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Yi Yun had waited two hours at the medicinal clinic specially for the Nanxuan family clan. Since he was seeking their help in buying rare herbs, he did not mind the maidservant's att.i.tude and perspective.

"Sorry if I'm imposing. Does your esteemed family have any of these three herbs: a Seven Leaf Wheel, a ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit, or a Luoshengzi? If you do have them, I wish to purchase them from your family," asked Yi Yun politely with a smile.

The maidservant's look of displeasure intensified. Their Nanxuan family clan did not do business. It was truly imposing to suddenly follow them and ask such a question.

Just as she opened her mouth to reject him straight out, the blue-dressed girl stopped in her tracks and turned her head over. She looked at Yi Yun with her limpid eyes.

She had noticed Yi Yun looking at her previously but she did not share the same thoughts as the maidservant, about Yi Yun wanting to court her. She was always very keen and perceptive. She could tell that Yi Yun did not have any such thoughts from the way he looked at her.

"You wish to purchase those herbs from me?" The blue-dressed girl's voice flitted over like a gentle breeze. It sounded ethereal and pleasant.

Yi Yun sensed something familiar about the girl.

"Strange…" Yi Yun was puzzled.

"That's right. The herbs are very difficult to purchase and I'm in urgent need of them. I heard that your esteemed family gathers many herbs and approached you to inquire," he said with a nod.

The blue-dressed girl revealed a faint smile. Although her face was enveloped by a halo, preventing others from seeing her true looks, it still managed to instill the feeling that her smile was definitely beautiful.

"My family does not have the Seven Leaf Wheel or the Luoshengzi, but it does have the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit…" said the blue-dressed girl.

Yi Yun immediately looked pleasantly surprised. The apothecary from Springreturn Medicinal Clinic was right. The Nanxuan family clan did have a deep heritage. It actually had such a rare herb as claimed.

The masked elder suddenly said, "Miss."

He had a solemn expression and a reproachful look in his eyes. However, when he looked at Yi Yun, he immediately turned a lot colder. "Sorry, our family's herbs are not for sale."

"I will offer a reasonable price," said Yi Yun with a frown.

He felt that the blue-dressed girl was not being perfunctory with him. It was highly likely she would sell it to him but the masked elder had rejected him directly.

"We aren't selling. Miss, let's go." The masked elder said coldly as he turned to ignore Yi Yun.

The blue-dressed girl gave Yi Yun an apologetic glance but did not follow the masked elder. Instead, she said softly, "Uncle Lian, if I remember correctly, the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit has been in our family for twenty thousand years but has never been put to use. Furthermore, its effects are extremely rarely required. Very few people would need such a treasured herb. Since this person is in urgent need of it, we should sell it to him. The herb would be put to good use in the hands of someone who needs it."

The blue-dressed girl had a meticulous mind. She had an encyclopedic knowledge and knew with a thought the year the family acquired the herb as well as its effects and application.

Yi Yun's opinion of the blue-dressed girl increased tremendously. They were strangers but she was so considerate towards others. That was truly rare. It showed how pure and kind she was.

"Miss, it is not easy to acquire such a rare herb. Even if there is no use for it now, there might be a use for it in the future. Perhaps some accomplished figure might need it? Besides, in your current situation, you should not hand over rare herbs to others so carefreely…" The masked elder trailed off at the end, not ending his sentence. Instead, he gave Yi Yun a wary glance.

However, Yi Yun made a guess when he put together the issue with the Heart Nourishing Pills and the way the blue-dressed girl looked.

As for the blue-dressed girl, her eyes flashed a look of gloominess. However, she revealed a smile and said, "Uncle Lian, you are putting way too much thought into this. Let's not talk about me possibly having the need for the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit. Even if I do need it in the future, with our Nanxuan family's strength and habit of making hay while the sun shines, these rare herbs can always be slowly acc.u.mulated again."

Having said that, she did not wait for the masked elder's response before saying to Yi Yun, "Sir, I can sell you the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit but the price will not be cheap by any means. You can bring one G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus to Nanxuan Manor. I will arrange for it to be given to you when the time comes."

Although the blue-dressed girl said that the price would not be cheap, Yi Yun felt that a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus was very reasonable. If it was taken to an auction and someone needed it, it would likely be sold for an even higher price.

With that, the blue-dressed girl nodded at Yi Yun before turning around and preparing to leave. A luxurious spirit beast-drawn carriage was waiting for them.

But at that moment, Yi Yun spoke out again. "Please wait a moment."

The blue-dressed girl stopped out of curiosity. As for the masked elder, he frowned impatiently and said, "What else do you want?"

He had failed to stop the blue-dressed girl from selling the herb but he could not show his displeasure towards her decision either. As such, he took it out on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun ignored the elder and instead looked at the blue-dressed girl. "Your aura seems somewhat unique. Might I take a look?"

A glint flashed in the blue-dressed girl's eyes. She never expected Yi Yun to say something like that. A unique aura?

What did he mean?

The blue-dressed girl gave Yi Yun a perplexed glance. Her lifeblood and meridians were extraordinary but that was a secret of the Nanxuan family clan. It was impossible for outsiders to notice anything. What uniqueness was the man referring to?

"Sir, thank you for your kind intentions but there should not be anything special about my aura," said the blue-dressed girl with a gentle shake of her head.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment. The reason why he had made the request was because, apart from her being willing to sell him the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit, he also felt something familiar about her aura. One thing had especially caught his notice. He wished to validate his guess.

"Sorry for my very presumptuous request. Might I borrow a drop of blood or a strand of hair from you, Miss Nanquan?"

"Oh?" The masked elder fumed the moment he heard Yi Yun's request.

Requesting a strand of hair from a girl was a very philanderous act to begin with. When mortal couples married, there was the concept of binding one's hair upon coming of age. And if lovers gave each other hair, it carried very extraordinary meaning. This was because 'wispy black hair' was a h.o.m.ophone to 'love threads' in Chinese.

How could a girl's hair be so easily given? As for requesting a drop of blood, that was even more ridiculous.

"What nonsense are you spouting? A person's body is all thanks to one's parents. How can my mistress's honorable body be used to satisfy your rude request?" The masked elder bellowed angrily. A powerful aura rose from his body. He had an early-stage Divine Lord cultivation level!

However, Yi Yun had already killed Divine Lords so he thought nothing of it. He did not react to the masked elder's suppression at all.

Upon seeing Yi Yun's nonreaction, the masked elder was stunned. A queer glint flashed in the blue-dressed girl's eyes as she looked at him. Although her uncle had not fused a Divine Lord Royal Seal, the cultivation technique he cultivated in was extremely overbearing, giving him immense strength. Even half-step Divine Lords could hardly withstand his aura suppression, much less Supremacies. Yet, the man in front of them remained unperturbed.

Yi Yun completely ignored the masked elder. He was only looking at the blue-dressed girl. He deliberated his words before saying lightly, "If Miss Nanxuan refuses, I will put this matter to rest. Regardless, my grat.i.tude for the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit is something I will take to heart."

The blue-dressed girl was taken aback. Suddenly, she smiled and said, "Sir, you speak too seriously." As she spoke, she looked at the masked elder and said, "Uncle Lian, it's only a strand of hair. It's not anything serious."

With that said, her finger tapped her hair lightly as a long strand of hair was cut off. Then, it fluttered towards Yi Yun like it had intelligence of its own.

Yi Yun reached out to grab it.

"This…" Seeing Yi Yun receive the hair, the masked elder was at a loss of words. Most critically, the scholarly-looking man did not show any fear of his aura suppression. This only reduced him to staring angrily. In a warrior's world, strength was everything. He could only let the matter rest.

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