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Even Aged Blackrock felt that Yi Yun's revenge was overly ruthless when he saw Ling Xie'er devour the fire centipede. It was true that the alchemist sages had previously attempted to devour Yi Yun's fire seed, but they did not succeed in the end. In spite of that, Yi Yun had completely erased their fire seeds, leaving nothing behind.

And at that moment, the Seven Emotions fire seed became the last to be completely devoured by Ling Xie'er. The Seven Emotions fire seed was extraordinary, so extraordinary that Ling Xie'er was unable to immediately convert it into energy. The voluptuous woman continued struggling amid the flames.

"Sister, my dear sister. Spare me! Spare me…" The woman yelled before turning to Yi Yun. "Young lad, spare me. You can even wipe away the mental imprint Alchemist Sage Purple Gold left on me. You can have me under your control. I will submit to you as my master!"

At that moment, the Fire of Seven Emotions had less than half her strength left. She was on the verge of being wiped out. At that moment, she disregarded everything in order to survive. She would even betray Alchemist Sage Purple Gold and turn towards Yi Yun if she had to.

Yi Yun was not moved at all by her actions. Instead, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had a grotesque expression. His fire seed had publicly betrayed him just before he lost it.

"Devour her!"

Yi Yun waved his hand. He had no interest in the Fire of Seven Emotions. Furthermore, the Fire of Seven Emotions's incorporeal body was nothing but a vicious enchantress.

"Yes, Brother Yi Yun."

Ling Xie'er had hesitated originally but she would always take action on Yi Yun's orders. Since Yi Yun had given the word, she naturally obeyed.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!"

The Fire of Seven Emotions's pure energies began surging into Ling Xie'er's body. Although Ling Xie'er had lived for a very long time, she was pure like a blank piece of paper. As for the Fire of Seven Emotions, she was refined from the seven emotions and six desires of humanity. There were countless complexities within her.

"Refine them all away."

Yi Yun did not wish for those messy emotions to taint Ling Xie'er, so he gave such an order.


Ling Xie'er followed every instruction. At that moment, she was working on refining the Fire of Seven Emotions's incorporeal body, which was the enchantress herself.

"Well done! Well f.u.c.king done!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold suddenly turned deranged. The Fire of Seven Emotions was more important than mostly anything. Although he cherished his life more, he truly could not accept the situation if he were to go down without so much as a whimper.

"Nine Li Magus Empire, well f.u.c.king done. You got me here under the pretense of fixing the Herb Nurturing Array, only to have me end up as fish on a chopping block, to be slaughtered as you wish. In order to repair the array, you were willing to sacrifice my fire seed!"

When Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said that, he bellowed loudly and suddenly struck out with his palm, shattering the disk array beneath him.

At the same time, about eight other disk arrays surrounding Alchemist Sage Purple Gold shattered. Following that, he retrieved and put away the thousands of array flags.

He had completely destroyed the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array. At that moment, the chaotic fire-elemental Yuan Qi that had been held back by the array blasted out like flood water, surging in every direction.

The already chaotic array became even more erratic.

"Purple Gold, you!" said the High Priest angrily.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had acted so quickly that they failed to stop him in time.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said with a sneer, "What did I do? Is there a problem with dismantling my array formation? Your Nine Li Magus Empire can't be thick enough to dream that I would help maintain the array like a r.e.t.a.r.d after how you treated me, can you? Since all of you are acting so high-handed while allowing Yi Yun to continue his malicious ways, deal with the fire-elemental Yuan Qi yourselves!"

With the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array so suddenly removed, not only was large amounts of chaotic fire-elemental Yuan Qi released, it also left behind remnants of the array formation. It made the laws become even messier.

This was equivalent to kicking a person ruthlessly, despite them already being on the ground and vomiting blood.

The Herb Nurturing Arra, which was already in shambles, obviously could not withstand such a blast. Instantly, the fire-elemental Yuan Qi that Ling Xie'er repressed exploded once again.

Even the cauldron that stored the pill began to shake violently, producing resonating hums.

Even though Ling Xie'er's ma.s.sive powers swept through the entire array, she was unable to do anything about this change.

When the High Priest saw this, his expression changed drastically. "The array can't hold on any longer!"

Nine Li Magus Maiden wore a look of mixed emotions. Although she had submitted to her fate, the feeling of having her new hopes quashed remained disheartening especially at this moment in time.

"Perhaps this is what fate has in store for me…" said Nine Li Magus Maiden softly.

The Herb Nurturing Array was set up rather casually by the divine alchemist back then. He did not truly hope that the Fate Changing Pill could be successfully refined. And over the years, the Nine Li Magus Empire had put in countless efforts only to have them all end in failure. Perhaps today was the day it came to a close. Destruction was its final fate.

At that moment, there were already many warriors, including Ouming Yin and company, who had secretly fled far away. Their thoughts were still of self-preservation despite having lost their fire seeds.

The collapse of a ma.s.sive array was no joke. Just watching the violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi was sufficient to realize that. Once it completely exploded, probably every low-ranking warrior there would be burned to ashes.

Even Ouming Yin and Patriarch Pillheart would suffer if they were embroiled in such an explosion.

But at that moment, someone suddenly flew out and headed straight for the array's core.

When people focused their eyes on the figure, they realized that the person who had headed for the array's core was none other than Yi Yun.

"It's that punk. Does he think the situation can be redeemed at this juncture in time? Even your fire seed won't be able to help you!" When Alchemist Sage Purple Gold saw this, he could not help but sneer inwardly. Good for him. If Yi Yun and his fire seed suffered grievous injuries in the array's explosion, at least that would be something he could truly rejoice about.

The High Priest felt his heart palpitate slightly. Even he had given up at that moment in time. He never expected Yi Yun to charge into the array's core. That was just risking his life. Still, a person would not do such a thing if they did not truly have confidence.

"Does he still have a solution?" The High Priest held his breath. The array was completely cataclysmic. It was just too difficult to reverse the situation.

"Young Master Yi! There's no need to risk your life for me. This array might be beyond the powers of mankind!" shouted Nine Li Magus Maiden.

It was just too dangerous to enter the array's core. Although the Fate Changing Pill was extremely precious, Nine Li Magus Maiden was not someone who would sacrifice others to achieve her own goals.

Yi Yun did not speak a word in reply. He was already charging straight into the Herb Nurturing Array's core at full speed.

Just as he approached, the surrounding fire-elemental Yuan Qi swept over violently. The terrifying flames burned through the void, consuming and destroying all the laws in the array's core. Even a powerful, mighty figure would avoid such an inferno. If one were to truly charge in without regard, there might be nothing left after the inferno was done with their body.

"This fire…"

Many warriors held their breaths when they saw this scene. With the array on the brink of destruction, the inferno already far exceeded their imaginations. How could a person survive such an inferno?

"My young friend Yi Yun, hold on. I'll enter with you. I'll aid you!"

Aged Blackrock shouted loudly. Ignoring the question of whether Yi Yun was capable of stabilizing the Herb Nurturing Array, just entering its core was a tremendous challenge.

However, before his voice faded, he saw Yi Yun plunge into the inferno without even stopping.


The terrifying flames swept over. Yi Yun's body was immersed in the flames. At that moment, he was like a fiery demon that had stepped out of h.e.l.l!

"Yi Yun!"

"Young Master Yi!"

Aged Blackrock and Nine Li Magus Maiden held their breaths as they watched helplessly. Yi Yun seemed like a blinding fireball as he shot straight towards the array's core at an unparalleled speed.

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