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Chapter 136: Lin Xintong’s uncertainty

This Blood Stone Gigantic Beast was large and terrifying. Humans felt a natural sense of oppression from fierce and desolate beasts. It was like a mortal facing a unrestrained tiger, would he not be scared?

Yi Yun was a twelve-year-old child, and this was the first time he was meeting such a terrifying opponent. Lin Xintong was watching Yi Yun; she wanted to know if Yi Yun would have any sense of fear.

Some people, especially those youths who had just made achievements in martial arts, when out for their first actual toughening experience would end up facing fierce looking beasts. Even if they had great strength that exceeded the beast they were facing, due to the difference in size and the ferocious appearance of the beast, they would still feel fear.

They were subconsciously thinking of themselves as weaklings. Mortals, when facing beasts, would lack confidence. Their first instinct was to flee. Even if they fought with the beasts, they could not show the full extent of their abilities.

There were too many people like that.

When they faced people their own age, they would dominate and bully the weak.

But once they faced a fierce beast, their faces would turn ashen from fright. Such people could not abandon the “shackles of the weaklings”. They did not have the heart of the strong, so they would not amount to anything great!

Lin Xintong did not believe Yi Yun was such a person, but she wanted to see how far Yi Yun could go. How confident was he of his own strength?

But Yi Yun’s next set of words completely struck down Lin Xintong’s thoughts.

Yi Yun said, “Miss Lin, this Blood Stone Gigantic Beast looks ferocious and savage. Its meat doesn’t look delicious, is it?”

“Eh?” Lin Xintong was stunned. She did not expect Yi Yun to ask such a question.

“It’s like this. The village is lacking in meat. I’m thinking of bringing more back. Being from a small tribal clan, I got used to the poor lifestyle. However once I began practicing martial arts, I had dreamed of walking into the vast wilderness to hunt, so that I don’t have to worry about food. This Blood Stone Gigantic Beast will be my first hunt! But if it’s not delicious, or even inedible, then killing it and bringing its meat back to the village, wouldn’t it be a waste of effort?”

Lin Xintong froze for a moment when she heard Yi Yun’s words before she managed a laugh. She realized she had overthought things.

Yi Yun had treated the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast as his prey. Such spirit was extremely good!

“Although it looks hideous, its meat is delicious. Unfortunately its meat quality is low, so it won’t give you a lot of energy when you eat it. Its essence is all in its bones!”

“It’s good. As long as it’s delicious!” Yi Yun did not care, after all to be able to eat meat, the Lian tribal clan did not care.

While Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were exchanging their conversations, the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast went into a rage.

It felt like it had been belittled by the two tiny humans.

It roared and its huge body charged forwards! It stretched out its steel fork like claws and scratched towards Yi Yun!

Yi Yun caught a glimpse of the beast charging at him from the corner of his eyes. His body slightly moved like a feather that was blown up.


The ground that was beneath Yi Yun’s feet was crushed by the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s claws. But Yi Yun had flown up as a reaction to the attack. It was as if the claw wind had sent him flying.

Yi Yun had already perfectly mastered the Minute Subtlety technique!


The Yanchi saber was unsheathed and Yi Yun’s legs landed on the huge arms of the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast. He rushed forward while running up the arm!

Blood Stone Gigantic Beast was frightened and opened its big mouth. Its blood-red tongue shot out like a javelin!

The Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s tongue was barbed and could pierce through steel plates. If it hit a person, they would turn into a meat skewer.

The red tongue’s attack speed was extremely fast. Yi Yun constricted his pupils and just as the tongue was about to pierce his chest, his body turned sideways. He carried on charging while sticking by the side of the tongue!

The forceful strike by the tongue not only did not obstruct Yanchi saber, it even gave Yi Yun the chance to borrow the force to increase his speed. In a blink of an eye, he was at the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s head and with a swash of his Yanchi saber, he stabbed the cross-shaped eyes of the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast!


The Blood Stone Gigantic Beast gave up an earth-shattering cry. It opened its mouth to bite Yi Yun, but this attack did not change its fate. With a jump, Yi Yun struck with the Yanchi saber!


Blood splattered as the Yanchi saber pierced the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s eye all the way into the brain!

Yi Yun’s amazing physical strength had all been injected into that strike, allowing the Yanchi saber to completely pierce the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s head with no resistance, shredding its skull.

The Blood Stone Gigantic Beast screamed loudly and then it stopped. Its body violently convulsed. Finally as it struggled, it collapsed to the ground with a splash and laid motionless.

In the time needed for two breaths, Yi Yun had killed a ‘Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’. His attacks were clean and decisive!

Yi Yun did not use any special moves, he had simply dodged twice and a straight pierce!

These two dodges were the embodiment of the Minute Subtlety technique.

His pierce had used the fist move of the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” – “Dragon Rises From the Sea”. Using the saber as a fist, Yi Yun had honed his control of the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” to perfection!

From the beginning to the end, Yi Yun did not make any unnecessary moves. It could be said to be impeccable.

“Using the weapon for the first time, you can actually use the ‘Dragon Rises From the Sea’ move, not bad! Your understanding of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ is very deep, and you can use it flexibly. This perceptivity is extremely good!” Lin Xintong was not stingy with her praise.

Yi Yun shyly said, “Actually&h.e.l.lip; all the credit goes to Miss Lin’s notes. They taught me not to be restricted to the moves, and to forget all the fist moves of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, digesting it to make it mine.”

Yi Yun did not know any saber techniques, so he could only use his fist technique as a saber technique. This was all very natural.

“Yes! The ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ is actually most suitable for a sword. A sabre tends to slash more. In the future you should try even more weapons. In this world, there are many warriors who are not limited by weapons. Not only can they forget the moves, they can even forget the weapon. They can use the soul of weapons and command it, allowing them to fully use it. They can make the weapons part of their body.” Lin Xintong’s understanding of martial arts were far greater than most people; hence with a few words, Yi Yun was inspired.

Weapons can be forgotten? Allowing them to fully use it? “Then Miss Lin&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun looked at the Frost Water sword by Lin Xintong’s shoulders.

Lin Xintong smiled, “I use a sword because of my blood lineage – ‘Heart of the Sword’. That is another level unto itself. The current you can ignore it. I’ll refine a fierce beast relic for you today. Just watch!”

Saying that, a flash appeared from Lin Xintong’s wrist. A three-feet bronze disk flew out and spun in the air. It quickly became bigger and many runes flew around the disk.

Yi Yun watched unblinking. He had previously heard of Desolate Heaven Masters, and today he could see one refining a beast relic for the first time!

Lin Xintong was not only talented in martial arts, she was also a Desolate Heaven Master!

Yi Yun had mixed emotions. She was seventeen-years-old, and in comparison, he was nothing!

If Zhang Tan were to evaluate Lin Xintong’s talent, what rank would she be?

Earth rank? Which is a youth sage!

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s founding emperor was a sage! One step higher was the great emperor. What sort of concept was that? Yi Yun did not know.

While Yi Yun began to make blind and disorderly conjectures, the huge Blood Stone Gigantic Beast was being absorbed by the disk. What he saw next surprised him!

He found in surprise that under the bronze disk, many points of light appeared from the Blood Stone Gigantic Beast’s body.

These lights were a pale shade of red. Yi Yun felt their shapes were similar to the light dots the Purple Crystal could absorb!


Yi Yun was stunned. He stared at Lin Xintong as she made many gestures to start a sealing process. Runes after runes were sent by her into the disk. And these runes were used to control those light dots.

These light dots were of course, energy.

The level of Lin Xintong’s Desolate Heaven technique made it difficult for her to control the light dots. In fact, Yi Yun could see that Lin Xintong could only control about 60% of the light dots. The rest were slowly escaping into the surroundings.

Yi Yun suddenly had a thought. He tried to interface with the Purple Crystal in his heart. And soon his spiritual force was released, and he found that he could control those light dots easily like normal.

If he wanted, he could even absorb all those light dots Lin Xintong had gathered.

Yi Yun did not do so, instead, he collected the light dots together. It was as if the light dots had received a command and proceeded towards Lin Xintong.

Suddenly, Lin Xintong’s array became shiny.

“Eh?” Lin Xintong eyes flashed. Why was it so easy to refine the fierce beast relic today? Controlling the energy with the fierce beast bones was as easy as lifting a finger.

When Desolate Heaven Masters refine beast bones, there will be a loss in energy. Lin Xintong was still not accomplished in the Desolate Heaven technique, so when she refined fierce beast relics, she would lose about 40% of the energy. But today, Lin Xintong felt that she did not even lose more than 5% of the energy while refining!

What had happened?


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