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At that moment, there was an elder of indeterminate age inside a Nanxuan family clan chamber. He was focusing on refining a weapon.

The elder was the Nanxuan family clan's patriarch—Nanxuan Jue. Although the Nanxuan family clan was powerful, it was not a family clan with deep heritage. It was established by Nanxuan Jue alone.

He was a famous artifact refinement master known throughout the Scarlet Yang continent. The divine weapons he forged were extremely high in quality. Many warriors were willing to pay tremendous amounts of money for his weapons, but were often rejected.

At that moment, a masked elder came to the outside of the chamber. After a moment's hesitation, he pa.s.sed through the restrictive barrier. If this were an ordinary day, he would absolutely not disturb Nanxuan Jue while he was refining an artifact. But today's situation was unique…

Nanxuan Jue frowned slightly when he sensed the sudden intruder. He turned his head and realized it was the Nanxuan family clan's head steward, Lian Yong.

Lian Yong's entire family had once been saved by Nanxuan Jue many years ago. Due to that, he gave his loyal aid to Nanxuan Jue in establishing the Nanxuan family clan. Nanxuan Jue absolutely trusted Lian Yong. Although Lian Yong had the t.i.tle of steward, Nanxuan Jue treated him more like a brother. He knew that Lian Yong would not disturb him unless it was something important.

"Brother Lian, is there something wrong?" asked Nanxuan Jue.

Lian Yong instantly sent a voice transmission, rapidly explaining the encounter with Yi Yun. Nanxuan Jue felt a jolt once he heard the story. "What did you say? Luoyue fused with a drop of blood given to her by an unknown stranger? And she's currently refining it in seclusion?"

"Yes, I have already tried persuading her to no avail. It baffles me why she would trust that person so much."

Nanxuan Jue knitted his brows. He no longer cared about the quality of the artifact he was refining as he stopped the refinement array and walked out the chamber.

Nanxuan Luoyue built a large family clan from nothing. He had offended countless people over the years. If there was someone bent on seeking revenge, it was very likely for them to do it using Nanxuan Luoyue. Lian Yong would usually protect her which allowed him to take his mind off her. However, there was nothing Lian Yong could do if Nanxuan Luoyue acted adamantly.

To the Nanxuan family clan, Nanxuan Luoyue was a beloved daughter. Nanxuan Jue once had a rather accomplished son but he unfortunately perished. He left behind Nanxuan Luoyue, his only daughter. As for Nanxuan Luoyue's mother, Nanxuan Jue had never even seen her.

To Nanxuan Jue's pleasant surprise, Nanxuan Luoyue's talent far exceeded her father's. Therefore, the inheritance of the Nanxuan family clan landed almost squarely on Nanxuan Luoyue. They could not afford for anything to happen to her.

Nanxuan Jue took big strides towards Nanxuan Luoyue's residence and noticed his wife and Nanxuan Luoyue's maidservant waiting outside nervously. Neither of them had disturbed Nanxuan Luoyue.

"How long has it been?" Nanxuan Jue asked. Without waiting for the maidservant's reply, he probed with his perception through the door and looked inside the room.

He saw Nanxuan Luoyue sitting on a bed. Her skin suffused a pale redness as hot gases spewed from her pores. It felt as though the flames of vitality in Nanxuan Luoyue had been alighted.

Hot gases billowed into the air and faintly formed the phantom of a swimming dragon.

Nanxuan Jue was alarmed. This is…

His expression was one of bewilderment. Although he was an artifact refinement master, he did not know much about pills or the human body. He only felt as though a ferocious beast had awakened in Nanxuan Luoyue's body.

But this feeling was fleeting. Moments later, Nanxuan Luoyue stabilized and the dragon phantom dissipated.

Nanxuan Luoyue opened her eyes and breathed out a mouthful of foul air. It was as though her very life had experienced a metamorphic change. But he was unable to determine what it was despite observing her carefully.


Nanxuan Jue pushed open the door and in response, Nanxuan Luoyue turned her head. Her forehead was covered in sweat but she had a faint smile. Her mood seemed buoyant and the lifeblood in her seemed to burn vigorously like a fiery cauldron.

"Yue'er, how do you feel?" Nanxuan Jue asked with concern.

"Grandpa, I feel great. It feels just like the supreme-grade Ancient Fey bone I absorbed years ago."

When Nanxuan Luoyue was young, Nanxuan Jue had bought an Ancient Fey spine bone the size of a face basin from an auction. It had been refined by a famous alchemist, using dozens of supreme-grade herbs for a hundred days. It was invaluable.

After Nanxuan Luoyue absorbed the Ancient Fey bone, her cultivation level increased tremendously. Of course, the Nanxuan family clan paid a sizable sum for the Ancient Fey bone. Nanxuan Jue had used one of his works that he was particularly proud of, one that he had stored away for years, as an exchange for the Ancient Fey bone.

"It's like the absorption of the supreme-grade Ancient Fey bone? There is actually such an effect?" Nanxuan Jue was stunned. How was it possible?

Nanxuan Jue had heard from Lian Yong that Nanxuan Luoyue had only received a drop of blood. It was just a tiny drop of blood, not even the size of a soybean; yet, the effects matched a supreme-grade Ancient Fey bone and dozens of natural treasures that were all refined by a famous alchemist?

Besides, if it were truly such a treasure, why would the man give it to Nanxuan Luoyue for free?

Nanxuan Jue originally believed that an enemy had attempted to harm their Nanxuan family clan's best seedling. But in the end, he had truly given her an invaluable treasure. How could something so bizarre happen?

Nanxuan Jue took a step forward and grabbed Nanxuan Luoyue's wrist. Although he did not know any medical skills, he had been practicing martial arts for years. He knew a little about the body's channels and collaterals.

When he made his probe, he sensed that Nanxuan Luoyue's aura had transformed into something different from what it was before. It felt like something had catalyzed in her body but as for what it was, he was unable to determine it at all.

Furthermore, Nanxuan Luoyue's Dao Palace had experienced a fascinating change. The Dao Palace seemed to be enveloped in a rising blood mist.

It was as though Nanxuan Luoyue's lifeblood was so powerful that it even immersed the entire Dao Palace.

This made Nanxuan Jue recall tales of warriors that tempered their bodies. The strength of those people's lifeblood was probably around this level…

This made Nanxuan Jue wonder about Nanxuan Luoyue's bloodline. Could her issue stem from her mother? What background did her mother have?

"Miss, do you feel discomfort in any way?" asked Lian Yong worriedly.

Nanxuan Luoyue shook her head. "No, I feel great. The effect feels more than a hundred times better than eating any Heart Nourishing Pills."

"This… It's good you feel great…" Lian Yong was baffled. He was certain that the scholar he had encountered had nefarious thoughts and was likely a cheat. He had probably heard that Nanxuan Luoyue had eaten Heart Nourishing Pills for more than a decade. In response, he produced a drop of blood that did not appear precious in any way and hoped to boast about it. But who knew that it had such effects?

Lian Yong was thankful that Nanxuan Luoyue had insisted on trusting her own judgment. If not, she would have missed out on such an opportunity.

"Looks like I was being silly. I could not tell that the young man is such a capable person. He probably noticed something about your body. He couldn't have given that drop of blood to you for no reason. It must have some special property that matches your body perfectly."

Lian Yong offered his speculations. Nanxuan Luoyue nodded. She shared the same thoughts. If there was something amiss, she would not have felt the resonance with that drop of blood.

The drop of blood felt like a catalyst that stirred changes in her body. However, it still fell short of fully stabilizing her Dao Palace. It was unknown what sort of changes her body would experience if she received another few drops of blood.

Of course, that was only Nanxuan Luoyue letting her thoughts run free. Yi Yun probably did not have that many drops of the precious blood.

She did not know how valuable the drop of blood was either. But it was obvious to her that the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit was insufficient as a trade. Thinking back to how she planned on selling it to Yi Yun at the market price, she felt a little ashamed. He had already given her such a precious drop of blood but she was actually taking money from him.

"I heard that the kind sir also requires a Seven Leaf Wheel and the Luoshengzi?" said Lian Yong suddenly.

Nanxuan Luoyue nodded. "Yes, but we do not have those two herbs in our stores. That kind sir did give me such a rare opportunity. Grandpa, is it possible for you to help him find them?"

"It's only necessary." Nanxuan Jue nodded. His family clan still had quite a good social network. It was mainly because he was an artifact refining master. Many people had requests for him. It was not difficult if he truly wanted something found. "If that person still has more drops of that blood, perhaps we can buy a few drops from him."

"He probably doesn't have any left." Lian Yong shook his head. "This kind of blood is a rare treasure of the world. It's likely very difficult to obtain. He must have given it to us because he was in urgent need of the herb."

Lian Yong's words were reasonable but he had no idea that the drop of blood had been extracted from the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's body. The little guy did not look large in size, but the vigor in its blood resembled that of a True Dragon. Extracting one drop of blood was a fairly trivial matter.

As they conversed, a spark lit up in front of Lian Yong's eyes. It was the light of a voice transmission talisman. Lian Yong's eyes lit up as he said, "It's that sir that gave the blood. He has come to us to buy the herb!"

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