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Patriarch Pillheart narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yi Yun. He never expected that while the Pillheart Sect was trying to obtain Yi Yun's divine alchemist heritage, Yi Yun was also plotting to obtain his Pillheart Sect's Purple Numinous Herbal Soil.

This was akin to a lion almost catching a mouse, when the mouse suddenly and loudly proclaims that if the lion fails to catch it, the lion would have to slice off a piece of flesh for the mouse to eat.

How could Patriarch Pillheart not be angry?

"Do you really think that an ant like you who has only lucked out has the right to make a bet with my Pillheart Sect? Without the Nine Li Magus Empire protecting you, you would have long been crushed under my foot like an ant!"

As Patriarch Pillheart spoke, his aura was locked onto Yi Yun. He was like a primordial behemoth that was opening its mouth to devour Yi Yun.

But suddenly, a ice-cold chill befell the sky. It went from the back of his neck into his clothes, and all the way to the back of his feet. It left him stifled for a moment.

Then, he turned his head and saw Aged Blackrock staring coldly at him.

"Are you already turning a blind eye to my warning?" Aged Blackrock's voice already contained killing intent. "Humans are truly forgetful. Perhaps my Nine Li Magus Empire has been silent for too long, and people have come to think that my Nine Li Magus Empire stands aloof from the world. Yet they forget which factions have been decimated by my Nine Li Magus Empire. I've been warning you repeatedly but you seem to completely ignore my words and instead, continue making a scene in my Nine Li Magus Empire. My patience is limited. Do you not believe that if I were to ever find out that the Pillheart Sect took action against Yi Yun, I could wipe the Pillheart Sect from the annals of history!?"

Aged Blackrock spoke slowly but every word seemed like a dagger that stabbed into Patriarch Pillheart's heart.

Patriarch Pillheart's heart froze up. He knew Aged Blackrock was not joking.

"You… My Pillheart Sect has a hundred thousand disciples in total. You would ma.s.sacre my Pillheart Sect for a mere Yi Yun?"

His Pillheart Sect had been in existence for tens of millions of years and it had countless estates and businesses, with numerous disciples. Yet, Yi Yun had only lived for a century or two. This was akin to killing an elephant for an ant.

Aged Blackrock sneered and said, "Do you think decimating your Pillheart Sect is an impressive task? My Nine Li Magus Empire has watched hundreds of millions of years pa.s.s. Throughout this long history, too many sects have been destroyed. Your Pillheart Sect has only been in existence for thirty million years. That's considered quite a while."

Upon hearing Aged Blackrock's words, Patriarch Pillheart was left reeling as though he had petrified. In his subconscious, he had indeed recognized the Nine Li Magus Empire as a supernatural existence. It would only fight with high and mighty factions and not intervene in other matters. He had forgotten that the Nine Li Magus Empire was truly a primordial behemoth. Aged Blackrock had vanquished numerous ancient factions.

Yi Yun remained silent as he stood to the side. The Nine Li Magus Empire was indeed a ma.s.sive ent.i.ty. They could easily destroy the Pillheart Sect on a whim.

Of course, Yi Yun knew that this was because the Nine Li Magus Empire had put high hopes on him, wishing that he could complete the heaven-defying Fate Changing Pill. Yi Yun was also determined to complete for his own reasons, no matter how difficult it was.

Patriarch Pillheart burned with anger as he looked at Yi Yun. But now, simply staring at Yi Yun left him shuddering in fear, much less cursing him. That was because the Nine Li Magus Empire was too terrifying. It could ma.s.sacre an entire sect for no good reason. Who would dare try their luck against them?

"Oldie, you have some Purple Numinous Herbal Soil on you now, right? I can’t imagine that you would not have the most important wealth of the Pillheart Sect with you at all times. If you produce the Purple Numinous Herbal Soil, I can use the manuals left behind by my master to make a bet with you. Everyone here can be witness to it. I can swear on my Dao heart and will not be a sore loser."

Yi Yun was bent on obtaining the Purple Numinous Herbal Soil. It had everything to do with his cultivation of the Dragon Emperor Technique.

As for the divine alchemist's manuals, Yi Yun felt that he had no right to use the divine alchemist's legacy as a bet. However, he was very confident about the Herb Nurturing Array. It was definitely not something so easily completed.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Patriarch Pillheart fell silent.

He did have twenty-five kilograms of Purple Numinous Herbal Soil on him. Although it was only a portion, the Purple Numinous Herbal Soil was extremely precious. It was what the Pillheart Sect relied on for survival. He had to ponder it seriously.

However, the divine alchemist's heritage was just too alluring. He did not wish to abandon it for he knew very well that if he gave up the chance, he and the divine alchemist's heritage would forever be parted. After all, the Nine Li Magus Empire had already said that they would wipe out his sect if they even tried to attack Yi Yun. Who would take that risk?

"You and I shall swear. Twenty-five kilograms of Purple Numinous Herbal Soil for all the manuals left behind by the divine alchemist. In addition, I want the Divine Alchemy Cauldron! The limit of the contest will be two hundred years! Whoever completes it first wins."

When Yi Yun heard the two-hundred-year limit, he was stunned. That long?

Although Patriarch Pillheart had added the condition of the Divine Alchemy Cauldron and the amount of Purple Numinous Herbal Soil had been reduced to twenty-five kilograms, Yi Yun still nodded. "Deal!"

From Patriarch Pillheart and the other alchemist’s point of view, two hundred years was a very short amount of time. That amount of time was just enough to get them running.

No one expected that the situation would develop to this stage. Yi Yun, a junior, had made a bet with Patriarch Pillheart.

"This Yi Yun truly doesn't know his place."

"If not for the Nine Li Magus Empire, his challenge against Patriarch would be a joke."

The Pillheart Sect disciples looked at Yi Yun as though he was a r.e.t.a.r.d. In their eyes, Patriarch Pillheart was a G.o.dlike existence. He was peerless in the domain of alchemy after he became an alchemist sage a million years ago. He was the most experienced and powerful alchemist sage in the Heavenly South Great World at present.

Even the alchemist sage, Ouming Yin was Patriarch Pillheart's junior.

Yi Yun couldn't be bothered wasting his time with the Pillheart Sect. He turned towards the Herb Nurturing Array and began studying the array patterns meticulously.

And at that moment, Patriarch Pillheart surprisingly did not begin studying the array. People could see that Patriarch Pillheart had sealed off a portion of s.p.a.ce, where he meditated within and breathed Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in and out. The Pillheart Sect disciples also placed long benches in the s.p.a.ce. An unadorned incense cauldron was placed on all the benches. A fragrant incense stick was lit as they burned with spiraling smoke.

Patriarch Pillheart was preparing himself quietly in front of the incense cauldrons as though he was completely isolated from the world.

"It's the Soul Oozing Incense. Each stick is worth more than a million middle-grade Spirit Jade. With twelve lit, it's equivalent to burning more than twenty million Spirit Jade!"

Many alchemists present had a keen eye. They instantly recognized what incense Patriarch Pillheart was burning.

Top alchemists would follow a series of rituals before they refined any divine medicine. They would burn incense, bathe, and wash their hands. Some would even take a month to prepare themselves before they began any refinement.

This ritual was not done without reason. It was to allow one to reach the optimum state of mind.

The stage with the burning of incense was very particular. The incense burned were luxurious items made to enrich one's soul.

The lighting of one incense stick could heal a sickly mortal and extend their lives. Its effects on alchemists were much lower but it was still expensive. And the Soul Oozing Incense was one of the best.

To alchemists, burning twenty million Spirit Jade in one shot might not be anything. However, this was only the first time. The studying of the Herb Nurturing Array would continue on for one or two centuries. The incense would continue burning in the future which meant burning immense amounts of Spirit Jade.

"The Pillheart Sect does have deep pockets. Just the simple ritual of burning incense puts many other factions in their place."

Many a time, details meant everything. One did not need to count the number of experts a large sect had to determine its wealth. One could tell simply from the way they operated daily.

"A beard lathered is half shaved. The few days of easing one's mind might be nothing compared to two hundred years. Just Senior Solitary's cultivation of his mind far exceeds other alchemists!"

A black-clothed elder spoke. As he fawned over the Pillheart Sect, he looked disdainfully at Yi Yun. "Unlike others who are as anxious as a monkey. He hasn't even taken in as many as a few breaths after arriving in the Nine Li Magus Empire before beginning to study the array. It would be ridiculous if he can figure out anything."

From the elder's point of view, such a profound Herb Nurturing Array needed a long period of time to comprehend. Being anxious only ran counter to one's desires.

Yi Yun was indifferent to the discussion. At that moment, his mind was immersed in the Herb Nurturing Array, and he was completely focused…

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