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Yi Yun seemed oblivious to Luo Fei's mockery and Steward w.a.n.g's warning. He said seriously, "I brought gifts to this wedding just like anyone else. How am I causing trouble? Are you unimpressed with the spirit pig I gifted? This spirit pig is a spirit beast. Its meat is fresh and succulent. It has the effect of nourishing warriors. It can burrow into the ground and bore through holes when it runs. It wasn't easy for me to capture it."

The surrounding people were rendered speechless the moment Yi Yun said those words. He was actually claiming it to be a spirit pig? And the "effect of nourishing"… The bit of Yuan Qi it carried was completely inadequate for the warriors present. It was only nourishing for low-level warriors and mortals.

As for it being difficult to capture… To be honest, no one wanted to hunt such pigs for their meat…

Luo Fei rolled his eyes at Yi Yun.

As for the steward, he frowned. If he were to forcefully chase Yi Yun away, it would appear as though the Li family kicked him out of the wedding because it did not appreciate the gift he 'painstakingly' prepared.

But this b.l.o.o.d.y pig, with its head still intact, was quite a sore sight for a wedding.

At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded—

"Anyone that comes from afar is a welcomed guest. This is my dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony. I previously announced that anyone can attend with or without an invitation. As for gifts, it's the thought that counts. The specifics don't matter. Steward w.a.n.g, accept it and display it to the side."

Everyone traced the voice and saw Li Yunshang standing elegantly by his seat of honor. He had said so with a faint smile.

Yi Yun immediately said, "So it's you, Young Master Li Yunshang. Congratulations! I wish you a happy marriage. I felt this pig was very suitable for the wedding when I saw it. It definitely adds to the jubilation. Young Master Li, you sure have a good eye…"

"That's enough! That's enough." Steward w.a.n.g quickly cut Yi Yun off, afraid that he would continue touting the benefits of the pig. He waved his hand to get people to carry the pig away. It was such a ghastly sight, sitting out in the open.

And when Li Yunshang heard Yi Yun's words, he smiled and returned to his seat.

"Young Master Li sure is magnanimous. He really is willing to let anyone join the banquet," said someone.

"That's right, that's right."

Li Yunshang nodded with a smile. He would usually not have bothered with such an unimportant person but the person had suddenly taken out a pig, attracting the attention of everyone. He had no choice but to step forward and make a show of his magnanimity.

However, there was a cold glint that flashed in Li Yunshang's eyes after. He sent a voice transmission to Steward w.a.n.g: "When the banquet ends, finish that b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

Li Yunshang was already filled with bloodl.u.s.t after losing his leg. His act of magnanimity was completely insincere. He found Yi Yun's honest expression irritating, especially when the country b.u.mpkin had gifted a dead pig to congratulate him on his wedding day.

And for some baffling reason, he found the middle-aged warrior's eyes familiar. However, he could not remember where he had met the warrior in the past. Furthermore, with the warrior's low status, it was impossible for them to have ever crossed paths.

Li Yunshang could only sweep those thoughts aside. After all, Yi Yun was already a dead person in his mind.

"Yes, Young Master. I will make it swift and clean." Steward w.a.n.g immediately answered as he gave Yi Yun a cold glare.

An ant-like figure like Yi Yun deserved little more than Steward w.a.n.g secretly flicking his finger, planting a tracking mark on him. With this mark, there was no way Yi Yun would leave the Li family's ancestral ground alive.

Seeing Yi Yun sitting among the guests with an unconcerned look, Luo Fei felt truly depressed. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d was actually sitting beside him. Although he was praised by Guardian Sun, he had not been called to sit over there yet.

Why did he choose to arrive so close to such an oddity? Yi Yun had gifted a dead pig and received Li Yunshang's notice. His ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus barely sparked a discussion.

Luo Fei noticed that Yi Yun looked to be in a good mood, as though he really believed that his gift had been acknowledged!

Luo Fei felt exasperated with such an ignorant halfwit b.u.mpkin. He felt that his intelligence was being pulled down to the same level while sitting beside Yi Yun. He did not wish to speak another word to the r.e.t.a.r.d, afraid that his mind would be infected by Yi Yun's r.e.t.a.r.dedness.

And at that moment, Yi Yun appeared to recall something. He left his seat and swaggered to a platform.

He looked at all the spirit fruits that were displayed for the wedding. They were really good ones.

From the looks of it, the Li family had went to great lengths to put on a lavish wedding banquet.

Yi Yun naturally did not stand on ceremony when it came to these spirit fruits. He began taking big bites of the fruits.

As for the tracking mark that Steward w.a.n.g had planted on him, Yi Yun noticed it instantly. He looked around and stole a glance at Li Yunshang.

Although it had been some time since they last met, Li Yunshang still appeared vicious as ever. He even wanted to harm guests who came to congratulate him. He was truly… contemptible.

Before Yi Yun infiltrated the Li family's banquet, he thought of casually giving some gifts. That way, he would not attract attention as he snuck in. However, after some thought, Yi Yun changed his mind. He wanted to see the hypocrisy of Li Yunshang. It was quite a relieving sight seeing him act magnanimous while swallowing the insult.

Indeed, Li Yunshang, who watched as Yi Yun acted so brazenly, nearly crushed the wine cup in his hand.

Ignoring the fact that he had lost the herbal garden and a leg, he was now encountering a truly irritating fly while hosting a dual cultivation ceremony. It disgusted him.

If Li Yunshang knew that the irritating 'fly' was Yi Yun, swaggering up and down his wedding banquet and helping himself to the food, it was unknown what feelings he would have…

At that moment, an ethereal music was heard from afar.

The sound was initially faint and hardly noticeable. But in a blink of an eye, it began to fill the area around the mountain. A luxurious spirit boat descended from the clouds. A few figures could be seen standing on the boat as it approached.

Upon seeing the spirit boat's appearance, many people stood up immediately. Even Li Yunshang and Li Jiuxiao stood up.

"Who just arrived?" Yi Yun asked casually as he ate a fruit.

The person beside him naturally knew Yi Yun was the one who had gifted the pig. Since it was the b.u.mpkin, it was only natural that he did not know who was arriving.

"Have you heard of Fairy Rain? That spirit boat is a spirit artifact of the Martial Numinous clan. Without a doubt, the few people on the spirit boat are the high-ranking Elders and Fairy Rain of the Martial Numinous clan," the person gave Yi Yun a glance as he said disdainfully.

The b.u.mpkin probably did not know who Fairy Rain was anyway. What he said definitely went over his head.

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