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After True Lord Seven Kills made his announcement, all the warriors present were itching for action. They were also wary of Yi Yun, knowing he was not someone easily dealt with, but there were a lot of them and only one of him. With the Celestial Vanguard's cooperation, Yi Yun was definitely at the end of his rope.

They were further enticed when they saw True Lord Seven Kills produce a red jade box. According to way the Pillheart Sect usually sold its pills, the red jade box likely contained Spirit Illumination Pills that could even allow Supremacies to make a subrealm breakthrough.

"I believe all of you can recognize this box. Inside are ten Spirit Illumination Pills. I will not be stingy towards anyone that helps in this effort! However, the heritage that Yi Yun carries belongs to my Pillheart Sect. We have to retrieve it. The Pillheart Sect's heritage has been handed down for hundreds of millions of years. Due to the long span of time, it was an unfortunate circ.u.mstance that some of it was lost. Yet, it was obtained by this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Now, he not only refuses to return it, he even uses our Pillheart Sect's heritage to deceive and beguile others, all while flaunting himself. He even schemed to murder my Pillheart Sect’s experts and pushed the blame to another party. I cannot stand to see him live a second longer!"

True Lord Seven Kills's voice resounded through the world. Many people began having ideas when they saw the Spirit Illumination Pills.

"They are actually Spirit Illumination Pills. Granny, even I want to take action."

Su Yushi looked at Yi Yun and made an impetuous decision. Although he was definitely no match for the expert protecting Yi Yun, he could deal with Yi Yun if the expert was held back by others.

The Tigercamel Mountain was lacking in strength due to a lack of resources. Su Yushi always believed that if he was supported by better resources, he could become the best genius in the Heavenly South Great World. The ten Spirit Illumination Pills greatly enticed him. Even for the monstrous Pillheart Sect, they were extremely valuable pills.

"Alright. Be careful. Don't hurt yourself," said the gray-haired woman.

"Don't worry. I'm only going to deal with Yi Yun. There won't be any danger." Su Yushi stared intently at Yi Yun as though Yi Yun was his prey.

A ma.s.sive battle was imminent. As long as one person took the lead, they would immediately be followed by a barrage of attacks. Many people were waiting. Xia Zijian hung a teasing smile on his face. Although he wasn't planning on taking action, he was happy to see Yi Yun end in a terrible state.

He curled the corners of his mouth and looked at Jing Yuesha. He said derisively, "Junior Sister Jing Yuesha, why are you standing behind that punk? Do you want to accompany him in death?"

"Hmph! It's none of your business!" Jing Yuesha was infuriated. In fact, she had already received a voice transmission from Yi Yun. He had instructed her to get closer to him and not resist. She did not know what Yi Yun was planning on doing but Yi Yun had created numerous miracles before. She chose to believe in him.

At that moment, people were already gathering Yuan Qi. Some were walking closer to Yi Yun. But just as they were about to attack, there was a strange energy fluctuation that suddenly came from afar.

Oh? This is…

The energy fluctuation seemed to come from a wispy heaven. It resonated with people's souls in a mysterious manner.

Who is it!?

Some people looked toward the horizon and felt a jolt. They saw that, above a mountain range in the distance, a gigantic dark city was approaching!

A city was flying in mid-air?

The city was ma.s.sive, casting dark shadows on the mountains. The city had many tall towers that shimmered with an ancient but simple black light. One could faintly hear the cries of ancient Fey beasts.

When the black city approached, people saw that the sides of the towers were embossed with a gigantic eye totem. In the middle of the eye were eight smaller eyes.

"Nine-eye totem. It's the Nine Li Magus Empire!"

Nine Li Magus Empire was an extremely mysterious country in the Heavenly South Great World. Its territory only spanned about five thousand kilometers. Compared to the Heavenly South Great World, it was like a drop in the bucket. But such a tiny country was ranked as one of the three divine empires of the Heavenly South Great World, alongside the Divine Empire of Thunder and Outcloud Empire.

Although the three empires were ranked equally, both the Outcloud Empire and Divine Empire of Thunder knew that they were completely incomparable to the Nine Li Magus Empire.

The Nine Li Magus Empire's history far exceeded both countries. Throughout history, the top factions in the Heavenly South Great World would always experience changes. At times, there would be three great factions and at other times, four. However, the Nine Li Magus Empire would always take the number one spot. Never had there been any change in that spot.

The Nine Li Magus Empire kept an extremely low profile. It did not enjoy dominance but no one dared to ignore it. History taught that any faction in the Heavenly South which fought the Nine Li Magus Empire was defeated soundly, eventually vanishing.

There were rumors that said that the people of the Nine Li Magus Empire were the descendants of an ancient mystic race. However, no one knew what the race was.

"Why is the Nine Li Magus Empire here? They seldom partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Even when they do, it’s only for the auction. But the auction has long ended and they should not be interested in the tournament at all. Why would they come today…"

King Yi was taken aback. In fact, he disliked the appearance of the Nine Li Magus Empire at any Heavenly South Peaks Meet. As the empire was too mysterious and powerful, they were not something he could control.

It was even worse now. They were just about to carve up Yi Yun's possessions. The Nine Li Magus Empire was the last thing they wanted to see.

Elder Seven Kills frowned as well. The Nine Li Magus Empire would usually practice isolationism. Ma.s.sive arrays were set up around the Nine Li Magus Empire's territory and were forever active. It shut the country completely in and citizens of the empire seldom left its confines. Outsiders were also barred entry. In this way, both Nine Li Magus Empire and the rest of the Heavenly South Great World went about their own business. The Nine Li Magus Empire was almost forgotten by others, so why would they suddenly appear today?

Could it be that they were here to s.n.a.t.c.h food from the tiger's jaws? If that were the case, the Pillheart Sect had no chances of winning.

"True Lord, don't worry. The Nine Li Magus Empire does not have any alchemical heritage. This is known throughout the Heavenly South Great World. They do occasionally partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly South Great World's auction in order to buy pills. However, their people are likely unskilled in alchemy. They should not be interested in Yi Yun's heritage." a Pillheart Sect Elder spoke out.

Beside him, Elder Seven Kills nodded. "I hope so."

Although he said so, Elder Seven Kills could not relax when he saw the ma.s.sive city's shadow approach. The feeling of losing control of the situation felt terrible. "Watch Yi Yun closely. He should not be given a chance to escape in the chaos."

As Elder Seven Kills spoke, the ma.s.sive city was already floating above Cloud Pool City. One end of the city slowly entered the Cloud Pool City's fortification array and the next thing that happened made everyone draw a big gasp.

The fortification array that the Outcloud Empire had spent a sizable amount of resources to construct was no different from a water surface. It allowed the tenebrous city entry, sending ripples outwards. Yet, it did not pose any real obstruction to the city.

"Why… Why…" King Yi widened his eyes. As the overlord of Cloud Pool City, he knew how powerful the fortification array was. He had invested a lot riches over the recent years to maintain the array. It was difficult to penetrate the array even if five or six Divine Lords attacked it together. How did the Nine Li Magus Empire enter?

Old Snake was also watching in secret. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the scene happen before him. "It looks like I have underestimated the Heavenly South Great World. The various worlds in the Sinkhole with long histories are not to be looked down upon…" Old Snake muttered to himself.

He did not think much of the Pillheart Sect but the Nine Li Magus Empire managed to make him look at this world in a different light.

The tenebrous city eventually came to a halt in mid-air, a thousand feet away from the square. A few shadows appeared from the bottom of the city and slowly flew over.

Leading them was an old man. He was scrawny and swarthy. His arms were thin like chicken claws. His gray hair was tied into a long pigtail that went from the back of his head to his waist.

Behind the elder were a man and woman. The man was middle-aged and he had a neutral expression. As for the woman, she was dressed in tight clothes. Her arms and ankles were revealed and were bound tightly in white cloth. She had an excellent figure but she wasn't pretty. In fact, she was rather ugly.

The mood froze when the trio arrived. Many a time the unknown was dreaded, and that effect was made more apparent when the opposite party was powerful.

King Yi's eyebrows twitched as he forced a smile, "I never expected that esteemed guests from the Nine Li Magus Empire would grace the Heavenly South Peaks Meet organized by the Outcloud Empire. We are greatly honored by your gracious presence!"

King Yi forcefully tolerated the gloom he felt and spoke as politely as possible.

"Nice to meet you."

The leading elder nodded at King Yi as a response. He ignored King Yi after saying the four words. He scanned the entire square and his eyes eventually landed on Yi Yun.

The elder did not seem to know of King Yi's ident.i.ty, nor did he care about finding out who he was. This made King Yi's smile stiffen. He had a feeling that he was being left hanging. Instantly, his face twisted a little. As the overlord of Cloud Pool City, when had he ever been given the cold shoulder in such a manner?

"Might I know what the Nine Li Magus Empire is here in Cloud Pool City for?"

Upon noticing the elder's gaze, Elder Seven Kills's expression turned more twisted. He was of a violent nature so even against the Nine Li Magus Empire, he did not want to mince his words. He got straight to the point.

The elder smiled and said, "I heard of a fascinating matter that happened in the Heavenly South Great World. It's about an interesting youth so here I am…"

With that said, the elder continued looking at Yi Yun. "My young friend, I a.s.sume you are Yi Yun?"

Yi Yun stood out with so many people surrounding him. It was very easy to infer his ident.i.ty.

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