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"Sure thing, sure thing. When I perfect my alchemical skills, I will definitely not forget you, Brother Chu. If you have any pills you want refined, I will definitely do my best," Yi Yun said with a hearty laugh as he patted Chu Pingyun on the shoulder, as though he was asking him to leave everything to him.

Yi Yun's actions nearly made Chu Pingyun laugh out loud. The punk actually fell for the words of flattery, such as the talk of him becoming an alchemist sage in the future. Yet, he was unaware that he didn't have many days left to live.

Chu Pingyun looked at Yi Yun with a smile and cupped his fists as he said, "I'm truly blessed to have met Brother Yi today. I shall bid you farewell for now. I'll visit you again tonight!"

Chu Pingyun did not know if the contents of the interspatial ring were the complete collection of heritage Yi Yun had obtained but since he was at the venue of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, it was impractical for him to take action. He decided to postpone his plans until the night.

The heritage was already sufficiently valuable. He needed to first return to the Dao Calamity Tower to research the contents properly.

"Alright, I'll be waiting for you tonight!"

The scene of Yi Yun bidding Chu Pingyun farewell was seen by many people. They were sneering, scoffing at how immense a fool Yi Yun was. He did not know that he had been scammed by Chu Pingyun.

"The Dao Calamity Tower really made a killing this time."

"It appears that the heritage Yi Yun had is extraordinary. The Dao Calamity Tower must have a certain amount of understanding of it to be willing to offend the Pillheart Sect for it."

People discussed privately with voice transmissions but no one noticed that a few people had silently disappeared from the crowd.

The Pillheart Sect members were constantly watching Chu Pingyun.

"The heritage that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yi Yun received is now with Chu Pingyun!" A Pillheart Sect disciple said.

"Since the Dao Calamity Tower has attacked us, they must have obtained most of the heritage from that punk earlier on. What Chu Pingyun received today is only the remnants and, since they dared to take such blatant action, they must have experts hiding around Cloud Pool City. We should not act rashly or we might alert them."

"Elder Seven Kills will arrive soon. Let's wait patiently."

At that moment, Chu Pingyun rushed impatiently to a particular residence with the interspatial ring in hand.

The residence was outside Cloud Pool City, a manor that belonged to Prince Boundless Heaven. It was later bought by the Dao Calamity Tower and put to use as a gathering place for the Dao Calamity Tower, with many Dao Calamity Tower experts currently staying there. Its location was a secret and the manor was heavily guarded.

Prince Boundless Heaven accompanied Chu Pingyun to the manor and entered a secret chamber. All the servants were dismissed.

There were already four black-dressed figures waiting in the chamber, and the leader was a middle-aged man. He looked odd, with a head that was a lot bigger than an ordinary person's.

"Let me take a look!"

The large headed man extended his hand. He was excitable for he knew how valuable the heritage was.

"Martial Uncle, please take a look. My cultivation level is insufficient to check its contents in detail." Chu Pingyun handed the interspatial ring—with some unwillingness to part with it—to the large headed man.

By the side, Prince Boundless Heaven bowed at the man and said, "Congratulations, Senior Chu. This heritage is no trifling matter. Once we kill that punk Yi Yun, everything will fall into place."

"Prince Boundless Heaven, don't worry. This heritage will definitely be lent to you for your perusal as previously agreed upon," the man said indifferently.

He knew what Prince Boundless Heaven was worried about, but the Dao Calamity Tower was not planning on going back on the agreement. After all, it was only a loan and that didn't disadvantage them much. It also had to potential to gain them some favor with the royal family. It was only a boon for the Dao Calamity Tower.

When the interspatial ring touched his hand, the man instantly felt the immense psyche the interspatial ring possessed. It was definitely an interspatial ring once held by an ancient expert!

Not only that, all the scrolls in the ring contained remnant auras of a mighty figure. The man could imagine how frequently the mighty owner must have read the scrolls in the past, always having the scrolls in hand.

That led to the current situation of the mighty figure’s laws being imprinted on the scrolls. They did not dissipate despite the vestiges of time. It only made it more apparent how powerful the ancient figure was.

The man was filled with excitement as he retrieved a scroll from the interspatial ring. He carefully dispersed the lingering ancient aura and probed deep into the scroll with his perception.

As he investigated the contents, the others waited eagerly.

However, all they saw was the man's expression turn solemn. Slowly, he began to knit his brows.

"Elder Chu, is there a problem?" an elder could not help but ask.

Elder Chu's expression turned grim as he placed the scroll on the table. He retrieved another three scrolls from the interspatial ring and checked them as well.

This time, the man's expression turned more twisted. Prince Boundless Heaven was perturbed. "Senior Chu, did something go wrong?"

The powerful auras emanated by the scrolls were extremely old. That was certain.

However, Prince Boundless Heaven already sensed that something was amiss from the man's expression.


The man waved his hand, pouring out a large number of scrolls from the interspatial ring. He violently dispersed the ancient aura that enveloped all the scrolls and probed them with his perception. His face was ashen by the time he finished probing.

Standing beside the man, Chu Pingyun and company could not help but check the scrolls with their perception. When they saw the true contents, they all had odd expressions, especially Chu Pingyun and Prince Boundless Heaven. They felt like they had just eaten a plate of flies.

"This… This…"

Prince Boundless Heaven refused to have his beliefs shakened as he crazily read through all the scrolls. Finally, he slumped onto a chair as though he was enervated. "What happened?"

"What happened? Obviously that f.u.c.king little c.u.n.t Yi Yun scammed us! He actually used such vulgar material to tease me!" Chu Pingyun smashed the interspatial ring in his rage.

The blast from his punch instantly pulverized the interspatial ring.

But what made Chu Pingyun more incensed was that the scrolls, which were augmented by the peerless expert's aura, were not a bit damaged. Instead, they scattered across the ground, unfurling themselves, revealing unspeakable images as well as extremely obscene text.

Even Yi Yun did not know that Old Snake had given him ancient erotic paraphernalia. They were even drawn by warriors with arrays to be extremely detailed and remarkably true to life. They also had captions.

"Old Snake, what were those scrolls you gave me, anyway?"

At that moment, Yi Yun asked Old Snake out of curiosity at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. He had also planned on using some fake scrolls to pa.s.s off as the heritage but felt that they would be easily seen through.

He never expected Old Snake to quickly produce so many ancient scrolls when he requested his help.

"Let’s just say those guys lucked out. Those scrolls were my greatest treasures back in the day. In my youth, I would spend many a night studying them." As Old Snake spoke, he revealed a reminiscent look as though he was recollecting his lost youth.

Yi Yun was puzzled from Old Snake's response. It sounded as though the scrolls were filled with pretty good stuff?

"Alas, I'm old now and can no longer use them anymore. They ought to be thankful to the point of tearing up, considering how I bestowed them with it," said Old Snake as he shook his head.

"I'll slaughter that Yi Yun! No, I want to torture him for a hundred thousand years first. I want to make him regret living in this world!" The color of Chu Pingyun's face turned livid. He had never been this humiliated his entire life!

He had already left the secret chamber. He brought back a bunch of the p.o.r.nographic paraphernalia and even treated it as treasure. He was too ashamed to face the Elders from the Dao Calamity Tower.

Prince Boundless Heaven was also trembling in rage. He was a prince of the Outcloud Empire and had never been made a fool in such a blatant manner. Whenever he thought of Yi Yun's fake thankful act, he ground his teeth in hate.

They thought Yi Yun was the fool but they did not realize that Yi Yun was the one treating them as fools, playing them like a cheap fiddle.

But taking a step back, how did Yi Yun obtain such a huge pile of ancient erotic paraphernalia? Those scrolls must have existed since time immemorial. Furthermore, why were they enveloped with an expert's aura? Why would an ancient mighty figure specially leave his nomological auras on such paraphernalia?

"A report!"

At that moment, Chu Pingyun's subordinate shouted from outside.

Chu Pingyun was in a rage and had no interest in hearing anything else. He directly bellowed angrily, "Don't disturb me now! Scram!"

The subordinate clammed up and took a few steps back. However, he did not take his leave.

"Brother Boundless Heaven, as a prince of the Outcloud Empire, you should have the means to bring Yi Yun directly here, right? This is your territory after all," said Chu Pingyun as he gnashed his teeth.

He could no longer wait to capture Yi Yun and vent his anger.

Although the Heavenly South Peaks Meet prohibited warriors from fighting publicly, rules were made to be broken.

"No one that has been targeted by our Dao Calamity Tower has ever managed to escape. I will let him know what it means to wallow in despair," said Chu Pingyun coldly.

Prince Boundless Heaven had a cold expression too. "I will try. I want to torture him personally. I'm well versed with the torturing techniques of my Outcloud Empire. I guarantee you that it will leave a lasting impression on him."

At that moment, the subordinate spoke up again. He carefully knelt by the entrance and bit the bullet to say, "Lord, it's really something urgent. If not, I would never dare to disturb you."

Following that, the subordinate sent Chu Pingyun a voice transmission.


Chu Pingyun smacked down with his palm, blasting apart a table. "What did you say? Our Dao Calamity Tower's South Manor Garden has experienced a bloodbath!?"

Chu Pingyun felt all his blood rush up to his face. He had never been so incensed his entire life. He felt like he would blow up from anger.

"Who did it? Are they mad!? How dare they make an enemy of my Dao Calamity Tower?" Chu Pingyun roared angrily.

South Manor Garden was the Dao Calamity Tower's property. It wasn't very far from them but as they were focusing on robbing Yi Yun of his heritage, the experts of South Manor Garden had been mobilized to the gathering point outside Cloud Pool City. How could they have predicted that the South Manor Garden would end up as the site of a ma.s.sacre!

The ancient erotic paraphernalia is also known as Shunga, a j.a.panese term for erotic art, thought to be strongly influenced by Chinese erotic paintings.

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