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Chapter 140: Flowing Mercury Gown

Yi Yun took a few deep breaths and the surrounding Frost Qi was sucked into his lungs. He could feel his blood moving, which made him feel extremely comfortable.

“Miss Lin has refined many fierce beast relics for me. As it acc.u.mulated, it was natural for me to break through.”

Lin Xintong said, “You reached the state of ‘Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse’. So, to break through to the Purple Blood, you need a lot of energy. To be able to breakthrough in battle using your own strength is not easy!”

“At this point, there is nothing else I can help you with. Your future will be decided by yourself. I will be leaving the Cloud Wilderness and returning to the Lin family. Since you have killed the Frost Python, I’ll leave this set of Frost Python desolate bones with you, as materials for you to learn the Desolate Heaven technique.”

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s expedition to the Desolate Human Valley ended. Both of them flew back overnight to the Lian tribal clan and separated at the entrance.

Lin Xintong took out all of Yi Yun’s hunts from her interspatial wristband. The pile of fierce beast meat was already tied up in rope, forming a mountain of meat. Its weight was about a hundred thousand pounds.

Before leaving, Lin Xintong took a glance at Yi Yun’s blood stained linen clothes and said, “I’ll give you a set of clothes&h.e.l.lip;”

Saying that, Lin Xintong’s fingers wiped the interspatial wristband and she took out a thin apparel. It was extremely soft and looked like flowing mercury.

“This shirt is called Flowing Mercury Gown. It’s a treasure. By wearing it, it can aid in increasing your strength and help you reach the large success stage of the Minute Subtlety movement technique.”

As she said that, with some movement of hers, that flowing mercury gown flew into Yi Yun’s hands.

Yi Yun found that it was cold to the touch. It felt like holding a pool of water, which was very comfortable.

He was filled with curiosity. What was this Flowing Mercury Gown’s mystery? How could it increase his strength and improve his Minute Subtlety technique?

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony and took off his linen shirt, exposing his shapely muscles.

After a few months of training, Yi Yun’s body was no longer thin and weak. He still looked thin with clothes on, but once he removed his clothes, he impressed people with his body’s muscular strength.

Every morning, Yi Yun would wake up to hear his joints popping. This proved that his body was growing very quickly!

Wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown, Yi Yun found it slick and cold. It was very comfortable.

“It’s really made of good material. This Flowing Mercury Gown must cost a fortune.”

As Yi Yun thought about it, his face stiffened, oh? Something is wrong!

Yi Yun was surprised to find the Flowing Mercury Gown growing tighter. It binded his muscles to the point of feeling pain.

Not only that, a huge force was pressed on his body, pushing him down to the ground!

“So heavy!” Yi Yun grimaced. What sort of gown was this? It looked weightless like the wings of a cicada, yet its weight was at least more than 60,000 lbs, and&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun felt that the weight increasing!

Not only that, this robe seemed to have extremely strong elasticity. It completely restricted Yi Yun’s muscles, causing Yi Yun to use great effort to move!

Even walking was physically exhausting while wearing this set of clothes, what’s more, boxing would be even worse!

“This Flowing Mercury Gown is a treasure made by my Lin family. In the city, there are many similar clothes, but none come close to the level of the Flowing Mercury Gown.”

“In the Flowing Mercury Gown, there is an array that absorbs Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and uses it as its power source. This set of clothing can change according to your preference. Its weight ranges from ten cauldrons to as many as a thousand cauldrons. The operating procedure is simple. I will explain it to you now&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Xintong explained the operating procedure of the Flowing Mercury Gown to Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s eyebrows kept twitching as he realized there were such clothes in this world!

He finally understood Lin Xintong’s words. He knew why wearing this set of clothes would aid him in learning the large success stage of Minute Subtlety.

It should be said that wearing this set of clothes was a form of training at every moment.

Yi Yun followed Lin Xintong’s instructions and indeed, the weight of the Flowing Mercury Gown could be changed. But even at its lightest, the Flowing Mercury Gown still weighed 10,000 lbs.

The weight is actually not as important. What was important was the Flowing Mercury Gown’s strong binding strength. It made Yi Yun use a lot of strength just to stretch his body, or to box.

“I shall give you this Flowing Mercury Gown,” Lin Xintong casually said.

Yi Yun was stunned. Although Lin Xintong had simply described it, Yi Yun could guess that this Flowing Mercury Gown was not cheap. Yet, Lin Xintong gave it to him.

He was just about to say something when Lin Xintong began to float away. She was like a piece of cloud, flying up in the sky. With a blow of the wind, she had disappeared&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun was somewhat disappointed. He had separated from Lin Xintong today, and in a few days, he would step foot into the central plains.

The Kingdom’s central plains was something Yi Yun had long antic.i.p.ated!

Yi Yun looked at the huge mountain of meat beside him. He pulled the ropes and dragged the hundreds of thousands pounds of meat.

Having reached the Purple Blood realm, Yi Yun’s strength had grown. He lowered the weight of the Flowing Mercury Gown to 10,000 lbs. As for the binding strength of the Flowing Mercury Gown, it gave him difficulties stretching his body, but to maintain the rope pulling actions wasn’t difficult. Hence, it was simple for Yi Yun to drag the mountain of meat.

The fierce beasts tied up in the meat mountain had thick flesh and tough hides. Even as they were dragged, their meat did not get mangled. But due to the great weight of the fierce beasts, it left a huge ditch in the ground.

The scene of Yi Yun dragging the meat was shocking. As it was nearing noon, many of the Lian tribal clan’s people were out in the fields working.

They saw a moving mountain of meat from afar.

“What’s that?”

The people were shocked. When the meat neared them, on closer inspection they were shocked till their chins nearly fell to the ground.

Within the mountain of meat were tied up fierce beasts. The bigger ones were the size of a house. It weighed several tens of thousands pounds!

Such a large pile of fierce beasts were all dead. Yi Yun was dragging them like he was dragging a dog.

These&h.e.l.lip; were killed by Yi Yun?

He went into the vast wilderness to hunt?

Those who thought of that were stunned.

To hunt in the vast wilderness was a dream-like phrase to the people of the Lian tribal clan.

If they could go into the vast wilderness to hunt, then there will be no lack of meat in the tribe.

But the vast wilderness was fraught with dangers. Even Purple Blood warriors did not dare to go too deep. They would usually hunt within a hundred miles of the village. And that was already considered very amazing!

Purple Blood warriors returning with one or two fierce beasts the size of a cattle would be a great catch.

But now, Yi Yun had dragged more than a hundred fierce beasts of various sizes. It was as if the ground had been littered with them for him to pick them up.

In the Cloud Wilderness, fierce beasts were synonymous with cruelty and death. Each fierce beast was terrifying and there was great risk hunting one. But for Yi Yun to hunt en ma.s.se, he was too monstrous!

Yi Yun killed that many fierce beasts in the past few days? He had ventured deep into the vast wilderness?

The people of the Lian tribal clan were lost for words. And especially the members of the warrior preparation camp who deeply understood the strength of the fierce beasts. They looked at Yi Yun as if he were a G.o.d, and wished they could kneel down and worship him.

In the vast wilderness, those with strength were respected. In the past, they could estimate Yi Yun’s strength from the Kingdom’s selection. They had no idea how strong Yi Yun really was.

But today, they had finally seen it.

He was a monster!

“Young master Yi&h.e.l.lip; hasn’t broken into the Purple Blood realm yet, right?”

Even the farmers knew that warriors had to reach the Purple Blood realm to go out into the vast wilderness to hunt. But how did Yi Yun manage doing so being at the peak of Mortal Blood realm?

“How would I know? Maybe he has already broken through. Even if he hasn’t, so what? Don’t you know, Young master Yi was named the first in the selection, and was made a Kingdom Knight. Maybe his peak-Qi Gatherer realm is enough to match a Purple Blood’s fighting power!”

Hearing someone from the warrior preparation camp say that, the people were disturbed. If Yi Yun could match a Purple Blood realm at the Mortal Blood realm, then when he broke through to the Purple Blood realm, what would the extent of his powers be?

It could be expected that Yi Yun would have a meteoric rise in the future, and will amount to great things. If they could follow Yi Yun, being one of his servants or servant girls, then they could upgrade their lives by clinging onto him, allowing them to not worry about food or clothing.


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