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Although Yi Yun was given some idea after seeing the map, he still let out an audible sigh when he actually saw the city. It was far bigger than in his imagination.

The city's name was simply Martial, derived from the Martial Numinous clan's name. In a warrior's world, a city being named Martial City was a projection of its strength. Otherwise, it would have been something to mock.

According to the labels on the map, Martial City was split into six main districts. Yi Yun went straight for the first district because it was uniquely known for its numerous apothecaries. Yi Yun was in search of Fey bones and other herbal materials needed for the Dragon Emperor bloodline. He wanted to continue refining the pills required for the Dragon Emperor Technique.

The herbal materials Yi Yun needed were mostly priceless treasures, but with the White Lunar Divine Empire being so ma.s.sive, it was not impossible to find them there at all.

Yi Yun entered the city alone. He did not stand out amongst the crowd that was entering the city. Furthermore, he had concealed his cultivation level to appear like that of a third-storey Dao Palace realm person. Even in the White Lunar Divine Empire, Supremacies were not commonly seen. And with Yi Yun being so young, he was bound to attract attention as a Supremacy. Yi Yun did not wish to be noticed while in the Martial Numinous clan's territory.

Yi Yun was planning on shopping around to try his luck when he suddenly sensed a cold and sinister perception sweep through the street he was on. In response, a baffling sense of danger arose in Yi Yun's heart as it left him stifled.

He was momentarily shocked as he immediately converged his energy using the Purple Crystal. Such a dangerous feeling had come so suddenly. Not just that, it was in plain view on the streets of Martial City.

Yi Yun lowered his head and quickly entered a tiny tea shop. He found a corner and sat down. He converged all his aura and did not dare release his perception.

However, Yi Yun possessed the energy vision. Even without releasing his perception, he could still survey his surroundings with the energy vision.

Nothing could hide from the energy vision. Yi Yun saw that most people on the streets were lacking in cultivation levels. None of them were worth his attention.

However, he soon found someone. His body appeared like a black hole. It silently devoured the surrounding energy and laws.

The person was extremely short, like a dwarf. He wore a heavy cloak and his entire body was wrapped within. His face was shielded by the shadows and it was impossible to discern his appearance from where Yi Yun was. He had a thin force field around him that isolated him from the world.

If not for Yi Yun's energy vision, a perception probe alone would find it difficult to detect anything special about the person.

The person was likely a Divine Lord, and an extraordinary one at that.

Yi Yun had now broken through to become a Supremacy. He had a certain gauge of a person's strength too. Furthermore, he sensed something familiar about the aura that was being released by this person…

Who was he?

Yi Yun scoured through his memories and there was only one person that matched the dwarf-like height who came to mind. That person made Yi Yun's heart skip a beat.

Myriad G.o.d Patriarch!?

He was not dead after all!?

Yi Yun was inclined to believe that Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was already dead. However, there were only a handful of Divine Lords that he was familiar with. As for the dwarf-like body, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was the only person he knew that met that criteria. Back then, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was dressed up like a red-clothed child. However, his body was completely aged.

With this line of thought, the dwarf was very likely Myriad G.o.d Patriarch.

Back then, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch nearly robbed him of his life. Old Snake pursued Myriad G.o.d Patriarch and he entered the spatial chaos to witness the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d being pulverized. Yi Yun had even obtained Myriad G.o.d Patriarch's interspatial ring but… the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually managed to escape?

Yi Yun felt a chill when he came to this realization. It was quite ridiculous how many tricks the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d had up his sleeve. He even managed to fool Old Snake.

Although Yi Yun was unclear about how strong Old Snake truly was, he knew that he was not inferior to the White Lunar Divine Empire's Imperial Preceptors.

The world at large had underestimated Myriad G.o.d Ridge as well as Myriad G.o.d Patriarch.

Upon gathering his thoughts, Yi Yun felt extremely vexed. Having just arrived in the White Lunar Divine Empire, Yi Yun was unbothered by the Martial Numinous clan. After all, the clansmen he met back then were not considered strong. It was unlikely they could recognize him. However, Myriad G.o.d Patriarch was different. If he was recognized by him, he might be swallowed whole.

"Thankfully, I have used the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book to hide from the Martial Numinous clan. Besides, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d would probably never guess that I would come here. He did not do a careful search or the outcome would be unimaginable."

The Star Transference Heaven Changing Book was an extremely brilliant disguise. Even an enemy an entire realm higher than Yi Yun would find it difficult to see through its disguise. This was the reason he dared to stay in Martial City.

Yi Yun sat in the tea shop while converging his aura, as he watched Myriad G.o.d Patriarch leave through the energy vision until his aura was completely gone.

"Unfortunately, Senior Old Snake isn't around…"

Yi Yun shook his head. He had stayed in the Nine Li Magus Empire for too long and Old Snake had already been away for several years. It was unknown where he had gone to.

Although Old Snake treated Yi Yun as though he was his junior, he could not constantly stay by Yi Yun's side as his bodyguard. Ultimately, he needed to heal himself of his injuries. It was an obsession of his.

Yi Yun understood this and did not want to constantly trouble Old Snake anyway. He had to learn to rely on himself eventually.

"Young man, do you want some tea? Or are you here to eat something…"

While Yi Yun was still having his thoughts run wild, he suddenly heard an old voice.

Only then did Yi Yun recall that he had sat down in an obscure tea shop to evade detection. A store manager naturally came to serve him.

Yi Yun sized up the manager. The old man had white hair and had an extremely low cultivation level. He was only at the Yuan foundation realm, the beginning steps of the martial path. That was not considered a very high cultivation level even in the lower realms. In the White Lunar Divine Empire, it was practically a mortal.

Of course, any country in the Sinkhole, even the White Lunar Divine Empire, had many more mortals than warriors. Most people were unsuitable for practicing martial arts.

However, mortals were rarely made manager of a store in Martial City. The rent in the city was extremely expensive. Managers were typically at or higher than the Dao Manifestation realm. Such a weak elder astonished Yi Yun.

Furthermore, the tea shop appeared spartan. The tables and chairs were made from ordinary wood. They were not made of any treasured wood. The shop sold tea leaves and some snacks but they were lacking in spiritual energies. They were only slightly better than what mortals ate.

Yi Yun swept his surroundings with his perception and was astonished. Martial City had such a place?

Such cheap tea leaves and food could not be sold for much. Perhaps few people patronized it.

In fact, Yi Yun was the only customer in the store at the moment. He was sitting alone in the corner, as though he was melting into the shadows.

The old man noticed Yi Yun's expression and chuckled. He said, "Young man, I can tell you aren't here to drink tea. Did you see an enemy? Continue sitting there and have a rest."

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