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Within moments of Yi Yun handing over the interspatial ring, Chu Pingyun had already put it away.

At that moment, Chu Pingyun, Prince Boundless Heaven, and Ren Yunzong were beaming. They looked at Yi Yun as though they were watching an idiot.

"Young Master Yi, don't be in a hurry to leave. Why don't we go to Prince Boundless Heaven's residence for some tea? I can also give you the two G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli there," Chu Pingyun offered.

He had a well thought out plan to deal with Yi Yun but now, seeing how dumb Yi Yun was, he felt that the plan he created was superfluous. All he needed to do was lure Yi Yun over and kill him there.

"On that, I do have many things I would like to chat with you about. However, the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's tournament is about to begin. I would like to watch it and learn a little from the Heavenly South Great World's geniuses. Why don't I visit your residence at a later date? As for the G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli, there's really no need. You have already helped me greatly. If not for your Dao Calamity Tower, would I even be standing here today? As for the items in the ring, it was the agreed upon remuneration. I, Yi Yun, am a trustworthy person," said Yi Yun politely.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Chu Pingyun was taken aback. What agreed upon remuneration?

But on second thought, Yi Yun was likely referring to the agreement they had made. The Dao Calamity Tower would escort Yi Yun back to the Calm Sea and Yi Yun would hand over the heritage to the Dao Calamity Tower.

Upon realizing this, Chu Pingyun nearly laughed out loud. Yi Yun's mind was truly quirky. Yi Yun handed the heritage to him and even said that he had received great help from him. This was no different from a fool that gave away the gold he had because it was too heavy.

Chu Pingyun said with a smile, "Sure thing! In a few days, my Dao Calamity Tower will definitely escort you back to the Calm Sea."

When Chu Pingyun said those words, he did not notice that there were two pairs of eyes staring at him from among the crowd at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Their eyes flashed with hatred.

"So it was the Dao Calamity Tower! That Yi Yun has actually allied himself with the Dao Calamity Tower and made an agreement with them beforehand!"

"He said that the Dao Calamity Tower has 'saved his life' and even mentioned 'agreed upon remuneration.' From the looks of it, Yi Yun had already given the Dao Calamity Tower immense payments and this is just him handing over the remaining remuneration."

"We finally understand what happened. Yesterday, the Dao Calamity Tower took action with Yi Yun acting as bait. He went out of Cloud Pool City with Dao Calamity Tower experts following in secret. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d probably long knew that there was a tracing mark on him and deliberately lured Elder Su, Elder w.a.n.g, and the others to pursue him. As for the Dao Calamity Tower, they laid an ambush, wiping out everyone from our Pillheart Sect!"

The Pillheart Sect members gnashed their teeth in hate. They originally believed that Su Boyang and two experts would be able to easily kill Yi Yun. It was impossible for something unexpected to happen but now, they realized that the Dao Calamity Tower was involved in the matter!

The Dao Calamity Tower experts that hid in the Emperor Ridge Great World were fully capable of doing such things.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Dao Calamity Tower. Didn't my Pillheart Sect warn all major factions earlier that no one is to lay their sights on Yi Yun's items? Not only did the Dao Calamity Tower ignore our warning, they even killed so many important figures of our Pillheart Sect. Do they mean to declare war on us?" An old woman said viciously.

She had planned on partic.i.p.ating in the operation to kill Yi Yun but missed the chance. But that morning, she learned the news of Su Boyang and company being completely wiped out. She broke out into a cold sweat. If she had gone yesterday, there was no way she would have returned alive.

"Report this to the sect master. We cannot let this matter rest or others will think our Pillheart Sect is easily bullied. How will our Pillheart Sect establish itself in the Heavenly South Great World in the future if people think we’re weak?"

The Pillheart Sect members were already certain that everything was done by the Dao Calamity Tower. Yi Yun and Chu Pingyun had definitely made a deal. Chu Pingyun was no fool either. He must have investigated the veracity of the heritage in the ring. Since he looked pleasantly surprised, the items in the ring were most likely genuine!

Yi Yun was clearly seen giving the bulk of his wealth to Chu Pingyun. So how could such a major deal be fake?

Furthermore, the Dao Calamity Tower often plundered and backstabbed. It was almost never a mistake to call them culprits. Now, all evidence pointed to the Dao Calamity Tower. They were able to wipe out Su Boyang and company cleanly, leaving no living soul behind.

"Sect Master previously said blood for blood, a tooth for a tooth. Elder Seven Kills is already on the way!" The old woman said again.

Upon hearing mention of Elder Seven Kills, the group was delighted.

Among the many Pillheart Sect Elders, Elder Seven Kills was responsible for discipline. He was famous for his strength that far exceeded Su Boyang and company’s.

Furthermore, Elder Seven Kills had a hot temper. He did not tolerate being slighted at all. With Elder Seven Kills on the scene, the Dao Calamity Tower members would definitely suffer.

The Pillheart Sect discussed with Yuan Qi voice transmissions. They were well hidden and did not wear Pillheart Sect attire. There were a few that had completely disguised themselves. Few people could recognize them, and they appeared inconspicuous among the crowd.

However, Yi Yun had long noticed them. It was all thanks to Ling Xie'er. With her soul becoming stronger, she was very sensitive to animosity and spying. Yi Yun was completely incomparable in that regard.

Yi Yun was already prepared to welcome the Pillheart Sect's revenge but it wasn't fair to Old Snake to continually rely on him. Coincidence had it that the Dao Calamity Tower came to him; thus, Yi Yun decided to meet trick with trick.

As for the interspatial ring that he gave Chu Pingyun, the scrolls within were created by Old Snake.

After killing Su Boyang and company the previous night, Old Snake began hiding in the G.o.d Advent Tower. He was constantly with Yi Yun.

Now that he had a super bodyguard in the form of Old Snake, how could Yi Yun not use him? He was laden with treasures and it was possible for him to be a.s.sa.s.sinated while out on the streets, much less if he left the city. He felt more at ease with Old Snake with him.

Back when Chu Pingyun mentioned the heritage, Yi Yun had communicated with Old Snake through a voice transmission. He had requested that Old Snake create some seemingly powerful scrolls. He did not know what Old Snake did. Old Snake actually had some legitimate old scrolls on him, which he deliberately left his mighty aura on. Even Yi Yun felt that the scrolls looked impressive, much less Chu Pingyun.

Yi Yun cupped his fists at Chu Pingyun and said, "Brother Chu, I have already squared the accounts on our deal. I have definitely found a friend in you, Brother Chu."

As Yi Yun said those words, Chu Pingyun was sneering inwardly. Who would want to be your friend? Why don't you p.i.s.s a pool and look at yourself? Was a soon-to-be-dead person worthy of being my friend?

Of course, he continued his polite speech. "Brother Yi, your alchemical skills are truly unparalleled. There is a high chance of you becoming an alchemist sage in the future. It's my honor to befriend you. When the day comes for you to soar, remember me!"

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