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Meanwhile, the people on the spirit boat had already flown down.

Leading them was a middle-aged man dressed in black, as well as a veiled, red-dressed woman with an enchanting figure. A young man and woman followed behind them.

Upon seeing these four people arrive, Li Yunshang and his entourage, as well as many guests on the first platform, rushed to welcome them.

"Elder Luo, Elder Hong. It is truly an honor for the two of you to grace me with your presence!" Li Jiuxiao cupped his fists as he said with a beaming smile.

Li Yunshang's unhappiness was swept away as he beamed. "Greetings Elders. It is truly my greatest honor that the both of you have graced my dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony."

Although the Li family was a prominent family in the Martial Numinous clan, Li Yunshang was only a junior. His dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony was inconsequential to the Martial Numinous clan. Many people were envious that two Elders chose to attend. It gave them a deeper understanding of how excellent the Li family's roots were.

In fact, one of Elder Luo's most beloved consorts was a daughter of the Li family. As for Elder Hong, she had a relationship with the Li family that brought her many benefits.

But in the eyes of outsiders, this was a result of the might and standing Li Yunshang and the Li family had. Although Li Yunshang's loss of a leg had been kept secret, the Li family's purchase of numerous treasured herbs was a very public matter. Therefore, anyone present who had paid a little attention knew of the incident.

When warriors lost a leg, it would be detrimental to their future development even if they attached a new leg. But now, from the looks of it, the importance placed on Li Yunshang did not seem to reduce in any way. As such, many warriors naturally had to change their opinion of Li Yunshang.

And at that moment, Li Yunshang turned his sights on the man and woman behind the two Elders.

"Fairy Rain, Eldest Senior Brother Haogu." Li Yunshang's tone carried a tinge of reverence.

Although he was considered part of the same generation as Fairy Rain and Haogu, his standing was very inferior to theirs. He was only the successor of a family clan while the two were famous geniuses of the Martial Numinous clan. Rumor had it that they would soon head for the White Lunar Divine Empire and cultivate there. They had unlimited prospects laid out for them. Therefore, their status was elevated compared to ordinary Martial Numinous clan disciples.

As a result, Li Yunshang's att.i.tude towards them was naturally different.

Fairy Rain nodded her head gently and then gave Li Jiuxiao a junior's bow. "Uncle Jiu."

As for Haogu, he only nodded his head silently and did not say a word.

Although Fairy Rain appeared frosty, she was still very gentle towards her relatives. Instead, Haogu was the one who was truly aloof.

However, be it Li Jiuxiao or Li Yunshang, they were not slighted by Haogu in any way. Haogu's talent was even higher than Fairy Rain's and he too had earned the attention of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

However, it was rumored that Haogu had certain feelings for Fairy Rain; therefore, he attended Li Yunshang's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony with her.

"That's Fairy Rain. She's truly as flawless as ice and pure as jade. Not only is she talented, even her looks are excellent. If anyone manages to win her heart, they would truly have a great life." A warrior beside Yi Yun could not help but sigh.

As for Luo Fei, he was looking at Fairy Rain as though she was a breathtaking sight. The surrounding young warriors felt a tinge of envy just looking at Fairy Rain. Such a woman that was blessed by the heavens was naturally someone everyone wanted to court.

At that moment, Luo Fei heard a familiar voice. It said in surprise, "Ah, so she is Fairy Rain…"

The person who had spoken was none other than Yi Yun.

Yi Yun could not help but stroke his chin when he saw 'Fairy Rain.' His eyes had an odd look in them.

Yi Yun had actually met 'Fairy Rain' before.

She was one of the members of the Martial Numinous clan that Yi Yun encountered in the Ancient Ruins world.

Back then, they were pursuing the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. Yi Yun opened an array formation and allowed it to enter the Nine Li Magus Empire's mystic cultivation ground and escape them. It made the Martial Numinous clan members nearly explode from anger.

Later on, they even invited people from the White Lunar Divine Empire to back them up but to no avail. Yi Yun ignored them likewise.

Despite the Martial Numinous clan's threats against Yi Yun, they could not do a thing to him at all.

Yi Yun had not made any contact with any Martial Numinous clan disciples after arriving in the Martial Numinous continent. He certainly never expected to meet any at Li Yunshang's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony. Furthermore, they happened to be the ones he met back at the Ancient Ruins world.

However, it was not necessarily that much of a coincidence on second thought. The Nine Li Magus Empire had already mentioned that the territory each major faction had in the Ancient Ruins world was extremely precious. Not just anyone could enter the Ancient Ruins world. Thus, only peerless geniuses like Fairy Rain could win an opportunity from the Martial Numinous clan to undergo experiential training in the Ancient Ruins world.

"I seem to recall her name being Song Rainsong…" thought Yi Yun. A warrior's memory was extremely honed. Although Yi Yun had only heard it once, he could still recall it. The scene of the Martial Numinous clan members' conversation appeared in his mind.

The female warrior standing there had a grudge against him.

At that moment, someone interrupted Yi Yun's memories.

Luo Fei originally did not wish to say another word to Yi Yun again but from Yi Yun's remark, it sounded as though he had met Fairy Rain in the past?

Luo Fei looked at Yi Yun as though he was looking at a r.e.t.a.r.d, "Are you dreaming? How can it be possible that you have met Fairy Rain? A figure like her is not someone the likes of you can claim to know."

He was not the only one. The surrounding warriors refused to believe that Yi Yun had once met Fairy Rain. They believed that Yi Yun was just fantasizing after experiencing Fairy Rain's excellent charm. Some of them also shared such fantasies but none of them said it out loud like Yi Yun.

Yi Yun swept his gaze nonchalantly at Luo Fei. He had only allowed Luo Fei to make a scene in order to enter the banquet successfully. In fact, a warrior like Luo Fei was utterly nothing to him.

For some baffling reason, Luo Fei felt a stern chill after being glared at by Yi Yun. His heart skipped a beat as he forcefully swallowed the words he was about to say.

Why did this b.u.mpkin suddenly give him such a terrifying feeling?

Luo Fei even got the sense that he would meet a tragic end if he said another word. The horror he felt from the bottom of his heart made him instinctively shut his mouth.

He was alarmed and greatly uncertain. What was going on?

Although Fairy Rain and company had arrived at the wedding, Yi Yun remained as calm as before. He continued sitting there like an ordinary guest.

Fairy Rain and company took their seats of honor. Without any further ado, Li Yunshang stood up and announced that the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony would begin.

But at that moment, Haogu suddenly noticed that Fairy Rain was frowning. Her eyes were sweeping the platforms beneath her as though she was searching for something.

"Yuege, what are you looking at?" asked Haogu.

Song Rainsong hesitated for a moment before she stopped searching. She shook her head gently and said, "Nothing much…"

Just moments ago, she felt a familiar aura. However, she was unsure exactly what it was. When she swept her gaze, she only saw the faces of strangers.

"Is that so?" After this wedding, we will be setting off for the White Lunar Divine Empire. It's best if you do not get distracted by other matters," said Haogu.

Song Rainsong nodded. Her eyes dimmed somewhat. Back in the Ancient Ruins world, she had watched helplessly as the opportunity of the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was lost in front of her. As such, she also lost her chance of becoming a direct disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

Upon seeing Song Rainsong's expression, Haogu managed to read her thoughts. He too hated the despicable person that had stolen the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm from them.

"Rainsong, are you still thinking about the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the despicable fellow would appear in the White Lunar Divine Empire. If I were to encounter him, I'd definitely kill him."

As Haogu spoke, he stole a glance at Song Rainsong's reaction. However, her expression remained the same. She did not appear to be consoled. It left Haogu depressed. His hate for the despicable man only deepened.

Ever since the Martial Numinous clan returned from the Ancient Ruins world, Song Rainsong had been in a bad mood…

Meanwhile, the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony officially began.

Everyone was surprised when the bride did not appear next. Instead, Li Jiuxiao walked onto a stage holding a disk array. Then, he produced many complicated and abstract runes.

Following that, the runes imprinted on the disk array immediately projected a raven-black beam. It enveloped the platform, and instantly the platform lit up with runic patterns before forming an array formation.

The array formation seemed to fuse with the platforms, the entire mountain peak, and even the entire Li family ancestral grounds. Everyone sensed that the Yuan Qi within the Li family's ancestral grounds was surging towards the mountain peak from every direction. Finally, it gathered at the array on the first level's platform.

This left many bewildered. Was this still a wedding? Why did he activate an array formation?

Yi Yun p.r.i.c.ked up his brows as well. He felt that the array formation was something quite unique. The techniques involved were not something he could break down at a glance despite his discerning eyes.

At that moment, a guest asked, "Might I know where the bride is?"

They were baffled by the Li family's actions.

Li Yunshang smiled and said, "There's no rush. I'll soon bring my bride in so that she can meet everyone."

Yi Yun frowned somewhat when he saw Li Yunshang's expression. Although Li Yunshang concealed the look well, Yi Yun could still see the intense desire in his eyes…

At that moment, on the first level's platform, loud cracking sounds were heard. The ground cracked open, forming huge rifts. Following that, a stone slab engraved with complicated array runes rose up from each rift.

Upon seeing the figures standing above the stone slabs, all the guests were instantly astonished.

They were unaware when they arrived that the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony was really a wedding between Li Yunshang and seven women…

There were seven stone slabs on the ground, and standing on each one of them was a woman dressed in a wedding dress.

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