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Yi Yun could clearly sense the toxins in w.a.n.g Mu's body being purged by the medicinal essence.

w.a.n.g Mu's body began to tremble gently. His dormant meridians were reacting to the newfound vitality.

But at that moment, the medicinal essence encountered an obstruction. It caused Yi Yun to frown slightly.

w.a.n.g Mu had been inflicted with this poison for too long. His meridians were well immersed in the toxic elements. After the medicinal essence surged in, it encountered various obstacles and was prevented from entering into w.a.n.g Mu's critical acupuncture points.

However, Yi Yun had accounted for this.

"Let me help you."

Two wisps of Yuan Qi manifested as flames in Yi Yun's palms. He gave w.a.n.g Mu a glance before injecting the two fire wisps into w.a.n.g Mu's dantian.

The moment they entered w.a.n.g Mu's dantian, they began to burn vigorously.

w.a.n.g Mu produced a subconscious grunt as his body began to convulse violently.

Having his dantian burned was excruciatingly painful. However, this burning process sped up the medicinal essence's flow. It also eviscerated the toxins at the same time.

Although his dantian was being burned, it was unharmed thanks to the continual nourishment from the medicinal essence. Furthermore, Yi Yun's control of the flames was extremely precise.

w.a.n.g Mu's grunt could be heard from outside. Old Man w.a.n.g and company turned anxious. However, they could only wait since Old Man w.a.n.g remained silent. Xiaoxiao bit down on her lips and looked at the door with immense antic.i.p.ation and trust in Yi Yun.

Slowly, all the toxins in w.a.n.g Mu's body were burned out of his meridians. They were cleansed once again by the medicinal essence, causing his ghastly pale face to take on a more ruddy complexion.

This process took a day and a night. It was only the next morning when w.a.n.g Mu slowly opened his eyes.

He had been unconscious for very long. He looked at Yi Yun in a daze. "You are…"

His mind wasn't clear after being unconscious for so long.

"It's good that you are awake. I still have many things to ask you but they can be temporarily put aside," said Yi Yun.

He opened the door and looked at the waiting family members.

"Go on in. He's awake," said Yi Yun.

"That…is great!"

Old Man w.a.n.g was burning with excitement. Xiaoxiao could not help but tear up.

Yi Yun left the room. The family definitely had much to talk about so he did not plan on disturbing them.

Xiaoxiao walked out of the room an hour later. She bowed reverently at Yi Yun and said, "Young Master, my father wishes to meet you."

With Yi Yun successfully reviving her father, Xiaoxiao already treated him as a person she looked up more than anyone.

When Yi Yun entered the room, w.a.n.g Mu struggled to get up. "Benefactor, thank you very…"

"Dispense with the formalities. Just lie down," said Yi Yun.

w.a.n.g Mu shook his head. He persisted as he stood weakly from the bed as he gave a solemn kowtow.

He had already learned of everything that happened from Old Man w.a.n.g and Qing'er.

"They have planted a Mind Loss Gu in your wife, but her life should not be at risk for now." Yi Yun spoke plainly and told w.a.n.g Mu all he knew about his wife.

w.a.n.g Mu's eyes suffused sadness and anger. "Darn the Li family! They take advantage of their power to bully others, especially us mortal-borns who have no means to resist. They treat my wife and I like ants."

As a result, he was even more fascinated by Yi Yun. It showed in his eyes. As a victim of the Li family, he knew how powerful the Li family and the Martial Numinous clan were. Yet, Yi Yun had infiltrated the Li family and found his wife.

Although Yi Yun had failed to save his wife, w.a.n.g Mu knew that his wife was still alive at the very least.

And now, not only did the Li family fail to capture Yi Yun, Yi Yun had even managed to return to Martial City and buy herbs safely.

It was the couple's good luck that they had encountered Yi Yun. He was destined to be a person of paramount importance in their lives.

As for what Yi Yun wanted to ask, w.a.n.g Mu had already guessed it.

"Benefactor, you saved my life. I have no problem giving the herbal garden to you. My wife and I are not fated to possess the herbal garden, but neither should the Li family benefit from it," said w.a.n.g Mu sincerely.

"Although the location of the herbal garden is a secret, knowing its location alone isn't enough. Perhaps that is the reason why Li Yunshang planted a Mind Loss Gu in my wife. He must know that simply knowing the location is insufficient to find the herbal garden."

"Locating the herbal garden requires a specific time and special method. My wife and I were lucky and first entered the herbal garden out of sheer coincidence," explained w.a.n.g Mu.

Such a coincidence would usually be considered an opportunity but they never expected it to end up being a calamity that plagued them. When w.a.n.g Mu mentioned it, he turned depressed.

"I see…" Yi Yun nodded. In that case, it was true that the Li family would not be able to find the ancient herbal garden if w.a.n.g Mu's wife did not reveal the truth.

"Don't worry. I will try my best to rescue your wife but I dare not give you any guarantees. I encountered an old enemy of mine in the Li household and I'm not his match. However, that enemy is just treating his injuries in the Li household. I doubt he will stay there forever. If anything untoward happens to Yuan Ling, I'll avenge you," promised Yi Yun.

All he could do was try his best to save Yuan Ling. If his strength increased once again and he was able to find a way to prevent Myriad G.o.d Patriarch from discovering him by concealing his aura, there was an opportunity he could take advantage of.

"Thank you, Young Master!" w.a.n.g Mu kowtowed solemnly once again.

He was incapable of fighting the Li family. w.a.n.g Mu saw hope when Yi Yun gave him his word.

"Based on my calculations, the herbal garden will open twenty days from now when both the hour and quarter-hour are Yin aligned. Young Master Yi, this matter should not be delayed. Set off immediately. As for the other details of the ancient herbal garden, I'll tell you everything," said w.a.n.g Mu.


An hour later, a beam of light shot out from the valley and streaked rapidly into the distance. In a blink of an eye, it had vanished beyond the horizons.

The Martial Numinous continent was vast and its terrain was complex. There were lofty mountain ranges as well as gigantic plains that extended for millions of kilometers.


A beam of light streaked across a cliff before arriving at an inland sea.

The inland sea was tumultuous, with raging winds and choppy waves. The seawater suffused a deep black color. No birds dared fly over it. One could vaguely sense the bloodl.u.s.t aura in it. It was unknown if it was a land of peril or if formidable beasts lurked in the sea.

The beam descended suddenly before transforming into Yi Yun. He stood on a cliff by the inland sea. He studied it in amazement.

"The ancient herbal garden is actually here. It's truly unexpected," said Yi Yun wistfully.

According to w.a.n.g Mu, he and his wife had entered the inland sea by accident before they discovered the herbal garden.

If this were any other time, people would leave if they came across the inland sea. No one would stay in a place like this.

The person who left behind the ancient herbal garden was unknown. In the long rivers of history, such a figure must have been ill.u.s.trious but failed to reach the pinnacle of his craft. Therefore, the figure eventually was reduced to nothingness, leaving the herbal garden ownerless.

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