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As the largest city of the Martial Numinous clan, Martial City had countless people visiting it on a daily basis. There were more than ten entrances into the city, and all of them were guarded by members of the Li family. However, it had been more than ten days since Yi Yun's infiltration. The Li family guards no longer had a strict att.i.tude towards their duties.

They were from the high and mighty Martial Numinous clan after all. They were above menial ch.o.r.es like guarding the gates. But now, guarding the gates was exactly what they were doing, and all because of an audacious mortal-born.

When they heard the news, they believed that the mortal-born was already lucky enough to escape. Under such circ.u.mstances, was there any point to them guarding of the gates?

Therefore, even when Yi Yun walked right in front of a member of the Li family, all he received was a glance and nothing more.

Martial City was large and Yi Yun had used a different entrance from the previous one he took. After he entered the city, he arrived in another city district.

Yi Yun did not know how Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had discovered him. However, after racking his brains, he believed that it was very likely the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Yi Yun sealed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's aura with the Purple Crystal before his trip into the city. Furthermore, he had the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book. He refused to believe that Myriad G.o.d Patriarch would find him this time.

"I'll purchase the herbs for w.a.n.g Mu first."

The herbs that Yi Yun needed for the concoction of w.a.n.g Mu's medicine were not expensive. However, they were extremely rare. He could only buy them from a medicinal clinic of a certain scale.

He asked on the streets and after learning of a medicinal clinic's name, he headed for it.

"Rejuvenation Pavilion. It's apparently quite a good medicinal clinic. It's also a little related to the Heaven Refinement Pavilion." Yi Yun stood by the door and took a glance before walking in.

The Rejuvenation Pavilion was a lot smaller than the Heaven Refinement Pavilion. There were only two attendants and one man that looked like a store manager behind the counter.

Yi Yun headed straight for the counter and placed a list on it. "I want to purchase these herbs."

The manager first took a glance at the list before he slowly looked up. He was taken aback when he did so.

"It's you?"

Yi Yun recognized the manager too. He was the thin middle-aged alchemist he had encountered back at the Heaven Refinement Pavilion.

Back then, Yi Yun's appearance had not been seen by anyone from the Li family. Nor did the Li family know that the mortal-born that had failed to buy the herbs was really a disguised Yi Yun. Therefore, Yi Yun continued using that same disguise. But he never expected to encounter the thin alchemist again.

It was no wonder the people who told him about the Rejuvenation Pavilion said that it was related to the Heaven Refinement Pavilion. It was actually run by the thin alchemist.

He was only an ordinary alchemist in the Heaven Refinement Pavilion but was able to open another medicinal clinic in the city under the endors.e.m.e.nt of the Heaven Refinement Pavilion and the Martial Numinous clan.

The thin alchemist gave the list in his hand an amused look before he stared back at Yi Yun. He had a derisive smile on his face.

"What did I say last time? That you would soon realize the Martial Numinous clan reigns supreme in Martial City. As long as you wish to buy herbs, anything precious will need to go through the Martial Numinous clan."

"Hehehehe, we meet once again. How about it? Are you going to sign the contract to serve my clan or…"

The thin alchemist raised his head as though he was looking at Yi Yun through his nostrils. He naturally felt delighted that he so quickly gained an opportunity to smack Yi Yun in the face.

Yi Yun knitted his brows slightly. "I have no interest in signing a contract! I just want all the pills and herbs on this list."

"Heh heh." The alchemist sneered as he slowly twirled his thin mustache. "You should really be willing to sacrifice something after having refused someone's first overture. If you want to buy the herbs, sure! The herbs you want to buy, especially the Autumn Pine, can only be found here or at the Heaven Refinement Pavilion. I won't beat around the bush. These things will cost you a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus. Hand it over!"

With that said, the middle-aged alchemist leaned back as he smiled at Yi Yun.

From his point of view, a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus was an extremely precious item. Even Martial Numinous alchemists did not have one, let alone mortal-borns.

He did not care if he made the sale or not. All he did, he did to entertain himself with Yi Yun.

Although he could not identify the medicine Yi Yun wanted to create from the listed herbs, Autumn Pine was used to heal injuries. That meant that he needed to save a life and it was not something that could be delayed. He wanted to watch Yi Yun sweat as he faced this dilemma.

"A G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus?" Yi Yun sneered. The herbs were not even worth a tenth of a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus.

"What? Can't you afford it? If you can't, scram. Don't hold me up from running my business," said the middle-aged alchemist as he flapped his fan.

At that moment, his words came to a sudden halt as though his neck was being clasped. He was also staring with widened eyes.

A G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus had been thrown onto his counter.

The middle-aged alchemist looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. He never imagined that Yi Yun would actually produce one.

"Here's the money. I want the herbs," said Yi Yun coldly. There was no way he was forgetting the alchemist.

The way the middle-aged alchemist looked at Yi Yun changed. He originally believed that Yi Yun was a pauper but now, the look he gave Yi Yun was a little strange.

The punk was truly extravagant to use a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus to purchase such cheap herbs.

He did not believe that Yi Yun was a r.e.t.a.r.d who would buy cheap goods at a hugely inflated price. It meant that the Autumn Pine was extremely important to Yi Yun. He really was using it to save a life.

A thought came to him and he added, "When I said one G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus, it was only the total price of the list of herbs. However, there is tax as well. We need to pay our taxes to the Martial Numinous clan for every sale made. You are also responsible for the tax. Add on another fifty million mid-grade Spirit Jade."

The middle-aged alchemist grinned as he stretched his hand out. He was certain that Yi Yun was wealthy and in desperate need of the Autumn Pine. It would be going easy on Yi Yun if he did not fully take the chance to rip him off.

The glint in Yi Yun's eyes dimmed. He took out five interspatial rings and placed them neatly on the counter. "Here's the fifty million."

Yi Yun did not want trouble while Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was inside Martial City. However, the alchemist's actions had tried the limits of his patience.

"Hehe, you really do have it." The middle-aged alchemist looked at Yi Yun like he was a fat lamb for the slaughter. He stroked his chin and silently sent a mental imprint to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun instantly noticed it. It was a tracing mark!

He did not react to it and feigned ignorance.

"Go, get the herbs he wants," instructed the middle-aged alchemist.

Soon, Yi Yun was given a few bags of herbs.

After receiving the herbs, Yi Yun did not even give the alchemist a second look. He walked straight out of Rejuvenation Pavilion.

With the herbs in hand, Yi Yun left Martial City immediately and acted warily.

He quickly reached a desolate land that was five hundred kilometers away from Martial City. Yi Yun came to a sudden halt when he arrived.

He sneered and leisurely turned his head back. A few figures suddenly appeared behind him.

There were five people, with four of them having eighth or ninth-storey Dao Palaces. The last one was a half-step Supremacy.

"You sold me the herbs at ridiculously high price and now even have thoughts of robbing me. Your avarice really knows no bounds."

The middle-aged alchemist who had fleeced Yi Yun was among the five. The others were unfamiliar faces.

The middle-aged alchemist roared with laughter. "It looks like you aren't that dumb after all. However, you caught on too late. How dare a mortal-born like you offend me? I'll let you know what happens to those who offend the Martial Numinous clan today!"

"You are robbing your customer in broad daylight. It's true that the rules of Martial City only exist in name," said Yi Yun as he shook his head.

"Rules? Those rules are meant for you mortal-borns. The death of a mortal-born means nothing here. Even if someone were to get suspicious, they would not investigate me," said the middle-aged alchemist disdainfully.

In fact, it wasn't often that he had such thoughts. He was only tempted because of Yi Yun's wealth. Yi Yun was able to produce a G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus and fifty million mid-grade Spirit Jade without blinking. How rich was he?

He naturally could not hold back when faced with such immense wealth.

At that moment, Yi Yun revealed a faint sinister smile. "Do you know why it took me until now to discover all of you?"

Upon seeing Yi Yun's reaction, the middle-aged alchemist felt something amiss. Similarly, a man from the Martial Numinous clan he had brought to aid him said impatiently, "Why are we letting a person that is about to die speak so much?"


Instantly, all them charged toward Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's eyes flickered with killing intent. He extended his hand and touched his interspatial ring. His voice also sounded: "It's because I felt that this place is most suitable for killing when I pa.s.sed by it."


A dazzling cold glint beam lit up from Yi Yun's hand. The frost beam streaked across s.p.a.ce and appeared suddenly before vanishing the next instant.

After the cold beam flashed, the first person that charged at Yi Yun seemed to be frozen in place.

A shallow sword mark appeared at his throat.


Blood gushed out, blasting his head off.


The middle-aged alchemist was alarmed. The person that had just died was an eighth-storey Dao Palace warrior. Yet, he had been killed by instantly Yi Yun!?

Immediately following that, a few heads suddenly flew in different directions, splattering blood everywhere.

Puah Puah Puah!

Everyone he had brought with him had been instantly killed by Yi Yun. Even the half-step Supremacy was no exception. All he managed to do was react. He moved to block Yi Yun's strike but before he could even complete his parry, his head and body were already separated.

Just like stepping a c.o.c.kroach to death was equivalent to stepping an ant to death, killing the Dao Palaces and the Supremacy were no different to Yi Yun.

The middle-aged alchemist stood rooted to his spot. His entire body turned ice cold as he found himself among four fresh corpses.

The four people had been instantly killed by Yi Yun…

Yi Yun's strength was even higher than an ordinary Supremacy's.

"How… How can you!" The middle-aged man felt suffocated. He could clearly sense that Yi Yun was very young. How did he have such ridiculous strength?

"Don't kill me… I'm an alchemist. I can refine pills for you. Besides, I'm a nephew of the Martial Numinous clan's Elder Bai… I'll return your G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annulus…" The middle-aged alchemist stuttered.

Before his voice faded, Yi Yun had suddenly appeared in front of him. He raised his hand as the sword plunged.


The blade cleaved down and instantly, the middle-aged alchemist's indignant and terrified look froze.

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