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In fact, many large sects had rather underhanded origins. It was difficult to be rich without a windfall, after all, so if one were stuck putting all their time into honestly gathering resources and cultivating, how was one to establish a formidable sect that dominated several Great Worlds?

However, to actually flaunt heritage that had been obtained from tomb robbing as the product of the sect’s own efforts and create many historical fabrications to conceal that fact, it would be embarra.s.sing if that were exposed by others.

At that moment, Elder Seven Kills was undoubtedly feeling extremely embarra.s.sed.

"So that's how your Pillheart Sect was able to thrive," said Jing Yuesha with a sneer. She was previously stifled by Elder Seven Kills and felt extremely uncomfortable. Now, she had finally obtained a chance to strike back. "You even accused Yi Yun of stealing your heritage. How shameless. You should give your heritage to Yi Yun."

In the quiet square, Jing Yuesha's voice easily resounded through the area. Elder Seven Kills's face turned as black as the bottom of a wok.

"You la.s.s, you have no right to comment on my Pillheart Sect's history!" Although the Pillheart Sect's origins had been exposed, Elder Seven Kills continued gritting his teeth and said, "Senior Blackrock is right. However, who hasn't obtained a tiny portion of ancient heritage from ruins? Didn’t Yi Yun do the same? What right does he have to say that his heritage is more legitimate?"

"Your Pillheart Sect used an array fragment to determine that the Divine Alchemy Cauldron is with Yi Yun. If you weren't sure that Yi Yun's heritage was extraordinary, would you have gone to such great efforts? Since you have already made the judgment, why do you ask despite knowing the answer?"

Aged Blackrock's words left True Lord Seven Kills speechless.

He never expected that the divine alchemist had such deep ties with the Nine Li Magus Empire. With the Nine Li Magus Empire barging into the matter, it made it impossible for the Pillheart Sect to take Yi Yun away. But how could True Lord Seven Kills be willing to end up with nothing?

"Yi Yun, what's your opinion on the matter I discussed with you earlier?" Aged Blackrock did not even care about True Lord Seven Kills. True Lord Seven Kills's reaction towards Yi Yun's staying or departing was not something he cared about either way.

Yi Yun smiled. He naturally would not reject such an offer. He cupped his fists and said, "Senior, I'm willing to go with you. However, the Heavenly South Peaks Meet is about to begin. My companions are partic.i.p.ating in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, so is it possible to wait for a few more days? After that, can I head to the Nine Li Magus Empire with my companions?"

Yi Yun was worried that if he left with Aged Blackrock, the Pillheart Sect would harm the Clear Lunar Island people.

Aged Blackrock nodded. "Definitely. It has been so long since Senior Divine Alchemist departed, so a few days will make no difference. I will have Tenebrous City stay above Cloud Pool City. If you are interested, you can enter Tenebrous City with me and watch the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament from there."

Many people from large factions had indescribable feelings when they heard Aged Blackrock's words. Yi Yun had truly lucked out!

They originally thought that Yi Yun was doomed but they never expected him to be invited to the Nine Li Magus Empire. Furthermore, he could step into the Nine Li Magus Empire with Aged Blackrock. Who knew how many opportunities would be made available to him!

"Senior, thank you for your invitation. I'll just watch here from the square."

When Yi Yun said that, Aged Blackrock nodded. Just as he was about to return to Tenebrous City, True Lord Seven Kills suddenly shouted, "Wait!"

"Oh?" Aged Blackrock looked at him.

"Senior Blackrock. I have a question. Was the item left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist in the Nine Li Magus Empire related to alchemy?"

Aged Blackrock hesitated slightly before nodding.

True Lord Seven Kills drew a gasp. A glint coruscated in his eyes. "Senior Blackrock, I will not deny that my Pillheart Sect's heritage comes from the Windsong Ruins as you mentioned. However, you should understand that the Windsong Ruins' heritage is only a portion of the various heritages my Pillheart Sect has!"

"My Pillheart Sect has been established for thirty-eight million years. Before we even entered the Windsong Ruins, we had already accrued a lot. After the Windsong Ruins, my Pillheart Sect similarly took in all of the ancient heritage and in the past ten million years, my Pillheart Sect has produced numerous elites. All of them have been geniuses with deep knowledge in alchemy!"

"Senior Blackrock, if you were to say that my Pillheart Sect is inferior to Senior Divine Alchemist, I would admit that!"

"But if you claim that my Pillheart Sect's ten million years of collective experience is incomparable to a lad like Yi Yun, I refuse to believe it!"

True Lord Seven Kills's voice was forceful. Furthermore, it was said with reason, winning him the agreement of others.

How could the famous Pillheart Sect be inferior to Yi Yun?

Aged Blackrock gave Seven Kills a nonchalant glance. "The item left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist is not something that can be mended with heritage alone. Although I have specially invited my young friend, Yi Yun, to take a look, I do not bear any hopes that he can accomplish the task. If you insist on partic.i.p.ating, I will not stop you either."

After Aged Blackrock said that, he turned and flew away.

In fact, he agreed with True Lord Seven Kills on something. Yi Yun was still lacking in experience. Although the divine alchemist's heritage was impressive, what Yi Yun could have learned in his few years was limited. If the Pillheart Sect's alchemical experts joined, they might even give Yi Yun some inspiration.

The intervention of the Nine Li Magus Empire at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet caught many people by surprise, especially when the matter involved mending something left behind by the divine alchemist. It left many people excited. As for the Heavenly South Peaks Meet tournament, people’s interest in it waned.

In a few days, the news about the Heavenly South Great World spread. Even neighboring Great Worlds sent alchemical sages, with them hoping to probe the secrets of the divine alchemist's heritage.

People knew very well that the item left behind by the divine alchemist was extremely important to the Nine Li Magus Empire. They could not help but be curious over what it was.

Three days later, the results of Jing Yuesha's partic.i.p.ation in the Heavenly South Great World's tournament were out. Jing Yuesha fought very seriously and her final results were rather good. She entered the finals and obtained twentieth place. She deserved to be proud for obtaining such a ranking in a genius tournament jointly organized by numerous Great Worlds.

Clear Lunar Island Lord was very pleased with her disciple's results. With the tournament ending, it was time for Yi Yun to leave with Aged Blackrock.

And at that moment in Cloud Pool City, the number of experts from all walks of life increased instead of decreasing. It was very easy to see alchemists and their helpers on the roads. Over the past few days, all the alchemical stores in Cloud Pool City had a surge in business.

The name Divine Alchemist was just too influential. Even though he had been forgotten by ordinary warriors, he was a G.o.dlike existence in many alchemical sects with long histories. Being able to see the divine alchemist's heritage was a long cherished goal.

Aged Blackrock only watched silently as more and more alchemists entered Cloud Pool City. He did not stop them.

In fact, the ancient Nine Li had once gathered alchemists all over the world in a bid to complete the item left behind by the divine alchemist. Back then, the situation was no way inferior to what was happening now.

However, too much time had pa.s.sed and that grand event was lost to the ravages of time.

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