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Pillheart Patriarch was an ill.u.s.trious figure. Legend said that he had become an alchemist sage millions of years ago. Furthermore, he was not only an alchemist sage, he was also extremely powerful. Although they had been insulted by him, the crowd present did not dare retort. All they could do was put up with his tirade.

"Since Patriarch Solitary is that confident, quickly complete this Herb Nurturing Array and broaden our horizons."

Among the top alchemists among the ten-thousand-strong crowd, there were also other old fellows with great seniority. They did not agree with Pillheart Patriarch.

"The completion of the Herb Nurturing Array is definitely not something that can be done in a day or two. This array itself has been in operation for hundreds of millions of years. Spending a hundred years to complete would be considered too fast. If you have the patience, stay here and watch. If not, leave early," Pillheart Patriarch said with a sneer. As death was approaching him, he became more eccentric. He did not care if he offended others.

From Pillheart Patriarch's point of view, spending a hundred years or even a few centuries on studying the Herb Nurturing Array was a reasonable amount of time.

Many alchemists from large factions also had the same thoughts. To them, a few centuries wasn't considered long. Furthermore, they could understand more of the divine alchemist's Herb Nurturing Techniques from studying the array's processes. They were bound to reap immense benefits.

Of course, to Yi Yun, a few centuries sounded ridiculous. He had only cultivated for slightly more than a hundred years to date.

Yi Yun silently observed the Herb Nurturing Array left behind by the divine alchemist. He also understood the source of that familiar aura—

This was because the Herb Nurturing Array had too many similarities with the Herb Nurturing Array in the Sun Burial Sandsea!

Yi Yun had personally entered the Sun Burial Sandsea's Herb Nurturing Array. As he needed to help Ling Xie'er escape the array, he had conducted a detailed observation and study of the array patterns in the Sun Burial Sandsea.

Yi Yun felt that the Herb Nurturing Array in the Sun Burial Sandsea was more profound. It was a reasonable conclusion, as the Herb Nurturing Array in the Sun Burial Sandsea was the divine alchemist's last piece of work.

Back then, the divine alchemist had left the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed as well as the Divine Alchemy Cauldron in the Sun Burial Sandsea, in order to refine an Elixir of Resurrection. Unfortunately, he failed.

Regardless, a pill that made the divine alchemist set up a Herb Nurturing Array was destined to be extraordinary. It was understandable why it was so difficult to refine.

This left Yi Yun somewhat curious about the pill's effects.

"Your Highness, sorry if I'm imposing. What pill is inside this Herb Nurturing Array?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's question, the Nine Li Magus Maiden sighed slightly. She did not give him a direct answer.

"I was only curious. Your Highness, it's fine if you do not reveal it."

The Nine Li Magus Maiden shook her head. "Actually, there is nothing much to be said. Its name is the Fate Changing Pill. One pill can change one's fate, and reverse the effects of samsara."

"Oh? The Fate Changing Pill?"

Upon hearing the name, Yi Yun felt a jolt through his heart. Samsara Fate sounded abstruse. It was so abstruse that one wouldn't even know how to change it.

However, Yi Yun knew that Samsara Fate was a Great Dao law. However, there were fewer people that comprehended this Great Dao than the Chaos Dao. And those that truly grasped it was likely close to none.

Legends had it that if one grasped Samsara Fate, they would live a life similar to that of a G.o.d. One would control the samsara of all life.

At that stage, it was an unimaginable realm. No one present had any fate to be part of that.

Therefore, even though the Fate Changing Pill sounded impressive, Yi Yun did not know what it could be used for after it was successfully refined.

The Nine Li Magus Maiden seemed to read Yi Yun's thoughts and said softly, "The Fate Changing Pill was prepared for me."

"Oh? "What’s that?"

Yi Yun felt a jolt. Suddenly, he realized something.

"You can probably tell that I'm mortal. However, I was not born mortal. My fate has been changed by someone and now I'm cursed to undergo endless samsara, unable to cultivate or condense energy."

When the Nine Li Magus Maiden said this, she sighed lightly. Yi Yun was astonished when he heard that.

Back when he met Huan Chenxue, he already made similar guesses but he was unable to confirm them.

"Your Highness, how are you able to live for such long periods of time if you cannot cultivate?"

The Nine Li Magus Maiden said wistfully, "Time is a terrifying force. Without being able to absorb the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, I'm no different from mortals. My lifespan is limited but my consciousness is indestructible. I can undergo samsara and be reproduced from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, gaining new life."

"I have no idea how many years it has been. I have repeatedly lived through samsara and even though my consciousness does not fade, I cannot escape the natal fog. Every time I'm reborn from the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, I have another portion of my memories sealed."

"There are many things I cannot remember after all these generations. Perhaps I will recall these memories after I defy my fate…"

"I see…" Yi Yun muttered.

The Nine Li Magus Maiden definitely had an impressive origin. If not, no one would use a curse of the Heavenly Dao to deal with her. What would happen if a Fate Changing Pill could restore her?

Huan Chenxue too. What if Huan Chenxue could be restored as well?

Yi Yun wanted to ask the Nine Li Magus Maiden what her relationship with Huan Chenxue was, but he decided against it after some deliberation.

After all, he did not know the history behind the Nine Li Magus Maiden and Huan Chenxue. It would be terrible if they were enemies. It did not seem like the Mirage Sea Realm was the Nine Li Magus Empire's match at all.

"Young Master Yi, this pill is extremely important to me. Unfortunately, the Herb Nurturing Array left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist is too complex. It will be a huge undertaking to fully understand it. I believe it will be extremely difficult for you. At least, it would be for your present self."

"Young Master Yi, I invited you here mainly to acquaint myself with you. At the same time, I also wanted you to have some contact with this Herb Nurturing Array. I hope that, one day, you would be willing to help me when you are more accomplished in alchemy. My Nine Li Magus Empire would be eternally grateful."

The Nine Li Magus Maiden's words were honest and poised. She did not conceal her motives at all. She even mentioned her hopes of befriending him. Such irreproachable conduct was something Yi Yun liked.

"Your Highness, you are being courteous. I'll do my best."

Yi Yun was also very interested in the Fate Changing Pill. After all, Huan Chenxue probably needed it to recover as well.

However, Yi Yun also knew that replicating the divine alchemist's Fate Changing Pill would be extremely difficult. There was, however, still some hope of him refining a weaker version of it. Together with the Mirage Snow sword that had something to do with Huan Chenxue's curse, perhaps that was a chance he could restore Huan Chenxue to normal.

Of course, all of this depended on him being able to complete the Fate Changing Pill.

The ma.s.sive array left behind by the divine alchemist was excessively grand. Completing was not going to be a simple task.

"Your Highness, if it's convenient, I would like to enter the Herb Nurturing Array's core to take a look before making a judgment."

"Of course."

The Nine Li Magus Maiden smiled and nodded. She personally accompanied Yi Yun into the deep depths of the array.

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