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"What did you just say? Did you say that it's pointless to leave a name on the World Monolith for a few centuries? Do you think you have what it takes to leave your name for eons? Name yourself. I'll look for your name on the World Monolith when the ancient battlefield is sealed."

A young man looked at Yi Yun as though he was a lunatic. Those that could leave their names on the World Monolith would become famous throughout the empire even if the engraved name was only the size of a fist. No matter the size, it was a surprisingly auspicious event. Yet, the person in question found it pointless to leave a name for a few centuries. It was truly shameless boasting.

However, he saw Luoyue standing beside Yi Yun and came to a realization. Yi Yun was definitely making a bold proclamation to flaunt himself in front of the beautiful girl. Having come to this conclusion, the youth felt even more contempt for Yi Yun. It was preposterous that a person with such base thoughts could enter the ancient battlefield.

Yi Yun looked up to glance at the speaking youth. In fact, he was just casually airing his thoughts. He knew that what he said sounded a little arrogant but he was naturally displeased that the youth had immediately launched into mockery.

"There's no need for you to worry if I'm able to leave my name for eons. But with your strength, you are definitely not going to leave your name for all eternity."

Yi Yun spoke the truth. The person was only ranked slightly above average among the White Lunar Divine Empire's seventy-two hundred partic.i.p.ants. How would it be possible for him to leave his name on the World Monolith?


Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the youth looked at Yi Yun coldly. He came from a stunning background and few people around him dared to slight him. Now, he was being mocked in public by Yi Yun.

"Who is this person?" asked the young man with a deep voice.

"He's apparently an itinerant cultivator from the Scarlet Yang continent," said a person beside him.

"I see," said the youth lightly. Many people had heard the exchange. They recognized the youth to be Wan Qing from the Wan family of the Hongyu Continent. He was known to seek revenge for the slightest grievance and always held grudges. Furthermore, he loved to speak sarcastically. To put it simply, he was the type that expected the right to offend others but would never let anyone offend him.

Upon seeing Yi Yun offend Wan Qing, many people looked on with amus.e.m.e.nt. The Wan family was powerful and Wan Qing would definitely seek revenge.

"Sir, you must not say that. There are very few people that actually manage to leave their names on the World Monolith," whispered Luoyue immediately. "For the past millennia, only six people from the White Lunar Divine Empire have left their names. Those that leave their names above the clouds are King Mountainriver and Fairy Xintong."

"King Mountainriver?"

Yi Yun's brows p.r.i.c.ked up when he heard the name. Who was he?

Before Luoyue could give an answer, someone said, "Lord King Mountainriver, Bai Shanhe, left his name on the World Monolith twenty-eight hundred years ago. He has been ranked alongside Fairy Lin Xintong as the other half of the twin powerhouses. If not for the two of them, our White Lunar Divine Empire might be looked down upon by other factions." The man who spoke clearly adored Bai Shanhe and Lin Xintong.

So it's him…

Yi Yun's heart stirred. He remembered back to the Myriad G.o.d Ridge. There he encountered an unlucky fool that had apparently been deemed successor to the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch, only to be used as a princ.i.p.al herb. That man once mentioned his name as Bai Shanhe.

That unlucky fool bragged that he came from the White Lunar Divine Empire and the best geniuses of the White Lunar Divine Empire were White Lunar G.o.ddess Empress's personal disciple, Lin Xintong and Bai Shanhe, the adopted son of the White Lunar G.o.ddess Empress.

Speaking of which, why did Bai Yueyin adopt a son?

"Bai Shanhe… Lin Xintong. Their names…"

Yi Yun swept his gaze across the stone monolith. He had not paid the names too much attention when he first saw them. Now, he peered high into the clouds. As the strong winds blew, the clouds above the World Monolith gradually revealed a corner. Yi Yun then saw the faint characters in large font—Bai Shanhe.

The three characters were each written with great flair. Each stroke appeared to be formed from a supreme blade, filled with an imposing keenness.

The text… was probably twenty feet long. Each of the three characters could fill a side of the wall themselves, making them much larger than any of the other names he had seen.

Yi Yun wasn't the only one. Many people also looked up to take in Bai Shanhe's name. Some were even seeking Lin Xintong's name in the clouds.

Yi Yun searched for it too, but he suddenly noticed a gaze observing him in secret.


Yi Yun turned his head and saw that the person looking at him was a girl dressed in green. She was none other than the Martial Numinous clan's Song Rainsong!

Yi Yun was taken aback. He suddenly recalled that Song Rainsong had the ability to sense the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's aura.

Yi Yun remembered that back at the Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, he had aroused Song Rainsong's suspicions due to this aura. Later, her guess was validated. Now she was even more certain of that familiar feeling.

Therefore, when Yi Yun became the center of attention due to his 'arrogant' words, Song Rainsong noticed him.

Upon seeing Yi Yun look over, Song Rainsong did not even bother hiding her intentions. She asked him directly, "Friend, why didn't you say your name when that person asked for it?"

Song Rainsong was already ninety-percent certain that the scholar that looked to be in his thirties was really Yi Yun!

With Song Rainsong raising the question, people who stopped paying any attention to Yi Yun cast their gazes back at him. Wan Qing, who had asked for Yi Yun's name, also glanced at Yi Yun with a sneer. He wanted to know his name, allowing him to target him better.

From beside Yi Yun, Luoyue gave him a perplexed glance. She had known him for a year but did not know his name.

Yi Yun grinned. He was already at the point of entering the ancient battlefield. There was no longer a need to hide his name since he planned to leave it on the World Monolith.

Yi Yun was completely unconcerned with the Martial Numinous clan's desire for revenge. This was because cultivation levels above the Supremacy realm were suppressed in the ancient battlefield. And Divine Lords suffered an even greater suppression. Under such circ.u.mstances, Yi Yun had no fear towards the Martial Numinous clan.

Yi Yun said, "My name isn't anything special. My surname is Yi and my name is Yun."

"Yi Yun!" Song Rainsong glared at him with a cold glint flickering in her eyes. "It's indeed you!"

Haogu, who was standing beside Song Rainsong, instantly reacted. He looked at Yi Yun with burning eyes.

"Yi Yun, you actually dare to appear here. Good! Very good!"

A year ago, he had suffered the greatest humiliation in his life when he was taken away by Yi Yun as a hostage. Then, the Martial Numinous clan had placed a bounty on Yi Yun but with no success. He never expected he would see Yi Yun a year later in the ancient battlefield.

There were many Martial Numinous clan disciples around Haogu and Song Rainsong. They naturally knew of the grudge between Yi Yun and the Martial Numinous clan. Although many of the disciples did not personally bear a grudge with Yi Yun, the Martial Numinous clan's bounty rewards were not limited to outsiders. Clansmen were still eligible for the rewards. Instantly, all of them looked at Yi Yun with a strange glint in their eyes.

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