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Aged Blackrock remained unfazed despite facing the nearly insane Patriarch Pillheart. No matter how furious Patriarch Pillheart was, he was forced to repress his anger with Aged Blackrock standing right behind him. He did not dare attack Aged Blackrock.

"Yi Yun, well done! Well f.u.c.king done!" Patriarch Pillheart's eyes shimmered with intense killing intent as he spoke through gritted teeth while looking at Yi Yun.

And at that moment, Ling Xie'er rubbed her belly inside the array. Her face showed a slight hint of dissatisfaction.

"Brother, this toxic fire's taste is only average," grumbled Ling Xie'er.

Patriarch Pillheart, who had just said his nasty words, nearly vomited blood. He almost shattered his teeth from clenching them as well. Not only had she devoured the fire seed that was intrinsic to him, she had even disdained it for not tasting good!

However, after devouring the fire toad, Ling Xie'er's aura was somewhat strengthened. The energy she had expended received some small replenishment.

Following that, her energy was transmitted to various spots in the Herb Nurturing Array. The area that was about to collapse actually turned slightly calmer.

The Herb Nurturing Array had been forcibly repressed by Ling Xie'er.

With the array in chaos, even the tiniest change could trigger the complete explosion of the array. But with the Herb Nurturing Array now calming down slightly, Nine Li Magus Maiden and company saw a faint glimmer of hope.

The High Priest, who had been infuriated, also had a glint in his eyes. Although he still wouldn't place his bets on Yi Yun being able to restore the Herb Nurturing Array to its original state, any transformation that calmed things down was good to him.

At that moment, Ling Xie'er licked her lips as her eyes found Ouming Yin's fire centipede, as well as the Fire of Seven Emotions.

The scene of Ling Xie'er devouring the fire toad left the other two fire seeds shaking in fear. Now, with Ling Xie'er turning her gaze on them, they obviously knew what was on her mind. They immediately felt their souls depart them.

"Young Sister, good girl. I can help you. I can return all the energy I absorbed from you… Don't you come over… Master! Save me!" The Fire of Seven Emotions was huddled in a corner as she screamed sharply for Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

And at that moment, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was already looking at Yi Yun with murderous rage.

"Yi Yun, how dare you!"

Yi Yun actually dared place his sights on his Fire of Seven Emotions after devouring Patriarch Pillheart's fire seed!

The grade of the Fire of Seven Emotions far exceeded that of the fire toad and fire centipede. Alchemist Sage Purple Gold and his predecessors had invested immense effort and resources into the Fire of Seven Emotions. He would absolutely not allow Yi Yun to take it.

At that moment, Aged Blackrock looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. Although he did back Yi Yun up when he devoured Patriarch Pillheart's fire seed, he did feel that Yi Yun had gone too far. But now, Yi Yun was going from bad to worse, as he aimed to absorb the Fire of Seven Emotions.

"Kid, you are courting death!"

As Alchemist Sage Purple Gold roared those words, he had already launched an attack at Yi Yun!

As long as he apprehended Yi Yun, he could save the Fire of Seven Emotions. It was even possible to get the Fire of Seven Emotions to devour Yi Yun's fire seed if that happened.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's strength was greater than Patriarch Pillheart's and, unlike Patriarch Pillheart’s hasty attack, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was attacking at full strength. He even held a specially refined pill in his hand. As long as he swallowed it, he could raise his combat strength.

However, just as he was about to attack, a figure suddenly charged out from behind Yi Yun. The figure was as fast as lightning and within an instant of appearing, it was already in front of Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

"Do you think you have what it takes to take action in front of me?" With that bellow, a gargantuan palm came crashing down at Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's expression changed as he hurriedly switched to a block. However, all he heard was a loud boom as his attack was completely blasted apart. Even his protective Yuan Qi barrier was compromised. It began emitting clear cracking sounds.

The next moment, his protective Yuan Qi cracked and exploded, sending him flying backward.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's lifeblood was in tumultuous chaos. He could not help but shudder in fear. At that instant, he felt like his heart was in someone else’s hands. Just a tiny squeeze could kill him.

"Who was that!?"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold had been beaten into a daze. Whose palm was it that was so horrifying!?

Following that, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold saw a wretched-looking old man standing in front of Yi Yun.

"Who is he?"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold held his breath. The elder's attack was too terrifying. The feeling he gave off was more terrifying than even Aged Blackrock but the elder in front of him did not seem to emit any powerful Yuan Qi fluctuations. The old man looked like some riffraff that had very ordinary foundations.

Who was he?

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was filled with dread. The old man's strength was unfathomable. Furthermore, he had appeared from Yi Yun's mobile abode.

Such a reaction wasn't only limited to Alchemist Sage Purple Gold. Even Aged Blackrock looked at Old Snake in astonishment.

He did not detect the existence of Old Snake until the very instant Old Snake took action. His sudden appearance made Aged Blackrock reevaluate his opinion of Yi Yun. He originally thought that Yi Yun had peerless talent but could easily be harmed by others.

Yet, Yi Yun not only had the strength to receive a claw attack from Patriarch Pillheart, he even carried a mighty expert around with him.

No one had the luxury of time to think further. With Yi Yun's blessings, Ling Xie'er had begun devouring the Fire of Seven Emotions's strength in the heart of the array!

As for the Fire of Seven Emotions, a large portion of her strength was presently committed to the Herb Nurturing Array. She had no means to resist Ling Xie'er so she was practically fish on a chopping board.

This situation was identical to the one Ling Xie'er had faced previously. However, Ling Xie'er was the manifestation of the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed. She was much stronger than the Fire of Seven Emotions.

Now, with the two fire seeds exchanging roles, the Fire of Seven Emotions's strength was being rapidly drained!

The voluptuous beauty was already pale in the face. "Master, save me!"

The woman yelled for help. Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was burning with anxiety but at that moment, he lacked the courage to attack Yi Yun with the threat of the unfathomable Old Snake and Aged Blackrock looming over him.

"Yi Yun, you are going too far in your bullying!"

"So what if I bully you?" said Yi Yun with a sneer. "Kindness is always returned tenfold but hostility is met with swift revenge. Whatever you took from me, I will naturally take it back severalfold!"

"Your Excellency!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold turned towards the High Priest. Ouming Yin was also feeling distraught.

"We came here specially to help the Nine Li Magus Empire repair the array! Yi Yun is doing so only for his own benefit. There is no way his fire seed can restore the array. By doing this, he is ensuring that there is no future for the array!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold bellowed.

Previously, the Nine Li Magus Empire's High Priest had reprimanded Yi Yun. Therefore, all he could do was seek help from the High Priest.

No matter who the wretched-looking old man protecting Yi Yun was, it was impossible for him to offend the High Priest in the Nine Li Magus Empire's territory. As long as the Nine Li Magus Empire continued to have mistrust towards Yi Yun, there would still be hope for him!

But at that critical juncture, the High Priest lowered his head and actually fell silent.

"Your Excellency!?" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's eyes were red.

The High Priest looked up and took a deep glance at Old Snake. He said slowly, "This is a personal feud between the two of you. I will not interfere in this matter."


Alchemist Sage Purple Gold felt like a mouthful of blood was stuck in his chest and nearly spit it out. He nearly died from anger and anxiousness. By choosing to remain neutral at this moment, the High Priest was clearly helping Yi Yun!

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold knew acutely that the Nine Li Magus Empire's High Priest was no benign ent.i.ty. The moment the fire seed showed that it was able to calm down the situation, he would turn a blind eye to whatever Yi Yun did.

"Daoist Purple Gold, are we just going to watch idly?" said Ouming Yin angrily.

Since ancient times, most alchemists were not well-versed in battle. They did not need to measure themselves to know they were not the wretched elder's match, and that was saying nothing of Aged Blackrock who also sided with Yi Yun.

"It's best none of you move. Since this is a battle between fire seeds, why don't you leave it to them?" said Yi Yun with a smile. He extended his hands and indicated that he would not partic.i.p.ate in the battle between Ling Xie'er and the two fire seeds.

However, it was less of a battle and more of a one-sided absorption.

"Master, save me! Master!" The Fire of Seven Emotions desperately crawled backwards. Back then, she had eagerly took her place in the heart of the array but now, she had no way to escape even if she wanted to. She had truly shot herself in the foot.

And at that moment, powerful fire-elemental laws blasted out from Ling Xie'er's body as they chained the Fire of Seven Emotions and the fire centipede together. No matter how much they struggled, they were unable to escape their shackles. The present Ling Xie'er was even stronger than before, so how could they be her match?

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's eyes nearly cracked from anger but with Old Snake and the High Priest, as well as Aged Blackrock ready to take action, all he could do was stand motionlessly even though he wanted to dice Yi Yun up into a million pieces!

Previously, his repeated mockery of Yi Yun had become the greatest joke in the world. What was bullying based on circ.u.mstances? This was it!

The chains bound the two fire seeds and soon, the appearances of the voluptuous beauty and the fire centipede were wiped away. The fire seeds revealed their true forms.

One was a rainbow-colored flame and the other was a black-colored flame. With a beckon from Ling Xie'er's outstretched arm, the flames landed in her hands and were refined into pure fire-elemental energy.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold watched helplessly. He didn't even realize that his fingernails were lodged deep into his flesh. As for his disciples, all of them were in a daze. In their eyes, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was a high and mighty existence that could do anything.

But at that moment, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold could only stand there, humiliated. He was forced to watch as his fire seed was being devoured helplessly.

"Yi Yun! You and I shall be mortal enemies!"

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold roared inwardly!

Ever since he began his cultivation, countless people had knelt before him. A junior that lacked a background like Yi Yun was no different from an ant to him, an existence whose life was completely within his control.

But today, he stood helpless before Yi Yun, experiencing the greatest humiliation he had ever received. Not only was he disgraced, he was also about to lose his ancestral fire seed.

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