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Meanwhile, in Cloud Pool City, the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament had yet to begin. The number of people in the square was increasing.

"Young Master Yi, are you really not going to consider taking this opportunity to leave the city?"

Jing Yuesha could not help but suggest this once again. She could sense that the battle Yuan Qi outside the city had abated. She did not know what happened to the Pillheart Sect, whether they won or lost.

"Leave Cloud Pool City? Junior Sister Yuesha, you might be overthinking things."

At that moment, a nonchalant voice sounded. It was none other than Xia Zijian.

The Heavenly Pivot Chapter did not have much of a grudge against Yi Yun. All they wanted to do was draw a clear line from Yi Yun, afraid that they would implicate themselves if they got too close. However, Xia Zijian had been spited by Yi Yun repeatedly, causing him to yearn for Yi Yun to suffer in the end.

"Xia Zijian, what nonsense are you speaking?" Jing Yuesha said with a frown.

Xia Zijian's mouth curved slightly in response. "I'm just speaking the truth. Do you think the Pillheart Sect will not send people to watch Yi Yun's every move in the city while they are fighting outside? Even if no one is watching him, do you think the numerous factions that are gathered in Cloud Pool City for the Heavenly South Peaks Meet would just let Yi Yun go?"

Xia Zijian did not mince or conceal his words. Many people present heard him.

There were quite a number of people surrounding Yi Yun and Jing Yuesha. Some of them gave deep, knowing smiles when Xia Zijian exposed their intentions.

Indeed, there was people among them who were intentionally or unintentionally paying attention to Yi Yun. Everyone already came to the realization that they had far underestimated the heritage Yi Yun possessed. The Pillheart Sect and the Dao Calamity Tower craved Yi Yun's heritage so much that they ended up coming to blows. It showed how bent they were on obtaining what Yi Yun had!

They obviously wanted such a heritage too. Even the factions that were lacking in strength considered the chances of fishing in troubled waters.

Yi Yun was well aware of the intentions of such people. However, them being in Cloud Pool City's Heavenly South Peaks Meet made it inconvenient for them to take action.

Yi Yun had noticed previously that a few people would occasionally sweep their perception towards him. He now looked in the direction of those people.

There was a hideous middle-aged man that was half a head shorter than Jing Yuesha, a sickly-looking old man, and an old gray-haired woman who brought a youth with her.

These three people had already been loitering for more than an hour.

"The three of you seem interested in knowing me. Don't hold back. Come forward and introduce yourselves," Yi Yun said with a faint smile.

The trio did not show embarra.s.sment when they were exposed by Yi Yun. The hideous middle-aged man revealed a smile that matched his bearing. "Unlike you, Sect Master Yi, we restrain ourselves. We do not act in a high profile manner despite having immense treasures. For you to cause the Pillheart Sect to engage in such a tumultuous battle outside the city, I'm truly impressed. Impressive!"

As for the gray-haired woman, she grunted coldly. She resented how a junior like Yi Yun was mocking them. "Still trying to win a battle of tongues when death's at your doorstep? It's no wonder you did something as foolish as flaunting your wealth in a bustling city!"

"Might I know your esteemed name?" asked Yi Yun indifferently as he looked at her.

For some reason, the woman felt a jolt in her heart when she sensed Yi Yun's gaze. However, she quickly sneered in reply, "Why? Are you thinking of seeking revenge against me? Pay more heed to your life. A person that's about to die doesn't need to know my name."

Upon hearing her words, Yi Yun laughed. He looked at the youth standing behind the woman. He too was looking coldly at him with eyes filled with disdain.

The youth was clearly here to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. He was likely the gray-haired woman's disciple or nephew.

"This old hag is from Tigercamel Mountain. It's not a very strong faction."

At that moment, Jing Yuesha informed Yi Yun covertly.

"Oh? You know that too?" Yi Yun was surprised. The other party was not wearing any sect uniforms; yet, Jing Yuesha had managed to identify them.

"I know that youth. His name is Su Yushi, a very famous genius. Tigercamel Mountain wasn't strong at first but Su Yushi, with formidable prowess that makes him invincible against peers of his realm, made them famous. Su Yushi has probably prepared a long time for the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament. He will definitely put on a spectacular showcase."

"I see." Yi Yun understood. It was no wonder that the youth's eyes were filled with disdain. He was a genius.

Yi Yun sensed Su Yushi's realm. It was only a sixth-storey Dao Palace, two stories lower than him. From the looks of it, he wasn't very old.

At that moment, Su Yushi spoke out. He did not use a Yuan Qi voice transmission but instead, said to Yi Yun directly, "If you partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, I'll let you know what a gap is. Having heaven-defying opportunities despite being useless trash is a defilement of heavenly treasures."

Upon hearing Su Yushi's words, Yi Yun laughed. He did not say anything for at that moment, Old Snake's Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in his ear. "Kid, your putting the blame on the Dao Calamity Tower has been seen through by the old fogies of the Pillheart Sect. They plan to square accounts with you now! They will be in Cloud Pool City soon. Deal with them yourself for now!"

Upon hearing Old Snake's message, Yi Yun lost interest in wasting his time bantering with Su Yushi. In fact, he knew that putting the blame on the Dao Calamity Tower would be exposed by the Pillheart Sect sooner or later. Since it had already happened, he had no plans to hide it.

"By the way, I took in a few slaves. Their cultivation levels are too low so I see no value in keeping them. I might as well give them to you. They can still help you hold out against the Pillheart Sect."

As Old Snake spoke, a stream of light shot straight at him. It ignored the city gate and arrived straight in the square!

"Who is it?"

There were guards in the square and the sudden trespa.s.sing made them instantly turn wary.

But when the stream descended, revealing the trio enveloped within, everyone was stunned.

They looked extremely wretched. All of them were covered in blood and their clothes were tattered. They had little Yuan Qi left.

Although their faces were covered in blood and dirt, the crowd quickly recognized the two youths. One of them was the leader of the Dao Calamity Tower's younger generation, Chu Pingyun. The other one was Prince Boundless Heaven of the Outcloud Empire!

Why was it the two of them? Why were they in such wretched states?

Before the crowd had time to ponder over the matter, older experts recognized the last person, the elder with a head much bigger than normal. "Wait… isn't that Chu Shanhe!?"

Although Elder Chu Shanhe looked odd, he had fused with a Divine Lord Royal Seal, and was definitely a leading expert in the Heavenly South Great World. Other than the patriarchs of a few pinnacle factions, few people could beat him in a one-on-one battle.

But why was Chu Shanhe in such a tragic state?

Everyone was shocked but quickly connected it to Yi Yun. Previously, Chu Pingyun and Prince Boundless Heaven were together and had interacted with Yi Yun in that very square. They departed after teasing Yi Yun but now, they looked tragic.

"They are from the Dao Calamity Tower. Why did this happen…"

The gray-haired woman frowned slightly. The Dao Calamity Tower was a ma.s.sive ent.i.ty. Even though these people were only from a branch in the Heavenly South Great World, they were not anything the Tigercamel Mountain could compare with, especially Chu Shanhe. It was not an exaggeration to say that he alone could ma.s.sacre the entire Tigercamel Mountain.

Just as people were puzzling over the matter, they were shocked to discover the trio walk in front of Yi Yun and kneel!


Everyone was astounded. They found the scene unbelievable. Among the trio, one was a prince of the Outcloud Empire, and the others were important figures of the Dao Calamity Tower that could shock the entire Heavenly South Great World. Why would they be kneeling before Yi Yun?

Xia Zijian's mouth turned agape, as though he had seen a ghost. Su Yushi had long wiped the disdain from his eyes. Instead, his eyes widened for the scene had far exceeded his imagination.

As for members of the older generation, such as the gray-haired woman, there was no need to elaborate much. They could ignore Prince Boundless Heaven and Chu Pingyun, but Chu Shanhe, a person with dignified status, was kneeling before a junior!?

It had completely subverted all that they knew.

But a more amazing thing happened next. It was so unbelievable that they they did not instantly realize it.

"Why do I feel that the three of them have removed their soul seas' resistance?"

"How…How could this be!?"

The crowd was extremely shocked. The removal of the soul seas' resistance was something one willingly did in order to sign a soul contract to be enslaved. Not only were these three people of dignified status kneeling on the ground, they were even willing to be enslaved?

People found it unbelievable. And by that point, Yi Yun had already condensed the soul imprints. At the instant the trio removed their soul seas' resistance, the soul imprints were implanted in their soul seas and completely entrenched. With Old Snake's mental imprint screening, there was no need to worry about having the slaves s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

And even then, not many people could have reacted in time.

"Yi Yun… has taken the three of them as slaves!?"

Everyone turned petrified. There were experts from many large factions in the square. They watched the scene in silence. The din became a silence in which one could hear a pin drop.

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