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Chapter 138: Desolate Beast


Yi Yun countered a sneak attack that was launched by a fierce beast before cutting its head off!

This fierce beast was the size of a monkey. It had a pair of wings, which made it look like a bat.

“The ‘Purple Teeth Bat’. Its teeth have purple venom and upon entering the body of humans, it will melt their muscles, causing them to turn into liquid. Then, the Purple Teeth Bat will suck them dry. Eventually, only dessicated skin will be left. The Purple Teeth Bat’s strength is not great, but its speed is extremely fast and good at sneak attacks. It’s very good that you are able to chop off its head! In the past few hours, your saber techniques have improved.”

Lin Xintong was extremely proficient with the fierce beasts of the Cloud Wilderness. She was like an encyclopedia. Lin Xintong knew every fierce beast and dangerous plant they met along the way.

Along the way, Yi Yun would fight with fierce beasts while Lin Xintong would give out pointers, praise his moves and point out his deficiencies.

This benefited Yi Yun a lot.

Time pa.s.sed quickly, and the duo had gone deep into the valley. They had traveled hundreds of miles, spending a day and a night.

The duo experienced dozens of fights! Yi Yun settled them all!

During this, Yi Yun was injured, but they were minor so he quickly recovered.

If they were hungry, they would cook their meals on the spot. Roasting meat, steaming rice and brewing soup&h.e.l.lip; Although Lin Xintong was not a pursuer of good food, the food made by Yi Yun was still salivating.

Being away from home for a long time did not make Yi Yun worried. The Lian tribal clan was being taken care of by the Jin Long Wei and no one dared to touch Jiang Xiaorou.

After another day, it was late in the second night. Yi Yun had made great progress after continuous intense battles.

Because after every battle, Yi Yun could eat a bone relic, which strengthened his cultivation!

Not only did it improve his cultivation level, his foundation had improved. Most importantly, Yi Yun’s combat experience had rapidly increased. Traversing the vast wilderness and experiencing life and death battles were extremely valuable.


Suddenly, Yi Yun heard a sharp rustling sound. Very soon, the rustling sound became more intense. It was like tens of thousands pounds of sand being constantly grinded. The sound was a.s.saulting their eardrums.

Yi Yun had a change in expression when he felt a chill!

It was like a cold wind that blew and entered into the bone.

“What is it&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun went on high alert and attentively looked around. Under the faint fluorescent light, what he saw made his scalp tingle.

Not far away, a group of black snakes were sliding over.

Among this group of snakes, the slimmest was as thick as a water bucket. Some of them were as thick as a water tank, and some were so thick that two people were unable to encircle them.

A group of snakes arrived from all sights, surrounding Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

All these snakes were at the fierce beast level. With so many snakes attacking, Yi Yun was bound to be bitten to shreds.

But&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun had Lin Xintong beside him.

Lin Xintong glanced at the numerous pythons and said lightly, “We have encountered a desolate beast. All these snakes are being driven by a desolate beast!”

“Desolate beast!?” Yi Yun was stunned. Desolate beasts were one level higher than fierce beasts. There were much fewer desolate beasts than fierce beasts, but they were the true masters of the vast wilderness!

“It’s a Frost Python!” In this huge ma.s.s of pythons, Lin Xintong spotted the true serpent king.

Frost Python!?

Yi Yun of course knew about the Frost Python. He had stolen the Frost Python desolate bones from Lian Chengyu!!

The Frost Python desolate bones was toxic. To refine it, a Desolate Heaven Master was needed, or the consequences would be dire.

“It’s an immature Frost Python. Very good! Yi Yun, this is your chance. The Frost Python is one of the weakest desolate beasts. An immature one is about the strength of a normal Purple Blood warrior. You can try to see what it’s like battling at the Purple Blood level! In this battle, all you need is to remain undefeated. It will be way of hardening yourself!”

Yi Yun was still at the peak-Qi Gatherer realm. The gap between Mortal Blood and Purple Blood was big, but Yi Yun’s skills included Minute Subtlety and insight like no moves. Compounded with his Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse, he could battle a weak Purple Blood warrior!

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed with excitement.

Desolate beast! He was finally going to fight a desolate beast!

But with so many snakes&h.e.l.lip;

Just as Yi Yun was thinking about it, Lin Xintong made a move. She unsheathed her Frost Water sword and made a simple slash forward.

This strike turned into a bluish-white sword Qi. This sword Qi was cold to the bone. It spread out like a water ripple and the water vapor in the air froze and the ground was lined with a layer of ice!

At that moment, with Lin Xintong in the center, it was like a giant ice flower blooming. The surrounding hundred yards had turned into a world of ice!

The group of pythons that were rushing forward had been frozen by the ice, turning into ice sculptures!

Seeing this scene, Yi Yun was shocked.

He knew how strong the fierce beasts were. But under Lin Xintong’s hands, they did not have any resistance, and the entire group was killed in one shot.

Only the Frost Python serpent could resist Lin Xintong’s icy sword attack.

This was because the Frost Python serpent was strong and its elemental property was cold, so it had a high resistance to the Frost Qi.

But this sudden turn of events shocked the Frost Python!

It originally thought that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong would be a splendid meal. Warriors with a certain strength were a good supplement for desolate beasts. Eating them would have aided in its growth, allowing it to mature sooner.

As such the Frost Python had sent all its pythons to attack the two, hoping to deplete their energy with its legion of pythons, but surprisingly, its python army was wiped out before they could even attack!

The Frost Python had some intellect. It suddenly realized the strength of the young girl and was about to turn around and flee, but&h.e.l.lip;

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Runes began to flash. These runes formed a barrier of light trapping the Frost Python, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong within it.

“You can’t escape!” Lin Xintong said as she sheathed her Frost Water sword. “If you can win over that youth, I’ll let you go. If you can’t win, you will die!”

“Oh? It can understand human speech?” Seeing Lin Xintong speak to the Frost Python, Yi Yun was surprised.

“It doesn’t. But desolate beasts can feel the spirit waves of humans, so it can get the meaning.”

Lin Xintong was indeed correct. This Frost Python had identified its enemy.

It stared at Yi Yun and showed its black fangs.

The Frost Python was not big. Among the group of pythons, its body was actually the smallest. Its body was the thickness of an adult’s thigh, and was not longer than three feet.

Yi Yun stared at the Frost Python. Its every scale, and the texture on every scale could be seen clearly by Yi Yun.

For the Tao tribal clan to be able to kill a Frost Python, it proved that the Frost Python was the weakest among the desolate beasts. This battle was just right for him!

Lin Xintong stood on the side and watched with antic.i.p.ation. She wanted to see the result of the battle between Yi Yun and the Frost Python.


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