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Upon realizing this, Yi Yun sneered inwardly. Prince Boundless Heaven bore a grudge against him to begin with and most certainly wished him dead. How could he miss a chance to receive benefits while also being able to kick Yi Yun while he was down? He did not want to approach Yi Yun out of the blue, so he ended up acquainting himself with Ren Yunzong. This group of people completely acted as though Yi Yun was a fat piece of juicy meat.

"Sect Master Yi, they are not benign. You have to proceed carefully," Jing Yueyin warned him. With her rich amount of experience, she could tell what was going on. Chu Pingyun did not seem friendly beneath the surface.

"Thank you, Senior, for your warning. I know the boundaries," Yi Yun said. Jing Yueyin nodded. She was waiting to see Yi Yun respond.

In martial cultivation, just having talent and finding opportunities was insufficient. One needed to have superior state of mind. If one was p.r.o.ne to being rash or overly stupid, they would usually die a tragic death.

Yi Yun's present situation was as terrible as it could be. There was the Pillheart Sect watching Yi Yun like ravenous tigers from outside, and inside there were factions like the Dao Calamity Tower surrounding Yi Yun like a pack of wolves. If Yi Yun did not handle the matter properly, he might be eaten whole.

Jing Yueyin wanted to see if Yi Yun was capable of handling the situation on good grounds despite it being so perilous. In fact, she believed that even if it was her in Yi Yun's shoes, she would not be able to handle the situation appropriately!

"Sect Master Yi, there are times when you need to let go of the opportunities you have received. As long as there is life, there is hope."

Jing Yueyin gave Yi Yun her advice. She felt that with Yi Yun's talent, he was bound to have a limitless future ahead of him if he lived on.

"Senior, I understand."

Yi Yun smiled faintly and cupped his fists at Chu Pingyun. He said, "Brother Chu, there's no need to say such things. I can't accept the two G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli. Brother Chu, you are the one saving my life and I'm extremely grateful for that. How can I take your G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli?" Yi Yun said earnestly, so much that Jing Yueyin was taken aback.

What did Yi Yun mean? Did he really mean to rely on the Dao Calamity Tower to escort him out of the Heavenly South Great World?

Although she had warned Yi Yun not to remain stubborn with the opportunities, she never expected Yi Yun to just hand the Dao Calamity Tower the opportunities he received with both hands. This was akin to asking a tiger for its skin—an impossibility. Hoping to take advantage of the Dao Calamity Tower was fool's talk.

Even Chu Pingyun was stunned. It was so easy to negotiate with Yi Yun? All he did was make an opening statement, and Yi Yun ingratiated him. Not only did he agree to his conditions, he didn't even want the two G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli! How afraid of death was he!?

"This punk must have been spending every waking moment on edge because of the Pillheart Sect. I thought he would not know any better and try to haggle with me. I never expected him to be so useless. He agreed instantly. It's like he wants to beg on his knees for my Dao Calamity Tower to save him."

Chu Pingyun gave a disdainful look at Yi Yun when he saw how much of a backbone he lacked. The Dao Calamity Tower had previously investigated Yi Yun and appraised him quite highly, calling him a young hero or a possible alchemist sage in the future. Now, from the looks of it, Yi Yun was only a wimp who was mortally afraid of death.

"Prince Boundless Heaven, you have a grudge with this person?"

Chu Pingyun sent Prince Boundless Heaven a voice transmission. Although he treated Yi Yun's action with disdain, he had no choice but to continue humoring Yi Yun politely because of the benefits at stake.

"Don't compare him with me. All this Yi Yun did was pick up some opportunities. He himself is trash. Those treasures are useless in his hands too. He's already so afraid of a mere Pillheart Sect. Brother Pingyun, as previously agreed upon, that cauldron is yours, while his Spirit Jade is mine. Also, I can borrow the heritage to study for half a year. Don't you forget!"

"Of course!" Chu Pingyun nodded. "Once the items are in hand, our Dao Calamity Tower will maim Yi Yun of his dantian and send him to Your Highness's residence. You are free to do with him as you please."

After sending the voice transmission, Chu Pingyun looked at Yi Yun with a beaming smile. He said, "Young Master Yi, there's no need to stand on ceremony. Since my Dao Calamity Tower has put forth the offer of two G.o.dly Monarch Immortal Annuli, we will naturally not take advantage of you."

Seeing Chu Pingyun interact with Yi Yun with a murderous heart under a smiling exterior, Jing Yueyin could hardly continue watching. What was Yi Yun planning to do? Did he really believe Chu Pingyun?

"Brother Chu, don't say that. As the saying goes, treasure belongs to the capable. Although I have obtained the ancient heritage, I do not have the strength to protect it. Handing it over to the Dao Calamity Tower would ensure that it will be used to its full potential. With you helping me, I'm already looking forward to spending the remaining tens of millions of Spirit Jade I have. By the way, the items in this ring should be given to you."

As he spoke, Yi Yun handed Chu Pingyun an interspatial ring.

The interspatial ring was old and unadorned. Chu Pingyun's mind stirred. Yi Yun was giving his items away just like that?

Yi Yun was way too dumb!

Having lived for almost nine centuries, he had no lack of murder and robbery to his name. However, this was the first time he had encountered such a dumb prey!

Chu Pingyun calmly received the interspatial ring and scanned it with his perception. There were all sorts of scrolls in the interspatial ring and it was obvious that they were old. Many of the scrolls' arrays were damaged. It left Chu Pingyun shocked.

Even though he was a calm person usually, he was overjoyed at that moment. Did he really obtain it just like that?

He checked the scrolls with his perception and sensed that there was an ancient but ma.s.sive aura enveloping the surface of the scrolls. It was an aura that belonged to an almighty expert!

And due to this aura, Chu Pingyun was unable to completely discern the content within the scrolls. He only sensed that there was dense ancient text written in them. It seemed real but also fantastic, as though it was a mountain hidden amid clouds.

Chu Pingyun wanted to laugh out loud. He never expected that the scrolls would still retain an ancient expert's aura despite having endured so many years. It was truly extraordinary.

He was eager to study the scrolls but of course, he still needed to kill Yi Yun first.

However, he never expected Yi Yun to hand over the items so easily. His original plan of dealing with Yi Yun went into disarray and he needed to adjust his scheme.

"Sect Master Yi, did you really just give the heritage to this Chu Pingyun?"

Upon seeing Yi Yun hand over the interspatial ring, Jing Yueyin turned fl.u.s.tered. She could tell that Yi Yun was not a foolhardy person, so why did he do such a thing?

"Senior, don't worry. I know what I'm doing," said Yi Yun with a voice transmission.

At that moment, Jing Yueyin was at a loss for words. She suddenly realized that many people were sweeping their perception over, be it intentionally or unintentionally.

Yi Yun's words and the action of handing over the interspatial ring were noticed by many people.

There was no lack of experts at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's venue!

Jing Yueyin frowned. If Yi Yun thought that handing over the items to the Dao Calamity Tower would ensure that he would be left alone while the Pillheart Sect fought with the Dao Calamity Tower, that was overly naive.

Be it the Pillheart Sect or the Dao Calamity Tower, none of them would let Yi Yun off!

In fact, this would only benefit the Dao Calamity Tower. It was completely unafraid of the Pillheart Sect and Chu Pingyun made it clear that they were s.n.a.t.c.hing food from the tiger's mouth. This was also why Chu Pingyun was unafraid that others were watching them. Since they had decided to vie for the treasures, how could he remain lurking in the shadows?

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