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"Yi Yun! It was indeed you!" A voice filled with hatred roared angrily in Yi Yun's ears. The voice belonged to none other than the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch!

Yi Yun's heart tightened. He should have realized that if Myriad G.o.d Patriarch lived, he would be heavily injured by Old Snake. So no matter where he went, he would first seek out a local alchemist to treat him. It was very possible for him to encounter Myriad G.o.d Patriarch in the Li household.

However, what truly baffled Yi Yun was that he had used the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book to transform himself. It had never failed him; yet, he was still recognized by Myriad G.o.d Patriarch. How did that happen?

Concealing his body lost its meaning at that point in time. All of Yi Yun's Yuan Qi surged as he raised his speed to the maximum and charged straight out. He was as fast as lightning, so much so that even the patrolling guards did not manage to react in time. All they felt was a gust of wind blow past them.


Yi Yun charged right out of the Li household. Simultaneously, a tiny figure suddenly appeared above the little yard. He was covered in a cloak, with only his aged and abnormal face revealed. He frantically swept the little yard with bloodshot eyes before charging in the direction that Yi Yun had fled in.

"The Heavens have eyes after all. They have allowed me to meet you here! It's all because of you that I have ended up in my present predicament. You think you can escape?" Myriad G.o.d Patriarch's face was distorted. Yi Yun had s.n.a.t.c.hed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron from him, the thing he had been studying for countless years. The aura of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and Yi Yun had been ingrained into his mind, two things that he would never forget.

Yi Yun had infiltrated the Li family and got just a short distance away from him. This resulted in his discovery. Myriad G.o.d Patriarch would naturally take the chance to seek revenge on Yi Yun and s.n.a.t.c.h the Ascending Dragon Cauldron back.

He immediately took off in pursuit when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. His body could not help but tremble.

As he had encountered Yi Yun again, the upheaval in emotions was just too intense that it caused his injuries to act up again.

A few figures appeared at that moment. Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang were there too.

Li Jiuxiao was filled with rage and surprise. He had sensed Myriad G.o.d Patriarch and at the same time, sensed an aura fly out of his Li household rapidly. Who was it that infiltrated his Li family late in the night without him discovering it?

"Fellow Daoist Myriad, what's going on?!"

Li Jiuxiao looked at Myriad G.o.d Patriarch warily. He already had one hand placed on his interspatial ring. The elder acted mysteriously and claimed to have the surname of Myriad. Li Jiuxiao did not know his exact ident.i.ty. Were it not for the high price he offered, Li Jiuxiao would definitely not have agreed to treat his injuries.

Myriad G.o.d Patriarch knitted his brows. He naturally wasn't going to explain how he knew Yi Yun. It would only result in more people coveting the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

However, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch still needed Li Jiuxiao to help him refine pills that could treat his injuries, so he did not wish to offend him. He said, "Someone infiltrated your Li household late into the night and here you are, questioning me? How would I know? I should be the one asking you."

As he spoke, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch's figure flashed. He had vanished into the night as he continued his pursuit of Yi Yun!

"Infiltrated the Li household late into the night?"

Li Yunshang's brows twitched. He looked at the tiny yard that Yi Yun had appeared in. It was his, and the person staying in the yard was w.a.n.g Mu's wife Yuan Ling.

The Li household was large, with hundreds of buildings. It was too much of a coincidence that the infiltrator chose Yuan Ling's room.

It had to be that the person was there for Yuan Ling!

Li Jiuxiao clearly realized this. "He was here for that woman? Could it be… that he was the one who killed Yunfeng?!"

Upon coming to this realization, Li Jiuxiao burned with immediate rage. Apart from that person, who else would want to save the woman?

This person had killed his son and his subordinates, and took the lowly slave away. Now, he was even emboldened enough to infiltrate his Li family!

If not for Myriad G.o.d Patriarch's discovery, the woman would have been taken away without them detecting it.

"He won't be able to escape while in my Martial Numinous clan's territory! Chase after him!"

Soon, more than a dozen figures shot out from the Li household, heading in the direction Yi Yun had fled.

At that moment, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was already hundreds of kilometers away. He had locked onto the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's aura. Although it was already very far, just a sliver of it was enough for him to watch it intently like a venomous snake.

"Yi Yun, you won't be able to escape!" Myriad G.o.d Patriarch roared furiously. His voice rumbled like thunder in the sky as it penetrated Yi Yun's ears.

The escaping Yi Yun frowned as he accelerated even more.

Every last bit of his Yuan Qi surged as he suddenly turned into a blur, like a floating light and pa.s.sing shadow, making it difficult for anyone to pursue him.

"Oh?" Myriad G.o.d Patriarch sensed that the aura was rapidly creating a distance from him. He was astounded. Thinking back to Yi Yun's aura he sensed when he detected him, Yi Yun was apparently at the first-storey Dao Palace. But now, it was far from that.

"Darn b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He has actually… broken through to the Supremacy realm. How… how is this possible!?"

Myriad G.o.d Patriarch found it unbelievable. It had only been a few years! How was Yi Yun making breakthroughs this fast?

A Supremacy cultivation level made one quite a figure anywhere in the Sinkhole.

Could it be because of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? Myriad G.o.d Patriarch rejected that thought almost immediately. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron was definitely not that heaven-defying.

The moment he thought of Yi Yun obtaining the Dragon Emperor Technique, his yearning to skin Yi Yun and drink his blood turned intense. All of that should have been his!

"No matter how much you improve yourself, you are not my match. Continue fleeing. The more you flee, the more you will reel in despair when I catch you!" Myriad G.o.d Patriarch released a sanguine aura as he increased his speed too.

The sanguine aura was strange and sinister. It resembled a blood cloud in the sky as it surged towards Yi Yun.

"He should be heavily injured and incomparable to what he was back then…"

After his initial fl.u.s.tered shock, Yi Yun had gradually calmed down. The strength Myriad G.o.d Patriarch exuded was much weaker than it was back in the pocket world.

If Yi Yun had encountered the Myriad G.o.d Patriarch of that period, the outcome would have been disastrous.

Yi Yun did not know what mystic technique Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had used to fool Old Snake, but for Old Snake to think he was dead, the final strike must have been extremely powerful.

Myriad G.o.d Patriarch definitely had to pay a tremendous price to escape from death!

Furthermore, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch had already been approaching his end. Such a person's potential had long been expended and his cultivation level was beginning to decline. Once he was heavily injured, it was very likely he could suffer a fall in cultivation realm.

After Old Snake was injured, he lived for tens of millions of years without ever managing to recover from it. Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was far inferior to Old Snake so it was impossible for him to recover his peak strength without encountering a huge opportunity.

As for himself, Yi Yun had already broken through to the Supremacy realm. He now had means to defend himself against ordinary Divine Lords.

After such careful a.n.a.lysis, Yi Yun thought that perhaps Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was not that terrifying anymore.

Of course, this was only Yi Yun's a.n.a.lysis. Yi Yun would not dare risk his life to confirm it.

"I have the Purple Crystal to replenish my Yuan Qi and I have the Dragon Emperor Technique to stimulate my vital potential. I refuse to believe I won't be able to escape your pursuit."

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