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The bald man looked over and his eyes met Yi Yun's.

He could see Yi Yun's attire at a glance but Yi Yun was dressed simply. He could not identify his background from his attire.

Slowly, the bald man's expression turned grim. "Brother, I do not know which faction you are from. But that being that entered this array is a numinous being that we have been pursuing to great pains. Please return it."

Yi Yun did not reply. In fact, he was surprised as well. He didn't find it surprising that the array could open since the Ancient Ruins world likely had many opportunities in it. If the array could not be opened, how was one to venture out and explore?

But Yi Yun never expected that the simple thought of wanting to save the snake would result in the array's opening.

He didn't know that the Nine Li Magus Empire's array formation was that intelligent.

Noticing that Yi Yun wasn't answering, the bald man raged with killing intent. If it was not for the punk causing trouble, they would already have succeeded. But now, he was out of options. He knew very well that any faction that could carve a territory in the Ancient Ruins world could set up an array formation that he had no chance of cracking.

If not for the array formation's hindrance, he would have charged straight in and killed Yi Yun.

At that moment, the seven-colored snake flew towards Yi Yun and spun around Yi Yun's head before landing lightly on his shoulder.

As he looked at the seven-colored snake, Yi Yun felt the intimate bond that his lifeblood had with the seven-colored snake. He could not help but look at the seven-colored snake's tiny head. There was a horn there, so could it be…

Yi Yun felt a stir. Perhaps the tiny snake also had the Dragon Emperor's bloodline!

If that was the case, he could understand why he felt a connection with it. It also made the value of the snake obvious.

The group of people outside the array were spewing fire from their eyes when they saw the snake land on Yi Yun's shoulder.

The bald man clenched his fists. He truly wanted to shatter the array formation with one strike, and twist off Yi Yun's neck.

"Quickly open the array formation. That being is extremely important to us. As long as you return it to us, we will definitely not mistreat you," a woman dressed in blue said.

Her voice held no emotion and so it sounded as cold as a block of ice.

"You will not mistreat me?"

Yi Yun looked up with a faint smile. Although they were separated by the array formation, Yi Yun could already vaguely sense that the group of people did not have good intentions.

According to Aged Blackrock, the Ancient Ruins world was extremely dangerous, filled with people that had nefarious thoughts. If he were to open the array formation to let them in based on the situation he was in, he would only be inviting trouble on himself. These people might not just take the seven-colored snake away, they might even wipe clean all the treasures in the Nine Li mystic ground.

Of course, murder was a pa.s.sing act while plundering.

"I wonder what benefits this not-mistreatment will bring me?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's tone, the bald man frowned slightly. He could already sense the mockery in Yi Yun's words.

"We come from the Wulin clan. Since Junior Sister Song has promised to show her heartfelt thanks, we will not go back on our word. Our Wulin clan is a colony of the White Lunar Divine Empire. As for Junior Sister Song, she is someone the White Lunar Divine Empire has set their sights on. It's best you give that numinous being back. If not, you might implicate the faction behind you. You are only a junior. You cannot afford to shoulder such responsibility!" said the bald man. In order to increase his threat factor, he even mentioned the White Lunar Divine Empire.

Yi Yun had already lost interest in the man some time ago; however, when he heard the four words, 'White Lunar Divine Empire,' he felt his entire being jolt.

The White Lunar Divine Empire was a extremely mighty faction in the Sinkhole. Bai Yueyin, as well as the pure Yang broken sword's sword tip, and most important of all, Lin Xintong, were in the White Lunar Divine Empire.

It turned out that the Wulin clan was a colony of the White Lunar Divine Empire. The White Lunar Divine Empire had set their sights on the woman named Song.

Upon sensing Yi Yun's expression change, the bald man was very pleased. The White Lunar Divine Empire's name had resounding impact in the Sinkhole. A junior disciple would usually feel apprehensive upon hearing its name.

However, he never expected Yi Yun to only experience a momentary shock before recovering to his original state of mind. "So you are only from the White Lunar Divine Empire's colony. I thought you were more impressive."

Yi Yun was located in an area that represented the Nine Li Magus Empire. He did not wish to bring trouble on it, but since the other party was only a colony of the White Lunar Divine Empire, that changed everything.

Furthermore, the group in front of him were only outer-sect Elders or young disciples. The person with the highest cultivation level was a late-stage Supremacy. They did not necessarily represent the entire Wulin clan.

Although he would end up offending the Wulin clan, it was improbable that the Wulin clan would cross the distant void and engage in a ma.s.sive battle with the Nine Li Magus Empire just because a group of people had something s.n.a.t.c.hed from them. If he gave in so easily because of a few threats, he could only call himself dumb.

"You!" The woman's gaze turned cold. She had an aloof nature and she had never been humiliated by a man in such a way before.

"It looks like you have a death wish." Since Yi Yun was clearly not handing the snake over, the bald man no longer hid the killing intent in his eyes. "You dare belittle my Wulin clan. Well done! To be able to carve out a territory in the Ancient Ruins world of your own might mean that the faction backing you isn't a small one, but it doesn't mean that your faction represents you."

Yi Yun scoffed. The bald man's killing intent did not affect him in any way.

The eyes of the bald man, as well as the woman’s, turned increasingly grim. The punk was relying on the array formation, making him think nothing of them. They felt indignant. They were not going to leave just like that.

At that moment, the woman suddenly focused attentively before revealing a look of glee.

She looked at Yi Yun with eyes filled with derision and coldness. "Are you thinking nothing of my Wulin clan because it is a colony of the White Lunar Divine Empire? You might dare to offend my Wulin clan but I wonder if you have the guts to offend the White Lunar Divine Empire."

Just as her voice faded, dozens of figures rapidly approached from the horizon. The Wulin clansmen turned around simultaneously and bowed respectfully.

Yi Yun saw that the dozens of figures streaked across the sky with impressive momentum. In the Ancient Ruins world filled with numerous factions, they all kept high-profiles.

"People from the White Lunar Divine Empire?" Based on what the woman said, these people came from the empire itself.

They were dressed in white and their robes were embroidered with a golden moon emblem. Leading them was a man with extremely narrow eyes. He had thin lips, making him look rather effeminate.

"So it's Lord Skyfirmament. I'm from the Wulin clan, Song Yuge." The woman had been arrogant before but she spoke in a humble tone in front of the members of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"Were you the one that triggered the token?" The effeminate man said coldly.

"Yes, I was the one." Song Yuge produced a token.

As the White Lunar Divine Empire's colony, the Wulin clan possessed the White Lunar Divine Empire's token. It could be used to request help from the White Lunar Divine Empire. This was a tiny benefit that the colonies would receive by paying tribute and bowing before the White Lunar Divine Empire every year.

And the members of the White Lunar Divine Empire just happened to be around during the Wulin clan's operation.

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