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"Vile sp.a.w.n, what did you do!?"

The large-headed man was on the brink of collapse. They were well aware that, at this point, they were meat laying on a chopping block. Was Chu Pingyun unhappy that he was not dying fast enough?

"Martial Uncle! I didn't! I didn't do anything!"

Chu Pingyun was on the brink of of insanity. He already felt that his interaction with Yi Yun was the worst act of being scammed in his life, but now he learned that there was no such thing as worst, only worse than before.

He had definitely fallen for another trap but he could not figure out how the other party had done so.

The large-headed man truly wanted to squeeze his nephew to death. But on second thought, the explosion in the ring could not have been produced by Chu Pingyun. Even if Chu Pingyun had a death wish, it was impossible that he possessed an explosive artifact that contained so much power!

Upon realizing this, the large-headed man waved his hand at Elder Seven Kills—

"Wait! There must be a misunderstanding!"

Elder Seven Kills nearly blew his top. The large-headed man claimed that the killing of the Pillheart Sect disciples by his Dao Calamity Tower was a misunderstanding. Now, he was claiming that him nearly being blown to pieces was another misunderstanding.

"Do you think I'm a r.e.t.a.r.d? f.u.c.k your misunderstanding! All of you are going to die!"

Elder Seven Kills formed hand seals, and seven black sabers flew out of his body and cleaved at the large-headed man. At the same time, the other Pillheart Sect experts launched a simultaneous attack!

They did not hold back at all!

As he watched the overwhelming attack bear down on him, the large-headed man felt a despairing misery. He struck his chest suddenly and spewed a large mouthful of blood essence. He was no longer young and had precious little vital potential left. Burning large amounts of blood essence was an irremediable loss to him; however, he had no other choice!

His blood essence burned as he used his best trump cards to resist the strike!


A terrifying explosion swept through the ruined manor. Even the chamber collapsed!

Another two of the three remaining Dao Calamity Tower Elders were killed, but the Pillheart Sect people were not spared either. In the clash, one of the Dao Calamity Tower Elders knew that death was certain and chose to self-destruction, resulting in mutual destruction with a person from the Pillheart Sect!

The large-headed man's hair was disheveled and his body was covered in blood. At that moment, his body was in a terrible state. He had less than ten percent of his Yuan Qi left.

He was certain he would die in battle but knew that if he died right then and there, the misunderstanding would never be cleared up. The Pillheart Sect would continue attacking the Dao Calamity Tower, uprooting the Dao Calamity Tower from the Heavenly South Great World completely!

He could not sit idly as this happened or he would end up being a sinner of the Dao Calamity Tower.

Since death was certain for him, the large-headed man steeled his heart and shouted, "Don't attack! I'm willing to submit to you as my master. In that case, at least you will know the truth of this matter!"

Once a soul contract was signed, it was impossible for the slave to be disloyal to the master. Whatever he said would definitely be the truth but to an old freak like him, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, signing a soul contract was more painful than death!

"Oh? You are willing to sign a soul contract?"

This caught Elder Seven Kills by surprise. He never expected his opponent to be willing to make such a serious sacrifice.


The large-headed man was the person in charge of the Dao Calamity Tower's branch in the Heavenly South Great World. He was a decisive and vicious person so he was willing to go for broke in this perilous situation if it meant clarifying the misunderstanding.

"Alright! Since you have made this choice, open up your soul sea and let my consciousness enter. There must not be a single hint of resistance or I'll immediately obliterate you!"

Elder Seven Kills was starting to become convinced. With the situation developing as such, there was no reason for the large-headed man to do this if the Dao Calamity Tower had truly killed Su Boyang and company.


The large-headed man gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He prostrated on the ground and set his soul sea free.

"And you too!"

Elder Seven Kills looked at Chu Pingyun.

The signing of a soul contract would not succeed if the slave was unwilling, regardless of the slave's strength.

Chu Pingyun felt a jolt through his head. His face went pale. Once he signed a soul contract, his life would be in the hands of the other party. It was no different from ending his life!

He had only lived for about eight centuries and had a limitless future ahead of him but today, he had b.u.mptiously approached Yi Yun in a bid to scam him of his heritage. Then the tables quickly turned and now he was going to be someone else’s slave!

"Martial Uncle, I…"

Chu Pingyun could not accept it!

"Vile sp.a.w.n, this trouble is all because of your stupidity! Do you think you can be spared? What's fool's talk. If you were to land in the hands of the sect, you would be punished with extreme torture!"

The large-headed man really wanted to smite Chu Pingyun down with a palm. If not for his r.e.t.a.r.ded nephew, he would not have fallen into such a predicament.

"I… I understand…"

Chu Pingyun felt infinitely aggrieved but he knelt down and removed any resistance from his soul sea.

"And you too…"

Elder Seven Kills looked at the last person—Prince Boundless Heaven.

At that moment, Prince Boundless Heaven was still buried among the rubble. His body was covered in blood but he had yet to lose his consciousness. He was hoping to feign death to escape this calamity. He was a prince of the Outcloud Empire, after all. As long as he took the initiative to humble himself, Elder Seven Kills might turn a blind eye and ignore him.

But he never expected Elder Seven Kills to completely ignore his status as prince. He obviously had no intentions of sparing him.

"Stop faking dead. Or do you really want to die?" Elder Seven Kills said with a sneer.

His voice sank Prince Boundless Heaven's heart. He knew that there was no way for him to escape.

He did not want to die. He was still young and he was of lofty birth. In the future, he would at the very least become a king, having a collection of beauties and wielding power. If he died, however, he would have nothing.

But if he were to sign a soul contract that brought him into a life worse than death, he still had an inkling of hope that his mother would be able to pay the necessary price to reclaim his freedom. After all, the Pillheart Sect would not really wish to completely offend the Outcloud Empire.

As long as he lived on, there would be limitless possibilities.

"Wait…wait. I submit…"

Prince Boundless Heaven knew that even if his mother bought his freedom, this day was bound to be the greatest insult in his life. This humiliation would ensure that he had no hopes of becoming crown prince. The Outcloud Empire would never let a previously enslaved prince inherit the throne.

The trio completely set free their soul seas' resistance. Elder Seven Kills stroked his chin. From what had happened, he began to believe that the Dao Calamity Tower had truly shouldered the blame.

Could all of this have been orchestrated by Yi Yun? Upon having this thought, Elder Seven Kills's expression turned sullen. If that was the case, he would be a r.e.t.a.r.d. He had become the vanguard of someone else without realizing it!

Now, once he enslaved the trio in front of him, the truth would be revealed. However, once bitten, twice shy. Elder Seven Kills remained extremely vigilant, afraid that the trio would use some form of self-destruction on their soul seas, damaging his soul sea.

He carefully probed with his soul. At the moment his soul entered the souls of Chu Pingyun and company, he suddenly felt a strange obstruction.

This obstruction made him jolt. What was happening? Why was there still resistance from their soul seas? Was it true that Big Headed Chu was trying to pull the wool over his eyes again?

In the instant Elder Seven Kills was hesitating, a more powerful and decisive soul power sank into the trio's soul sea and directly formed slave imprints that entrenched in their souls!

In that twinkling of an eye, the trio's soul seas lacked resistance so they naturally accepted the three slave imprints.

The owner of the mysterious soul power was clearly adept in such techniques. Typical people would usually take nearly a minute to complete the process of signing the soul contract but this person had taken less than a second to complete it!

Everything happened in a split second!

Chu Pingyun and company felt their minds go blank. Their eyes revealed a blank, turbid look. At that moment, they had acknowledged their master.


Then Elder Seven Kills jolted from his daze. Who was it!?

There was actually someone hiding beyond his perception, who s.n.a.t.c.hed away his slaves at the instant he was about to bind the soul contract with an extremely honed control!

To let a deal that was in the bag escape his grasp...Elder Seven Kills's eyes burned red!

"Ahhh! Who is it!?"

Elder Seven Kills's energy surged, and killing intent flared as though he came from h.e.l.l. He felt that ever since he arrived in Cloud Pool City, he had been falling for one scam after another—the Pillheart Sect disciples' tragic death or his revenge against the large-headed man, to the explosion of the interspatial ring, and finally, the loss of his three slaves.

He was famous but he was being played like a fiddle! He was just about to blow a top when he noticed a gray halo envelop the trio on the ground. Following that, the gray halo transformed into a beam that tore through s.p.a.ce and flew towards Cloud Pool City!

His array formation's obstruction had been penetrated by the beam!

They escaped!?

Elder Seven Kills stood there petrified. He felt all his blood rush to his head as the veins on his forehead protruded out due to his rage. He felt like exploding.

There he was standing, watching the other party escape!

The mystery figure penetrated the ma.s.sive array that he had meticulously set up, and had taken away all the spoils of war!

Humiliation! Today's experience was the most humiliating experience in his entire life!

"To Cloud Pool City! Follow me to Cloud Pool City!"

Elder Seven Kills's voice was trembling. He did not know who was the one that had swept away Chu Pingyun and company at the very end. Now, he wanted to find Yi Yun and crush him to death!

He believed that Yi Yun must have used some trick to con the Pillheart Sect. He dominated the Heavenly South Great World all these years, so when had he ever been fooled by a junior?

"We have already completed our mission. If you need more of our services, we require additional payment."

Upon hearing Elder Seven Kills's intention of going to Cloud Pool City, the three masked men from G.o.d Annihilating Way responded.

"You…" Elder Seven Kills nearly vomited blood. He felt he was being an absolute idiot. Not only had he been used by others, he also spent ma.s.sive amounts of money to hire the G.o.d Annihilating Way. All to be a vanguard of another party.

The G.o.d Annihilating Way's fee was just too expensive. Even the wealthy Pillheart Sect would feel the pinch.

Elder Seven Kills gritted his teeth and said, "I'll pay you more."

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