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"Young Master, why… why did you…"

The color in the elder's face drained. He never imagined that Yi Yun would act so ruthlessly and decisively by killing everyone.

Yi Yun did not turn to face the elder but said, "There's no need to panic. I will clean up this mess."

Clean up?

The elder was taken aback. How could the situation be cleaned up when it was in such a dire state?

However, he wasn't too worried about the Martial Numinous clan's revenge. After all, his son's days were numbered and his own life was of no importance. The only thing that truly worried him was his young granddaughter Xiaoxiao. She had limitless possibilities ahead of her. He did not wish for her to die young.

The elder was at a loss as to what to do when he saw Yi Yun suddenly smack the green jar in his hand. A green smoke flew out of the jar, manifesting into a ferocious face that had bared fangs.

"This is…"

The elder's eyelids twitched. The green face was nothing less than a demon.

"Master, what do you need of me?"

"Search his soul," said Yi Yun simply.

Poison Demon cried out as he pounced onto the youth. Although Yi Yun had destroyed his soul sea, scattered memories could still be dredged up before the soul completely dissipated.

And when it came to searching souls, Poison Demon was an expert. The information obtained would be a lot more detailed than if Yi Yun were to do so.

At that moment, the manager-like middle-aged man regained consciousness. When he saw the youth's soul being searched, he was frightened out of his wits.

Yi Yun gave the plump manager a glance and was just about to finish him off when he suddenly noticed that Xiaoxiao was glaring at the plump manager with eyes filled with hate.

Yi Yun's heart stirred. The scene in front of them was a rather b.l.o.o.d.y one. Yi Yun originally believed that a young lady of about sixteen years of age would turn pale from such a shocking scene yet she was able to take it all in.

An environment influenced a person greatly. Even a weak young lady would have her bloodthirstiness triggered by tragic enough circ.u.mstances.

Yi Yun asked Xiaoxiao, "Do you hate him?"

"Yes, they were the ones who harmed my father!"

"Have this." Yi Yun casually swiped his interspatial ring and handed a short sword to Xiaoxiao.

It was a short sword Yi Yun obtained from Cang Wu. As a Supremacy's short sword, it was naturally of very high quality.

"I'm giving this sword to you. You can be the one to kill him."

Xiaoxiao received the sword. Hands trembling, she grabbed the blade, which cut her hands and left blood on the ice-cold blade.

Xiaoxiao took a deep breath as she put all her strength into plunging the sword into the plump manager's chest.


The sword penetrated his body as his eyes went wide. After convulsing a few times, he took his last breath.

Xiaoxiao drew out the sword as she panted heavily. The strike seemed to have enervated her strength.

Yi Yun gave an approving nod. In this world where strength reigned supreme, such fierceness made it easier to survive. A frail and kind girl could survive if she had a powerful background; if not, she would only end in tragedy.

At that moment, Yi Yun could not help but size up Xiaoxiao carefully. He was surprised to discover that the girl's const.i.tution was not bad. Furthermore, she had a unique bloodline in her.


Yi Yun was puzzled. According to the elder's recount, w.a.n.g Mu was of ordinary birth. The elder was also a mortal-born through and through. They did not seem to have any special bloodlines. Could the girl's bloodline come from her mother?

What sort of person was w.a.n.g Mu's wife?

Regardless, the girl named Xiaoxiao showed potential for practicing martial arts when it came to her talent and character. If she were to join a sect, she was bound to develop her toughness into martial strength.

"The items in this ring are yours to keep."

Yi Yun casually produced an interspatial ring and handed it to Xiaoxiao. The items in it were some spoils of war he had received. They were of no use to him but would give a young girl that was just entering the path of martial arts tremendous help.

"Young Master, this…" Xiaoxiao looked at the interspatial ring. She had cultivated as a child with w.a.n.g Mu. She had cultivated to the most basic stage, enough to probe the items in the interspatial ring. She could sense that the items Yi Yun had given her were extremely precious.

"These are some things to help you build up your foundation. In the future, your growth will depend on yourself. Your father might not awaken, after all."

When Yi Yun finished saying that, Poison Demon was done searching the soul and pa.s.sed the information to Yi Yun.

The dead youth's name was Li Yunfeng. In his fragmented memories, Poison Demon found quite a bit of information about the Martial Numinous clan.

"Oh? This Li Yunfeng's father Li Jiuxiao is actually a top alchemist in the Martial Numinous clan…"

Yi Yun was quite surprised. Li Yunfeng had quite a stunning background. His father held a high post in the Martial Numinous clan and controlled a lot of the clan's resources. That was actually why Li Yunfeng had such a cultivation level at such a young age, his father had provided him a large number of resources. Unfortunately, he had crossed Yi Yun who was on a completely different level.

The Martial Numinous clan's alchemical methods were considered above average. The pills the clan's alchemists produced alone were insufficient to meet the Martial Numinous clan's demands. Therefore, the Martial Numinous clan needed to trade pills with external factions.

Internally, the Martial Numinous clan had a place known as the Heaven Refinement Pavilion. It sold all sorts of treasured herbs. According to Li Yunfeng's memories, it housed many herbs that Yi Yun was interested in.

As such, Yi Yun decided that he had to visit the Heaven Refinement Pavilion at once.

Having thought through this, Yi Yun flicked his finger, sending a few fireb.a.l.l.s out. He incinerated the five corpses and the ashes scattered into the wind.

Following that, a tiny paG.o.da appeared in Yi Yun's hand. "Do not resist. Enter it directly. Once I settle this whole matter, I will bring you out of the city and settle you down in a safe area."

As Yi Yun spoke, the tiny paG.o.da expanded rapidly. The elder and Xiaoxiao felt a suction. The elder was quite knowledgeable and immediately knew that it was an abode-type artifact. He did not resist it and was sucked into the G.o.d Advent Tower.

Following that, Yi Yun fed w.a.n.g Mu a pill that temporarily sealed his vitality. He placed w.a.n.g Mu into the G.o.d Advent Tower for he could not treat w.a.n.g Mu at this time.

After finishing all of this, Yi Yun's appearance changed once again. His body became thinner as his appearance became more ordinary. He looked like the average man on the street and his cultivation level was once again reduced to the first-storey Dao Palace.

After that, Yi Yun transformed into a wisp of blue smoke, vanishing from the house.

Even if the Martial Numinous clan reacted quickly, it would be very difficult for them to pin the blame on him.

And at that moment, in Martial Numinous Palace, a white Life Slip cracked sharply and broke into two. The female attendants who were in charge of watching the Life Slips turned pale instantly.

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