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Chapter 134: Letting you breakthrough to Purple Blood

“Miss Lin.” Yi Yun smiled because he knew Lin Xintong would come.

Back then, Yi Yun had sparred with Lin Xintong at this waterfall.

Without saying a word, Lin Xintong moved and a cold sword beam from the soft sword stabbed towards Yi Yun like a silver snake!

Lin Xintong’s swordplay contained an indescribable charm; it was like a beautiful dance.

Yi Yun focused and his feet moved his body, and with a move of his shoulders, his body turned into a series of shadows; Minute Subtlety!

Yi Yun barely avoided Lin Xintong’s sword. Although it looked like he dangerously avoided it, every move was within Yi Yun’s calculations, it was all precise and just right!

“You are getting more skilled at Minute Subtlety.” Lin Xintong sheathed her sword and praised Yi Yun.

But she suddenly said, “Now you are at the small success stage of Minute Subtlety. By using your opponent’s force, you can avoid their attacks, but you are still a distance away from the large success stage of Minute Subtlety.”

“What is the large success stage of Minute Subtlety?” Yi Yun modestly consulted her.

Lin Xintong walked down from the rock and gently wiped the hair on her forehead, saying, “You have to learn the large success stage of Minute Subtlety by yourself. If someone were to teach you, it will not be yours, and might even limit your own understanding of it&h.e.l.lip;Follow me, I’ll bring you someplace.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun nodded his head. He was about to leave with Lin Xintong when he saw her holding out her hand.

That delicate hand that was as white as jade stretched out in front of Yi Yun.

“Give me your hand,” Lin Xintong said very naturally.

“Eh?” Yi Yun stayed dumbfounded for a while. He looked at her pretty hands and hesitated. Holding hands&h.e.l.lip;that’s not appropriate&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun had a bit of expectations, but he had a bit of guilt because Lin Xintong looked too pure. He didn’t want her to bear the brunt of blasphemy.

But thinking back, they had previously crossed palms. Holding hands again wasn’t anything.

Yi Yun took a light breath and gently held the beautiful hand. Those slender fingers were white and soft to the touch. It felt as if she had no bones. Holding it felt like he was holding a water stream.

“Her skin is so cold&h.e.l.lip;” Every time Yi Yun had contact with Lin Xintong’s skin, he had that feeling. It was as if Lin Xintong was made of water. The feeling she gave was that of rain that gave a breath of fresh air.

“Let’s go.” Saying that, her body began to float. Under the night wind, her skirt fluttered. It was like Chang’er soaring to the Moon Palace.

And behind Lin Xintong was Yi Yun, who felt a pulling force. Following that, his body turned light and he suddenly flew!

With the wind blowing by his ear, Yi Yun floated amongst the clouds. His feet was quickly moving away from the waterfall, and the stars above him grew closer. Yi Yun was stunned.


Using just flesh and bones to fly in the sky.

Yi Yun looked down and all he saw in the darkness was mountains. What made people despair–the large mountains and rivers that made pa.s.sage through them impenetrable, now looked trivial. They pa.s.sed by under his feet at an astounding speed. This feeling&h.e.l.lip; was too wonderful!

In the endless darkness, under the shimmering stars, the silver moon hang in the sky. Dressed in white, Lin Xintong held onto Yi Yun who was dressed in linen clothes. They slowly moved across the moon flying to a distant location, leaving behind dream-like shadows.

Flying with Lin Xintong could only be described as shocking to Yi Yun. It was his first time flying in the sky with just flesh and bone.

All humans dreamed of flying unaided. And it could be achieved by practicing martial arts.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong flew for about two hours.

After it felt like they had traveled about five hundred miles, Lin Xintong began descending with Yi Yun.

They landed in a valley which was serene and cold. There were constant blasts of cold wind, making a person’s hair stand on end.

Lin Xintong let go of Yi Yun’s hand and said, “We are here.”

With the softness in his hand gone, Yi Yun was nostalgic about it. But soon he was attracted by the huge valley in front of him.

“This is&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun’s eyelids twitched. He could hear the faint growls within the valley. It seemed like terrifying existences lurked within.

Not only that, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was very dense, but it gave him an uncomfortable feeling. Something seemed sinister.

Lin Xintong said, “This is the Desolate Man Valley. It’s a huge canyon within the Cloud Wilderness. This canyon stretches out ten thousand miles and is connected to a desolate open grounds in the north!”

The desolate open grounds that Lin Xintong mentioned was the north border of the Cloud Wilderness. Although the word border is used, it is not the end of the Cloud Wilderness. The desolate open grounds were much bigger than the Cloud Wilderness. There were all sorts of strong primordial desolate beasts within it. It was beyond the control of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. There was usually not a single soul in the desolate open grounds because even human lords would not dare to rashly enter.

Lin Xintong said, “The Desolate Human Valley’s edges are infested with fierce beasts. Can you feel the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here? This Heaven Earth Yuan Qi can give humans discomfort. This Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is also known as ‘Power of Desolates’. It is what desolate and fierce beasts like the most.”

“Desolate Human Valley&h.e.l.lip; where fierce beasts lie dormant!” Yi Yun’s eyebrows twitched. He never expected Lin Xintong to bring him to such a place!

The Cloud Wilderness had desolate lands and wonderlands. Desolate lands were filled with the Power of Desolates and was where desolate beasts gathered.

And wonderlands were filled with spiritual power, so humans preferred wonderlands.

The wonderlands and desolate lands were arranged in a mixed fashion, and together they formed the vast Cloud Wilderness.

This was Yi Yun’s first time stepping into the territories of desolate beasts. In the past when he was riding a near-horned beast to travel to and from between the Lian and Tao tribal clan, the Jin Long Wei had avoided the desolate lands and chosen neutral paths that were neither desolate lands or wonderlands.

“Heaven Earth Yuan Qi&h.e.l.lip; Power of Desolates&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun whispered it in his heart. He had a spiritual connection with the Purple Crystal within his heart. With a heartbeat, the Purple Crystal pulsated, creating a tiny whirlpool. The Power of Desolates that entered Yi Yun’s body was absorbed and slowly turned into pure energy.

When this energy entered Yi Yun’s body, the discomfort had already disappeared.

As such, Yi Yun felt there was no difference between desolate lands and wonderlands

“The Purple Crystal sure is an absolute treasure&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun had mixed feelings. He had learned another thing about the Purple Crystal. The Purple Crystal had the highest level of manipulation of energy. It was a divine artifact of energy. It seemed like no form of energy could escape the grasp of the Purple Crystal.

“Eh, you&h.e.l.lip;” When the Power of Desolates within Yi Yun’s body got absorbed by the Purple Crystal, Lin Xintong seemed to have noticed something and looked surprisingly at Yi Yun.

“What?” Yi Yun touched his head. He was shocked because Lin Xintong had keen senses. When he absorbed the Power of Desolates, it had probably caused some changes that Lin Xintong detected.

Lin Xintong did not find anything wrong with Yi Yun’s body, and felt it was a mistake. She shook her head with curiosity and said, “Nothing&h.e.l.lip; I’ll be returning to my family clan one of these days.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun was slightly stunned. Suddenly hearing that he was to separate from Lin Xintong made him reluctant.

With a beauty by his side, it was a great joy. Besides, Lin Xintong was able to make his strength increase by leaps and bounds.

“Didn’t you say you were waiting for your master?”

“I cannot wait.” Lin Xintong shook her head. “My family has something going on that needs me to return. Besides, the level of the mystic realm my master went to seems to have exceeded his expectations. He has notified me that he would spend a year or even more to explore the mystic realm.”

Hearing Lin Xintong’s words, Yi Yun was stunned. It took a year or more to explore a mystic realm&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong noticed Yi Yun’s surprise and said, “Exploring for a year isn’t considered long. Some mystic realms are an independent world. They might be so vast that they were bigger than the Cloud Wilderness! Traversing through such a realm will need a long time, besides&h.e.l.lip;the mystic realm is sealed by an esoteric array. These arrays might be setup by a Sage or Great Emperor. Through the pa.s.sage of time, the array might have weakened, but to break through the array, it will still take considerable amounts of time.”

“Because my master and Marquis Wenyun will be in the mystic realm for an extended period of time, the Jin Long Wei is likely to leave the Cloud Wilderness en ma.s.se. When that happens, you will be entering the lands of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Hearing Lin Xintong’s words, Yi Yun took a breath of air. Tai Ah Divine Kingdom&h.e.l.lip;heartlands&h.e.l.lip;

He was finally leaving the Cloud Wilderness, and heading towards the vast world!

“Miss Lin, I’ll be heading to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and you will be returning to your family clan. Will we ever meet again?”

“We will,” Lin Xintong smiled. “I will leave soon. But before that, I will give you some more pointers, so you can improve further until you breakthrough into the Purple Blood realm!”

“Purple Blood!?” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. The so-called first step in martial arts, the Purple Blood realm was the dream of many warriors in the vast wilderness. Being a Purple Blood warrior, one had the ability to stand alone, and could even be a little king of a small tribe.

The Purple Blood realm had blocked numerous people from proceeding further. Only one in ten thousand could do so!

For Yi Yun to enter the central plains and set up his own home, it wouldn’t do without more power.

Yi Yun had long wanted to breakthrough into the Purple Blood realm!

After eating the green elixir, the herbal essence was still not fully digested by Yi Yun. He felt that he was just half a step away from the Purple Blood realm.

“Today, I brought you to the desolate human valley, so that you can fight with fierce beasts. This will allow you to experience a real battle!” Lin Xintong looked at the deep canyons as she said.

Upon hearing Lin Xintong’s words, his eyes lit up with excitement. To fight with fierce beasts!? What sort of scene would that be?

Thinking of this, Yi Yun felt a surge of hot blood.


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