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There was an energized ocean around the island originally, but then the anomalies started three years ago. The ocean had gradually vanished to the point that it was almost gone, and now it was being disintegrated by the two violent blasts. It became a dried seabed!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The oppressive flames spewed out from the cracked seabed, emitting energy blasts that were more than ten times stronger than before. And these energy blasts stemmed from the bottom of the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array. Flames swept through it directly!

The more than ten thousand warriors in the array experienced the violent blast all at once. Some of the juniors had cultivation levels below that of the Dao Palace realm, and they screamed as they were burned. They were thrown out of the array immediately.

"What's the matter!?"

"Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, what are you doing!? Didn't you say that inside of your array, our strength can be gathered together and nothing can go wrong?"

Some of the alchemists saw their juniors being swept out of the array by the energy blast. Some were even spewing large mouthfuls of blood, a clear indication of suffering internal injuries. They were obviously furious.

One of the reasons they decided to help set up the array was to study the array patterns. Secondly, the Nine Li Magus Empire had promised benefits to those who helped. Yet they stood there without benefits and they had failed to comprehend any of the array patterns. They obviously found it unacceptable that their disciples were now being seriously injured.

"You have the nerve to question me? If you had contributed your fire seeds, this wouldn’t have happened!" Alchemist Sage Purple Gold said angrily.

The brunt force of the blast that just happened went straight for him, Patriarch Pillheart, and Ouming Yin as they were situated in the heart of the array. Although they had high enough cultivation levels to withstand it, it still did not feel good.

"Contribute our fire seeds? Do you think of us as kids!? This Herb Nurturing Array has far exceeded your control. If we were to contribute our fire seeds, we would end up losing them!"

"Don't you go around acting as though you are some expert. Your array is completely ineffective!"

As the saying goes, 'people in the same line of work think lowly of each other.' Although the alchemists present were inferior in alchemical skills when compared to Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, being cogs in his Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array and forced to play second fiddle were things they were unwilling to do. When the Herb Nurturing Array was completed, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold would take the bulk of the benefits while they would only obtain the sc.r.a.ps he left behind.

Now that the situation had descended into chaos and their disciples were injured, these alchemists naturally did not want to stand on the same side as Alchemist Sage Purple Gold.

At that moment, the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array had instantly turned dangerous. The brutal fire-elemental Yuan Qi immediately surged wantonly all over the array's vicinity.

Many young junior alchemists had no means to withstand such violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi. They yelled and jumped around from the burning scorches. It was utter chaos.

"Purple Gold! My fire seed is still inside. This is all your fault!" Patriarch Pillheart said angrily.

The violent fire-elemental Yuan Qi had already made the array turn unstable. At that moment, Patriarch Pillheart was most concerned about his fire seed but he was unable to extract it back out!

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold obviously couldn't be bothered with Patriarch Pillheart's accusations. He could sense that the oppressive fire-elemental Yuan Qi was tearing apart his Fire of Seven Emotions.

The violent energies pained Alchemist Sage Purple Gold's heart.

"Seven Emotions!"

If the fire seeds in the heart of the array were feared to be in danger of the array, then the one that was affected the most was the Fire of Seven Emotions who was the array’s core fire.

The Fire of Seven Emotions had just become the array fire and absorbed copious amounts of Ling Xie'er's strength. She felt she was riding on the crest of success when the Herb Nurturing Array suddenly started malfunctioning. As the array fire, she instantly got the full force of the horrifying Yuan Qi blast.

"Ah!" The Fire of Seven Emotions winced. "My strength is constantly being extracted by this array. I'm almost about to be torn apart. Ah!"

The Fire of Seven Emotions let out a painful scream!

However, at that moment, she saw the not too distant Ling Xie'er.

Ling Xie'er kept hugging her legs, squirming herself into a dark corner. Her entire body was enveloped in black flames. These thin black flames insulated Ling Xie'er from the violent energy blasts, keeping her safe.

Despite the short distance between them, the difference was like night and day.

This stunned the Fire of Seven Emotions. Why was Ling Xie'er able to easily withstand such a terrifying energy blast!?

"Young Sister, save me."

In her despair, the Fire of Seven Emotions tried her best to reach out to Ling Xie'er. She wished for Ling Xie'er's protection. She knew that it would be very easy for Ling Xie'er to accomplish that.

"You truly are shameless. I have never seen such a shameless fancy schlock in my life before." At that moment, a cold voice sounded. It was Yi Yun's voice, transmitted through Ling Xie'er's perception.

She was devouring Ling Xie'er's strength just moments ago, and now she was pleading for help. Even Yi Yun was impressed by such thick skin. As thick as city walls, even.

In fact, even without Yi Yun's instructions, Ling Xie'er pulled away from the Fire of Seven Emotions in a timely fashion.

The meaning of 'timely' in this case was the exact moment the Fire of Seven Emotions would reach Ling Xie'er's side after an arduous crawl. Ling Xie'er would stand up, take a few steps back and then hug her legs again. She would obediently hide into a corner.

Upon seeing this play out, the Fire of Seven Emotions nearly went mad. Her body was almost in pieces but Ling Xie'er was completely fine. In the end, she was being aggrieved by a young girl like Ling Xie'er!

At that moment, the situation had went into a state of madness outside the core s.p.a.ce!

Many alchemists were taking their disciples out of the the Nine Transformations Rejuvenation Array. No one had any further thoughts of taking control of the array. If they continued, they might end up severely injured, let alone their weak disciples.

The array was turning more and more oppressive. It was not impossible that it would completely collapse within moments.

The High Priest's expression had long changed drastically. The anomaly was ten times crazier than before!

"Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, what did you do!? What's wrong!?"

The Herb Nurturing Array was extremely important but now, the Yuan Qi was surging wantonly and the laws were in complete chaos. Even the array fire failed to withstand it and was about to fade away!

Back when Ling Xie'er was the array fire, the Herb Nurturing Array might have been problematic, but at the very least it was held together. But now, with the Fire of Seven Emotions replacing her as array fire, it was as though a building was collapsing!

"Seven Emotions!"

At that moment, Alchemist Sage Purple Gold no longer cared about the Herb Nurturing Array. He had nourished his flame for generations. It was extremely precious to him.

Alchemist Sage Purple Gold ignored everything else and went for broke. He wanted the Fire of Seven Emotions to escape the bindings of the array and tried to forcibly extract her. He might make the Fire of Seven Emotions suffer some damage by doing so but he had no other choice. He could replenish any loss of power in the future.

Just as Alchemist Sage Purple Gold was about to forcibly extract the Fire of Seven Emotions, he suddenly felt a bone-biting coldness.

It was lethal killing intent!

The High Priest was glaring at Alchemist Sage Purple Gold. He said coldly, "Alchemist Sage Purple Gold, are you extracting the array fire? By extracting it now, are you just going to ignore the consequences of the array's collapse? You previously said to leave the Herb Nurturing Array to you and that you would stabilize the array. If the array ends up in an irreparable state, I will slay you here and now so that you can accompany this Herb Nurturing Array in death!"

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