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Among the White Lunar Divine Empire disciples, Yi Yun saw two familiar faces—Song Rainsong and Haogu from the Martial Numinous clan!

Both of them had officially become White Lunar Divine Empire disciples. They naturally stood above most in the Martial Numinous clan, but grouped together with the numerous disciples of the White Lunar Divine Empire they looked like the most ordinary members. They were hardly noticeable from where they stood.

Only people from the Martial Numinous clan paid them any attention.

And at that moment, a divine beam of light tore through the sky. Like a meteor, it plunged down into the square and landed beside Skyjade.

The beam faded away and everyone saw a young black-robed man with eyes resembling lightning. A tiny black snake coiled around his arm and moved so naturally that it seemed to be part of his body.

"Master, I came back a little late!"

The black-robed man bowed and Skyjade revealed a rare smile. "It's good that you returned in time. You have done very well in recent years."

This simple exchange of words was affirmation of the black-robed man's results while out on experiential training.

"So he is Divine General Skyjade's only disciple, Qinglin!"

"I long guessed his ident.i.ty. That black snake on his arm is a Sky-swallowing Snake. It is an Ancient Fey that Lord Qinglin encountered in his youth; yet despite its rarity, it was willing to be his companion."

To the White Lunar Divine Empire and the people of the Seven Desolates continents, Qinglin's name remained resounding.

For instance, Lin Xintong's position was elevated to extreme heights due to the augmentation of the White Lunar G.o.ddess Empress's t.i.tle. As for Qinglin, he was someone they could feasibly look up to.

Unlike Lin Xintong who seldom appeared in public, Qinglin had issued challenges in his youth and his combat results were stunning.

"Hasn't Lord Qinglin previously partic.i.p.ated in the ancient battlefield? This is his second time?"

"That's right. There is no restriction on the number of times one can enter the ancient battlefield. Lord Qinglin came close to leaving his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith last time but fell short. His stepping into the ancient battlefield once again is probably to make up for that regret."

"Lord Qinglin has already broken through to the Supremacy realm. Is it possible for him to leave his name on the World Monolith?"

"Why not? Breaking through to the Supremacy realm isn't some restriction. The main thing is bone age. Lord Qinglin is a superb genius. His bone age is not even four hundred years old even after all his cultivation!"

An early-stage Supremacy at four hundred years old meant a top cultivation speed when compared to the entirety of the Sinkhole.

"Everyone is here, I believe." After Qinglin arrived, Skyjade spoke. "On this trip to the Ancient Ruins world, I will personally be leading you. There are a total of seventy-two hundred people entering the ancient battlefield. Of those, there are about six thousand people with a bone age below five hundred years!"

"Every time the ancient battlefield opens up, the younger generation will receive the greatest priority. That is because you are the ones that can leave your name on the World Monolith!"

"And in this opening of the Ancient Ruins world, all the mighty factions of the entire Sinkhole will be able to partic.i.p.ate. People of my White Lunar Divine Empire only occupy a tiny fraction. The six thousand of you represent the White Lunar Divine Empire's reputation!"

"The White Lunar Divine Empire is one of the strongest factions in the Sinkhole but we are only listed as such because of the White Lunar G.o.ddess Empress. Not because of you! If we are talking about the younger generation, our White Lunar Divine Empire has Lin Xintong who is famous throughout the Sinkhole but as for all of you… none of you make the cut!"

Skyjade did not mince his words, causing many people to clench their fists. They felt very uncomfortable hearing this rhetoric.

Lin Xintong had already left her name on the World Monolith. No one disputed her strength, but many of them had grown up while being placed on high pedestals from a young age. How could they not feel disgruntled if Divine General Skyjade said that they failed to make the cut without even seeing their performance?

"Heh! It looks like you are disgruntled by what I said? To be frank, I don't think much of you lot. And the ones that are entering together with you are people from the First Beginnings Immortal Gate, Great Cosmic State, and Magnificent Heaven. None of them are run-of-the-mill, especially the First Beginnings Immortal Gate. It has even produced a G.o.dly Monarch successor. If any one of you can create a miracle to prove yourselves to me, I will reward you handsomely!"

When Skyjade said that, everyone drew a cold gasp.

A G.o.dly Monarch successor!

Although many of them were arrogant, they lost their confidence when a G.o.dly Monarch successor was mentioned. The name spoke for itself!

Even Lie Rikong, who was the definition of unbridled and arrogant, no longer spoke a word. Instead, he clenched his fists silently. If one did not reach a higher height, it was impossible to understand how broad the world was. Now, he was jumping out of the White Lunar Divine Empire and standing on the stage of the Sinkhole. He could not help but feel the pressure when compared to those monstrous existences.

Many geniuses were like Lie Rikong. They very much felt the pressure, but they also pumped themselves up, hoping to become famous from this expedition.

"Qinglin! Dirong! Mengyi! My bets are on the three of you. I place great expectations on the three of you. Do not disappoint me!"

After beating down everyone, Skyjade mentioned those three names.

To have your name called out in front of all the White Lunar Divine Empire's geniuses was no doubt an immense honor.

There was no need to further elaborate on Qinglin's pedigree. As for Dirong and Mengyi, Yi Yun traced the gazes of the crowd and saw the duo.

Dirong was about two meters tall and he was fully decked out in combat armor. He had a blood-colored ax the height of a person slung behind him.

As for Mengyi, she was a beautiful girl. A unique trait of hers was the pair of wings she had on her back. They looked like wings made of light, sparkling like stars. They looked like dancing pixies.

Yi Yun gave the winged girl more than a simple look. He saw something very special in her.

"Alright, it's time to set up! All of you have a jade token in your hand. If you face a life-endangering moment, do not hesitate. Shatter the jade token to exit the ancient battlefield. Where's there's life there's hope. But at times, there might not be enough time to shatter the jade token. Perhaps you might encounter people bent on killing you. They might seal the s.p.a.ce before you can escape and, if that happens, good luck!"

As Skyjade spoke, he waved his hand. Yuan Qi gathered from every direction as a huge Yuan Qi cloud formed in the sky.

And moments later, several White Lunar Divine Empire Divine Lords appeared out of nowhere. They joined forces and imbued their Yuan Qi into the Yuan Qi cloud. Shortly after, the sky ripped apart as countless nomological runes formed a seven-colored chain between the White Lunar Divine Empire's square and the rift in the sky. It was the pa.s.sageway into the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield.

"Enter, all of you!"

By the time Skyjade said that, Qinglin, Dirong, and Mengyi had already flown up. Immediately following that, the various disciples of the White Lunar Divine Empire transformed into beams of light and flew towards the spatial rift. Instantly, the spectacular scene of a swarm of people pouring into the rift presented itself.

"Let's go as well!" Nanxuan Luoyue said to Yi Yun.

"Yes." Yi Yun nodded. He transformed into a stream of light and flew towards the ancient battlefield's spatial pa.s.sageway.

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