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"The complete opening of the Ancient Ruins world?"

Yi Yun was taken aback. He naturally knew of the Ancient Ruins world. He had entered it back when he was cultivating in the Nine Li Magus Empire. He had even met the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm there.

"This piece of news can be given to you for free. It's not a secret, after all. The Ancient Ruins world is extremely mysterious. Some people say that the Ancient Ruins world is the real Sinkhole, while others claim that it is the source of the Sinkhole. Some even speculate that it was naturally formed from the Heavenly Dao laws. Then there are theories that it was created by peak G.o.dly Monarchs or existences that exceed G.o.dly Monarchs. The truth remains unverifiable."

"Every sixty years, the Ancient Ruins world will open a brand new s.p.a.ce. It is called an ancient battlefield by the Sinkhole factions. An ancient battlefield is phenomenal. Every strong faction in the Sinkhole will watch this battlefield. When the time comes, many experts, from young geniuses to old monsters, will enter the ancient battlefield. It will be a grand event. If one can leave their name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith, they will become famous throughout the Sinkhole!"

"Oh? How does one leave their name on the World Monolith?" asked Yi Yun.

"Legends say that the World Monolith was formed from the Heavenly Dao. The Ancient Ruins world is filled with nomological marks. If you can gather these nomological marks, cast them as one, and fuse them into the World Monolith, your name will be engraved upon it. When that happens, you will also experience a baptism of the Heavenly Dao while fusing the laws. You will reap immense benefits."

"Apart from that, the Ancient Ruins world has many natural treasures in it. Many of them are things that cannot be found in the outside world. That's another reason why so many experts enter the Ancient Ruins world."

The old woman gave the Ancient Ruins world a simple introduction. Yi Yun actually felt a little excited. The ancient battlefield was a grand form of experiential training. Even if he could not find Lin Xintong because of it, he still wished to experience it.

"Are there any requirements for entering the Ancient Ruins world?" asked Yi Yun.

In response, the old woman said, "The number of spots for each entry into the Ancient Ruins world is limited. Many of the spots are monopolized by the powerhouses of the White Lunar Divine Empire. When the time comes, the White Lunar Divine Empire will hand these spots to the various factions. However, the number of spots that each faction receives is few in number. If you want to enter the Ancient Ruins world, the easiest way is to join a large faction."

Yi Yun frowned slightly when he heard that. He was naturally unwilling to join a faction just for a spot. This was because joining most factions typically required the signing of a soul contract. It would be a lot to give just for a spot. Even then, it was not a certainty that he would obtain a spot just because he joined.

"Thanks, I understand."

Yi Yun paid her the Spirit Jade after thanking her. Although he did not obtain any truly sensitive information from his inquiry, he was already very satisfied.

The moment he stepped out of the Heaven Secrets Tower, his footsteps came to a sudden halt.

He saw a large notice board by the Heaven Secrets Tower's entrance. On it were various pamphlets of different shapes and sizes.

One of them was a bounty notice and the target was none other than him.

It was a red color bounty with his face plastered across it. As long as legitimate clues were provided, one could obtain a reward of three G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli. If he was killed, the reward was ten times higher! If he was captured alive, not only would thirty G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli be rewarded, one would also be given a pill that could aid a Divine Lord's rise in cultivation level.

Displayed above the bounty notice was none other than the Martial Numinous clan's emblem!

They were truly persistent!

Yi Yun never expected that, shortly after stepping foot into the Scarlet Yang continent, the bounty notice for his head would arrive closely after him.

From the looks of it, the Martial Numinous clan was truly enraged. In addition, Li Qijian had quite some say in the Martial Numinous clan. In order to kill him, they were truly not sparing any expense.

It was even possible that Li Qijian had come to the Heaven Secrets Tower himself. He probably had asked them for information on Yi Yun, something that the Heaven Secrets Tower likely did not have.

With that, his coming to the Heaven Secrets Tower was quite a dangerous move. Thankfully, not only had he disguised himself, he had also worn a facecloth that concealed his looks. And knowing the Heaven Secrets Tower, they would not invade the privacy of their customers by probing underneath the facecloth.

"Senior, are you interested in the contents of this notice?" The person responsible for the notice board was a Dao Palace realm warrior. When he saw Yi Yun's mid-stage Supremacy cultivation level, he believed that he had gotten a good catch. If any of the bounties on the notice board were turned in, he would receive a sizable commission.

Yi Yun pointed at his bounty notice and asked, "Isn't the Martial Numinous clan from the Martial Numinous continent? Why do they have a bounty notice here in the Scarlet Yang continent? If I take this mission, wouldn't I have to head to the Martial Numinous continent to complete it? It's just the pursuit of a Supremacy, is there a need to plaster bounty notices all across the White Lunar Divine Empire? Aren't they making a mountain out of a molehill?"

"It seems you aren't aware." The Dao Palace realm warrior shook his head. "This Yi Yun is here in the Scarlet Yang continent!"

"Oh?" Yi Yun was alarmed but he did not reveal any look of surprise. "How are you certain?"

"The people that posted the bounty have come to the Heaven Secrets Tower before. Although they were unable to get Yi Yun's exact location, the person paid a huge price to get the Heaven Secrets Tower's High Amba.s.sador himself to divine the heavenly secrets. Yi Yun's approximate location was divined to be in the Scarlet Yang continent."

"Oh? Divination of the heavenly secrets?"

Only then did Yi Yun recall that there was a group of people in the martial world that had such capabilities.

Back when Yi Yun obtained the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed from the Sun Burial Sandsea, it was all thanks to Ji Shuiyan's help. And Ji Shuiyan's grandfather came from a sect that divined the heavenly secrets. It was he who left behind the child part of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s that aided him in finding the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed.

The reason why Heaven Secrets Tower had its name was not only because they knew the heavenly secrets, but also because they could divine them. And it was because of this that they were able to gather so much information.

"That ability sure is impressive!" said Yi Yun.

"Of course. Whether it be natural treasures, spirit grounds, or beasts, it can be divined. Although it will not be perfectly accurate, it will at least give a general location. This Yi Yun offended the Martial Numinous clan which is not supposed to be trifled with. I'm guessing he won't live much longer. If the Martial Numinous clan is willing to pay such a price, it's only a matter of time before he is found," the Dao Palace realm warrior said smugly. It was unknown why he was so excited.

Yi Yun stroked his chin. He had truly underestimated the Martial Numinous clan's strength. If this continued, it was very likely that they would find him. However, to capture him, the Martial Numinous clan would need to employ a Divine Lord that had at least fused a Royal Seal.

"That Li Qijian is likely one of those with a Divine Lord Royal Seal…" Yi Yun thought to himself.

Compared to early-stage Divine Lords, the strength of those with Divine Lord Royal Seals was far higher.

"I'll take this notice."

Yi Yun took away the bounty notice with maleficent thoughts. Then, he headed straight for the Nanxuan family clan. He still had a herb to collect from them.

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