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"I still needed to gather a few more herbs to refine the Dragon Emperor Relic but now that I have this mysterious fruit, I no longer need to." Yi Yun's eyes shimmered as he revealed a look of great satisfaction.

There was no fixed Dragon Emperor Relic recipe to begin with. As long as one had the appropriate amount of treasured herbs, it could be refined.

Yi Yun's princ.i.p.al herb had been the Abyssal Red Lotus. As for the other rare herbs he had been seeking out, they were only meant to be auxiliary ones. However, with the mysterious herb's fruit added into the mix, the Dragon Emperor Relic that Yi Yun refined would probably have a very different level of effectiveness.

He planned on using the mysterious herb's fruit as the princ.i.p.al herb and the Abyssal Red Lotus as the auxiliary herb. With those two combined, he could refine a supreme-grade Dragon Emperor Relic.

Yi Yun had experience refining a Dragon Emperor Relic. He was even used as a catalyst herb for one; therefore, it was a simply a familiar job he could handle easily.

The world he was in was very silent. Yi Yun was not worried about any external disturbances as he stilled his mind in preparation to refine the second Dragon Emperor Relic.

Yi Yun first took out the Abyssal Red Lotus and some other herbs.

He had already processed the Abyssal Red Lotus through the Herb Nurturing Technique, making it go from a lotus seed to a fire-like lotus flower. Every petal was formed from a roaring abyssal flame.

Although it looked like a beautiful flower, one would be burned to a crisp by the abyssal flame if they tried to touch it without the necessary precautions.

Yi Yun extended his hand and guided the Abyssal Red Lotus until it was floating in front of him. He produced many hand seals, making golden lines appear around the Abyssal Red Lotus. He completely locked the Abyssal Red Lotus's medicinal essence onto the golden lines.

Following that, Yi Yun kept flinging other herbs out, either extracting their juices, removing their root tubers, or extracting their essence.

Finally, Yi Yun took out the mysterious herb's fruit.

The fruit had dark golden patterns on its surface. Upon closer inspection, he could see that these were infinite Dao patterns engraved by nature.

Yi Yun held the fruit and sensed the medicinal powers coming from within.

Following that, Yi Yun began forming seals with the utmost precision.

As wisps of Yuan Qi appeared in Yi Yun's hands like a thread that wrapped around the fruit, the dark golden Dao patterns on the fruit lit up. Drops of golden liquid slowly seeped out of the fruit.

Each golden liquid drop contained tremendous amount of lifeblood. In terms of medicinal strength, it was a lot more potent than the leaves.

Finally, the fruit produced dozens of golden liquid drops. They floated in mid-air before coalescing together, forming a sphere the size of a pigeon's egg. It was a coruscant gold that looked mesmerizing.

The sphere contained the essence of the mysterious herb.

Yi Yun had the sudden urge to immediately devour the golden sphere.

However, he repressed that thought. Refining it into a Dragon Emperor Relic would bring out its medicinal effects even more.

"Ascending Dragon Cauldron, arise!"

Yi Yun cried out softly as the Ascending Dragon Cauldron flew up. It spun in mid-air before the lid automatically opened.

Yi Yun guided with his fingers, sending the prepared herbs along with the golden sphere into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron one by one.

Following that, Yi Yun produced a flame in his palm with a whoosh.

Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed!

The Heretical G.o.d Fire flew to the bottom of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, as though it possessed intelligence, and began burning vigorously.

The lid closed and all the herbs were sealed inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, burning in the envelopment of the Heretical G.o.d Fire. The herbs' medicinal essences began to be extracted one by one before they clashed together and fused.

As for Yi Yun, he watched intently. He constantly monitored the situation in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron with his perception as he controlled the strength of the Heretical G.o.d Fire.

Gradually, the quiet valley produced sounds that resembled an airbox. It was as though the entire valley had turned into a furnace as it burned and crackled.

This lasted an entire month.

With a clear hum, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's lid began to tremble as an indescribable medicinal fragrance emanated from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

The tiny waterfall immediately bloomed with flowers as a pleasant echo seemed to be heard from the void.

A glint appeared in Yi Yun's eyes as a look of unconcealed excitement flashed across his exhausted face.

After a month of constant supervision and refinement, the second Dragon Emperor Relic was finally finished!

When Yi Yun opened the lid, a glow burst out from within.

Yi Yun acted with his extended hand, sealing the s.p.a.ce around the glow. And then he grabbed it in his outstretched hand.

Amid the glow, he could see an indistinct dragon phantom that struggled within. Following that, the glow revealed its true self. It was a crystalline pill with a surface that resembled jade. But most astonishing of all, the pill was still constantly palpitating like a tiny heart. It seemed to possess true life.

When pills were refined to the most supreme-grade, they could generate a form of intelligence. If the pill escaped, it could even cultivate itself into a spiritual object, no different from the treasured herbs that had gained sentience.

In fact, pills were the fusion of treasured herbs. They were truly the essence of heaven and earth.

The Dragon Emperor Relic had already produced some intelligence, the mark of a true supreme-grade divine pill.

"I just finished refining this pill and am not in the correct condition to consume the Dragon Emperor Relic," thought Yi Yun.

During the consumption of treasured items, some warriors would even first take a bath and burn incense, ensuring that they were completely calm before they consumed any treasured item.

Although Yi Yun did not want to go through that ha.s.sle, he still needed to regulate himself for a period of time.

With the pill refined, Yi Yun's taut mind could finally rest. He slowly sat on the ground meditating, enjoying a rare peace for a few days.

Only when Yi Yun felt that he was fully prepared did he slowly open his eyes.

The cultivation of the Dragon Emperor Technique meant that Yi Yun had to expend large amounts of treasured herbs. And this second Dragon Emperor Relic was only enough for Yi Yun to cultivate to the second level of the Dragon Emperor Technique.

But there was a decisiveness in Yi Yun's eyes. Regardless of how hard it would be in the future, he believed he could refine a third, fourth, and even more after refining the second Dragon Emperor Relic.

Without any delay, Yi Yun took out the second Dragon Emperor Relic and swallowed it.

Yi Yun immediately felt like he had swallowed lightning h.e.l.l.

The wanton and violent strength went from Yi Yun's throat to his stomach. Then, it exploded in his dantian, instantly sending energy to surge through Yi Yun's entire body. It was as though it wanted to completely shatter his body.

Yi Yun's skin instantly turned blood red and, in his nearly translucent skin, he could actually see that his meridians were coursing with blood that resembled burning lava.

Simultaneously, the immense amount of medicinal essence blasted through all of Yi Yun's meridians as they surged.

And yet, despite being drenched in sweat, Yi Yun felt extremely comfortable.

He could feel that his strength, body, meridians, and dantian were being inundated by the medicinal essence and were rapidly transforming.

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