to the ancient battlefield like Yi Yun would be such an ignoramus. He had already been scammed before even heading to the actual battlefield.

"That shameless Gongyang Guang…" said Luoyue peeved.

"It's fine." Yi Yun nodded back at the stall owner. "Thank you for enlightening me."

He held the metal token but did not feel affected by what he heard. A useless token?

Yi Yun did not know that the token was used to gather decimation aura but he could clearly sense through the Purple Crystal that the token was absolutely extraordinary. Its value was definitely more than thirty million mid-grade Spirit Jade. And as Luoyue mentioned, it had once been something vied for by geniuses on the ancient battlefield.

Of course, Yi Yun did not believe that he would immediately figure out the token when so many geniuses had attempted and failed. However, he could slowly study it using the Purple Crystal.

"What are those people ahead looking at?" The handsome man beside Young G.o.ddess suddenly asked a pa.s.serby.

Yue w.a.n.gjian was only asking in pa.s.sing. Young G.o.ddess had been in the Nethersky Divine World all this while and had only challenged several famous geniuses a hundred years ago. She did not know much of the world outside. He had been recounting to her interesting stories of the Ancient Ruins City and the ancient battlefield but she showed no interest. Just as he was growing bored, he saw people looking at something ahead of them, so he asked a random person casually.

The person he asked happened to be a woman. When the woman heard Yue w.a.n.gjian suddenly ask her a question, she instantly burst into a look of pleasant surprise. She immediately answered, "I heard someone bought a Decimation Token but that is something no one buys nowadays…"

Before the woman finished her sentence, Yue w.a.n.gjian gestured for her to leave. He originally believed that it would be something interesting that he could use as a conversation starter with Young G.o.ddess. The woman lowered her head in disappointment but did not dare say another word. She quickly made way for the beautiful couple. However, she immediately walked towards her companions with a beaming smile. She recounted to them her lucky encounter with Yue w.a.n.gjian.

Yue w.a.n.gjian knew that Young G.o.ddess had heard his conversation with the woman but she did not mention a word about it. Indeed, she lacked interest in it.

After Yi Yun obtained the Decimation Token, his interest in the bazaar increased greatly. However, after circling it once, he did not find anything else that caught his interest. Although some of the items were good, they were being offered at obscenely high prices. Furthermore, Yi Yun was about to enter the ancient battlefield soon. He naturally wouldn't be foolish enough to buy tons of items from his future opponents. He could decide what he really needed after entering the ancient battlefield.

Three days pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye. Soon, the moment of the ancient battlefield's opening had arrived…

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