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When Yi Yun finished all of that, he heard a loud bang. The entire world began shaking violently as though there was a ma.s.sive earthquake.

With the central lake as the core, a gray ripple radiated out. The entire Herb Nurturing Array seemed to freeze as the gray ripple pa.s.sed. Following that, the fire-elemental Yuan Qi in the Herb Nurturing Array began surging towards the array's core like it was a series of ocean waves in a maelstrom.

And the very spot where the fire-elemental Yuan Qi intended to gather was where Yi Yun was standing!

"Oh? This is?"

Upon seeing all of these changes take place, the High Priest was alarmed. Following that, all the energy in the area gathered towards the middle of the array. This change happened so suddenly that it was impossible to predict what would happen next. Such a change felt like the calm before the storm—when all the energy was concentrated at one point, the explosion would only be more violent.

Apart from the Nine Li Magus Empire's clansmen, all the gathered alchemists were far away. But they were afraid that they were not far enough to escape.

Hum Hum Hum…

The fire-elemental Yuan Qi howled as the vortex that arose increased in size. As the energy was being absorbed, the laws vanished. It felt like the entire world was being devoured by the vortex.

About thirty seconds later, nearly all the energy was gathered from the world went to the array's core. It reached an unimaginable energy density that left everyone holding their breaths. They employed their various protective measures, all bracing for the upcoming explosion.

However, another thirty seconds pa.s.sed. The expected blast did not happen. The world remained surprisingly peaceful…

The world did not continue to crumble. Nor did any black holes form. Instead, the world was slowly mending itself. Even the spewing lava came to a rest, and flowed back into the depths of the earth.

Everything returned to normalcy. In the island at the array's core, the lake turned emerald green again. It was as though the violent Yuan Qi from before had just been a dream.

"The array has been fixed?"

The High Priest looked at the distant island and felt baffled. He sent his perception to every corner of the world and found that it was completely peaceful. Such a situation meant that there would likely be no explosion. But in that case, where did all the energy that was sucked into the array's core go?

Could such tremendous amounts of energy really be absorbed by something?

"It really has calmed down…" Aged Blackrock was pleasantly surprised but he also spoke in disbelief. Instead, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, Patriarch Pillheart, and Ouming Yin felt disheartened. They fell into a daze as they flew into the air.

As alchemists, their understanding of the array naturally exceeded that of the High Priest and Aged Blackrock. They were certain that the array had indeed been stabilized.

Yi Yun had actually succeeded. How did he do it?

"Darn it. Why did this happen?"

Patriarch Pillheart clenched his teeth till they nearly shattered. He was hoping to see the array destroyed and Yi Yun completely torn apart. He did not wish to see this outcome.

"What do we do? Did our fire seeds get devoured for nothing?" asked Ouming Yin.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold remained silent but his expression was as contorted as it could be. This was the biggest failure of his life. The Nine Li Magus Empire had originally requested his help and promised him handsome rewards. He even thought to profit more by taking advantage of the situation. The Nine Li Magus Empire had no choice but to agree to whatever he wanted before he agreed to lend his help.

But in the end, the Nine Li Magus Empire treated him as a fat lamb for slaughter. They allowed Yi Yun to devour his fire seed. In the end, he failed completely but Yi Yun succeeded in stabilizing the array. From beginning to end, he was treated like a complete r.e.t.a.r.d.

How could Alchemist Sage Purple Gold accept it?

At that moment, nomological array patterns appeared out of nowhere in the already peaceful land. These array patterns combined together and gathered towards the array's core.

Several minutes later, the remaining energy in the sky gathered together, forming thick Yuan Qi clouds. Light scattered through the layer of clouds, shining down on the island in the array's core like a falling river of stars. Countless array patterns bobbed up and down within the radiance of the river of stars.

Upon seeing this scene, even laymen knew that something impressive had happened to the array. It was more perfect than before the anomaly happened.

Now, even if the Herb Nurturing Array was not completed, it had taken a step closer to completion.

When the many alchemists saw this scene, they approached the array's core out of curiosity. However, they found that a barrier of light had appeared of nowhere, completely shielding the island within.

They could only look at the island through the barrier. The lake on the island was shimmering with light as green waves ebbed. It was difficult to imagine that such ma.s.sive energies had been absorbed by the tiny island. Where did all of it go?

Meanwhile, in the island's interior, the ma.s.sive Ascending Dragon Cauldron was quietly pressing down on the lake. The original Fate Changing Pill had disappeared, leaving only a few chains coiled around the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's three feet.

Yi Yun had already entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. The violent Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had all been sucked into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Any ordinary cauldron would have long exploded if it had sucked in such ma.s.sive amounts of energy. But this was nothing to the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Yi Yun managed to stabilize the Herb Nurturing Array by using the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to absorb the excess energy in the array, as well as using Ling Xie'er's Heretic G.o.d Fire.

At that moment, all the fiery energy within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron had calmed down. It transformed into a calm red ocean. However, beneath the layer of calmness laid an infinitely terrifying power.

And in the middle of this ocean, a girl lay asleep. She was the Fate Changing Pill. She was being nourished by the energy of the red ocean.

"Brother Yi Yun, you really did stabilize the array."

At that moment, Ling Xie'er appeared in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. When she saw the originally violent energies in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron become completely neutered by Yi Yun, she idolized him even more. She had previously attempted to stabilize the array through her own strength but the situation only turned worse. She knew very well how difficult it was.

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "You can't consider this my ability. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron is just too powerful. It can devour everything. In addition, I'm well versed in the divine alchemist's manuals. I understand the principle behind the Herb Nurturing Array, that's all. I thought that I would be able to fully complete the Herb Nurturing Array after breaking through to the Supremacy realm. But from the looks of it, I was being overly optimistic."

It had been hundreds of millions of years since the Herb Nurturing Array was set up. Completing it was not something that could be done in a day or two. Even Yi Yun, with his newfound Supremacy realm, lacked the confidence.

He needed time.

"Xie'er, stay in the Herb Nurturing Array and cultivate. The environment in here suits your growth."

Yi Yun needed Ling Xie'er to be the Herb Nurturing Array's core array fire. At the same time, it was also an opportunity for her to grow.

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