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"Lord Skyfirmament, my Wulin clansmen and I have been pursuing a numinous being. In order to catch it, we spent a year just seeking it out and setting up an array. Just as we were finally about to succeed, this punk ended up robbing of us of our success. Not only is he unwilling to return the numinous being, he even verbally mocked us. We even mentioned that we are a colony of the White Lunar Divine Empire but he completely disparaged the White Lunar Divine Empire," the bald man said an incensed manner.

Yi Yun did not mind the way the bald man fanned the flames of discord. He was more concerned with the strange fact that this Lord Skyfirmament the bald man bowed to was only at the mid-stages of the Supremacy realm.

His cultivation level was the same as the bald man's.

Yet despite both of them being at the mid-stages of the Supremacy realm, the bald man acted like a junior.

This made Yi Yun curious about Lord Skyfirmament's strength.

"You took the numinous being from the Wulin clan?"

Skyfirmament looked at the seven-colored snake on Yi Yun's shoulder. He guessed that even if the bald man had deliberately reported events a certain way to incite discord between Yi Yun and him, his recollection was not far off.

Yi Yun chuckled and said, "I didn't take it. Instead, the numinous being they were pursuing took the initiative to come onto my shoulder."

When Yi Yun said that, the Wulin clansmen turned dumbfounded. Their anger had gotten to their heads. They did not realize this pertinent point. Speaking of which, why did the numinous being land on Yi Yun's shoulder?

Skyfirmament's expression sank slightly. He did not wish to wrangle with Yi Yun over this matter. "Do not test my patience. Hand the numinous being over and apologize to the Wulin clan and this matter can be resolved. If not, my White Lunar Divine Empire will force the faction backing you to hand you over. When that time comes, you will be maimed of your cultivation level and imprisoned for life."

"That faction you mentioned is not backing me at all. All I did was help them and this cultivation ground is my reward."

Yi Yun did not wish to implicate the Nine Li Magus Empire. However, he knew that it was improbable that the White Lunar Divine Empire would war against the Nine Li Magus Empire because of him. That would be making a mountain out of molehill.

"Oh?" Skyfirmament narrowed his eyes. Yi Yun was clearly described by the statement: he who is down need fear no fall. Skyfirmament was left at a loss as to how to continue. "You truly are bold. What's your name? Do you dare tell me!?"

Yi Yun looked at Skyfirmament as though he was a r.e.t.a.r.d. "Do you think my intelligence is as low as yours? Tell you my name so that you can seek revenge on me? Hey, do you guys have anything else to say? If not, I'm leaving first. I won't entertain you guys anymore."

With that said, Yi Yun turned to leave. He even waved his hand.

Instantly, Skyfirmament's expression turned extremely ugly as he was left standing outside the array.

What exactly was the point of him coming there? Song Yuge had triggered the token, requesting for his aid. He rushed over and ended up doing exactly what the Wulin clan did. All he did was speak a few words and end up being mocked by the punk.

This made Skyfirmament feel like he was a joke.

"Lord Skyfirmament… we…" Song Yuge was instantly embarra.s.sed. She had requested for Skyfirmament's presence but he ended up in the same situation as her—mocked and ridiculed, nothing more.

The Wulin clansmen stared agape. The numinous being was lost just like that. How could they let the matter rest?

"Lord Skyfirmament, which faction controls this region? We shall head to their world and find this punk. We will make him experience a fate worse than death!"

The bald man's rage pushed him to the brink of insanity. They had been ridiculed by Yi Yun despite the high statuses they enjoyed.

"This ma.s.sive array contains spatial dimension laws. It wipes away the coordinates of their position. We will temporarily not be able to pinpoint the faction or where it is." Skyfirmament said coldly.

The Ancient Ruins world's s.p.a.ce was chaotic. Traversing the Ancient Ruins world required an orientation artifact or one could get lost in the chaotic spatial mazes.

Although they had found the Nine Li Magus Empire's array, trying to pinpoint its location in the chaotic spatial maze was not an easy task.

"Let's return for now. I'll get my senior brother to divine this punk's location. I will find him and I'll make him regret coming into this world."

At that moment, Yi Yun had already returned to the cave where he secluded himself.

The short hold up did not affect his cultivation. But just as he was about to enter meditation, he suddenly heard a voice sound in his ear—

"Kid, you lucked out today!"


Yi Yun was slightly taken aback as he saw a gray figure appeared out of thin air in front of him. It was none other than Old Snake.

The snake on Yi Yun's shoulder was given a fright. It never expected an old man to suddenly appear. Furthermore, the old fellow was looking at him with a lascivious grin. This made the snake panic.

"Senior, what do you mean…"

"Hehe, if I’m not mistaken, this little guy is a Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. It's an Ancient Fey that can transform into a dragon!"

"Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm?"

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, Yi Yun looked in disbelief at the tiny snake on his shoulder. The little fellow did not look anything like a silkworm.

"It's nothing strange. The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm can transform into many forms. The eventual transformation will be that of a dragon. This Celestial Silkworm must have already transformed once or twice. It has gone from the form of a Celestial Silkworm to this tiny horned snake. Don't misjudge it by its tiny size. It has lived for millions of years at least."

A few million years…

The tiny snake was only about three inches long. Yi Yun was somewhat surprised. To grow to this size after millions of years was just too slow.

Old Snake read Yi Yun's mind. He shook his head and said, "The present Sinkhole is no longer comparable to what it was in ancient times. Even the Ancient Ruins world, be it the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi or the worldly laws, are much weaker. For this Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm to grow, it needs to consume natural treasures and absorb the Heaven Earth essence. It's not easy for a mere silkworm like this to accomplish all of that. It's already pretty impressive that it made it to this stage."

"I suspect that the egg that this Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm came from was left behind in ancient times. It was sealed for some reason and after a long period of time, it had the chance to hatch. If not, it's difficult to find an Ancient Fey with such a rich bloodline in this era."

With the pa.s.sage of time, the Ancient Fey's bloodline became thinner due to the cross-breeding with other organisms. However, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm in front of him did not have its bloodline thinned. This was the basis of Old Snake's guess.

"Little Yun, if you have any natural treasures that aren't of use to you, you can feed them to this fellow. It's not easy for it to grow in its present environment."

When Old Snake said that, the tiny snake widened its eyes. It clearly understood Old Snake's words. It had felt wary when it saw Old Snake's gaze but now, after hearing Old Snake mention how difficult it was to grow and that it needed to be fed natural treasures, the little fellow immediately had teary eyes. It felt like it had found a confidant who truly understood it well.

"By the way, after you feed it, you can release some of its blood. This Celestial Silkworm's blood is very nourishing. It can help you achieve your breakthrough."

Old Snake's additional words gave the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm a fright. It hid behind Yi Yun as it warily watched Old Snake, creating a safe distance between them.

"That… isn't nice…is it?" Yi Yun touched his nose.

"What's not nice about it? The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's strongest thing is its lifeblood. Don't treat it like it's only three inches long. Its body contains another world in and of itself. If it really were to bleed out all of its blood, it would easily fill up a jar. As long as you don't extract too much of its blood, there won't be any problems. Besides, this would be after you fed it treasures, things that you gathered yourself. Even if it were to release some of its blood, it would have grown at a speed much faster than simply absorbing Heaven Earth essence."

"This fellow really has… a jar’s worth of blood?" Yi Yun looked at the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm and felt that the blood in the little fellow was a little ridiculous. The tiny snake's head shook like a rattle-drum in a bid to deny it.

"This little fellow is trying to put on an act in front of me. Natural treasures don't drop from the sky. Do you think you can eat them for nothing?" Old Snake looked at Yi Yun after saying that. He continued, "Didn't you obtain a fire seed a while ago? That fire seed is a numinous object condensed from Heaven Earth essence. It is also the most beloved food of Celestial Silkworms."

"Even a fire seed works?" Yi Yun was somewhat surprised. The South Li Fire was the fire seed of the Nine Li Magus Empire's Herb Nurturing Array. With Xie'er replacing it, the South Li Fire naturally became useless. Yi Yun was planning on giving it to Xie'er, but then he remembered that the divine alchemist's Empyrean Cleansing Flame had once been devoured by the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed. Consuming an additional South Li Fire did not seem like it would have much of an effect.

Giving the South Li Fire to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was probably not a bad choice.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun took out the South Li Fire.

The pale golden fire plume burned silently. When the snake saw it, it immediately stood erect. Its glistening eyes widened.

It had a strong desire to devour the South Li Fire.

"Ahem." Yi Yun coughed twice. "Little fellow, you heard everything that Senior just said, right? About that. If my strength increases, I can find more natural treasures for you in the future. You will be able to grow much faster."

Although Yi Yun had always been thick-skinned, even he felt that negotiating with the little fellow for its blood was like taking candy from a baby.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm hesitated for a moment. It looked at the South Li Fire and then at Yi Yun. It seemed to steel its heart before nodding its head.

Without Yi Yun taking action, its body began to tremble gently. Drops of blood began to seep out from its scales. The drops of blood coalesced together, forming a ball of blood about the size of a fist. It slowly floated towards Yi Yun.

After forcing out the ball of blood, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm looked nervously at Old Snake. Its gaze seemed to inquire if that much was enough.

Old Snake pouted, clearly indicating his dissatisfaction. He said unhurriedly, "Little fellow, I know you have a jar of blood in your body. Can you show some sincerity? Don't tell me you want me to help you extract your blood?"

Upon hearing Old Snake's words, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm turned diffident. From its point of view, the old man was no different from a devil.

After some hesitation, it forced a few more drops of blood. It produced almost a bowl of blood.

"Uh… This should be enough." Yi Yun did not have the heart to request for more. In fact, even without the Celestial Silkworm's blood, he would break through to the Supremacy realm given sufficient time.

Of course, having the Celestial Silkworm's blood was even better. It could also purify his Dragon Emperor bloodline.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the little fellow showed relief, as though it had gotten rid of a heavy burden. It furtively stole a glance at Old Snake and did not see any disapproval from him. It finally heaved a sigh of relief and rushed towards the South Li Fire in Yi Yun's hand.

The South Li Fire had yet to produce any sentience. It did not know how to dodge the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm so it was swallowed whole within a few mouthfuls.

After devouring the fire seed, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was satisfied.

It slowly wriggled onto Yi Yun's shoulder and laid down. Due to the Dragon Emperor's bloodline, it felt a close innate bond with Yi Yun. In this age, there were just too few beings with the Dragon Emperor bloodline.

Soon, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm appeared intoxicated. It turned groggy and ended up falling asleep.

It treated Yi Yun's shoulder as a bed and slept soundly.

"The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm will digest the Heaven Earth numinous objects in its sleep. Take this opportunity to break through." As Old Snake spoke, he transformed into a stream of light and returned to the G.o.d Advent Tower.

"Alright!" Yi Yun took a deep breath as his eyes shimmered.

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